KOF ALLSTAR: Is It Worth It?

KOF Allstar: is it worth it?
  • We took another look at King of Fighters ALLSTAR. Specifically the summoning and gacha elements.
  • Netmarble’s KOF ALLSTAR is now available for download on Google Play and the Apple Store.

A Second Look

A few days ago, I reviewed the gameplay based on time-based levels. Now that I’ve played more of the game, some of the cons I pointed out before like the glitchy verticle dodging and inconsistent auto-targeting are no longer an issue.

The King of Fighters: ALLSTAR is still incredibly fun and it’s certainly kept me interested, but are the gacha elements worth it?

Pull Details

Netmarble provided me with 5000 rubies to pull fighters. I decided to use the basic Fighter Summon 10 pull 6 times at 900 rubies per pull.

King of Fighters: ALLSTAR Summon Menu

King of Fighters: ALLSTAR Summon Menu

Here were my results per pull:

1st Pull 2nd Pull 3rd Pull 4th Pull 5th Pull 6th Pull Total
5 Stars 0 1 0 0 0 1 2
4 Stars 6 8 7 9 8 7 45
3 Stars 4 1 3 1 2 2 13

Comparing game odds to my own based on those pulls, the odds came out fairly close, aside from the 5 star probabilities:

Game Odds My Odds
5 Stars 5% 3%
4 Stars 75% 75%
3 Stars 20% 22%
Fighter Summon Odds

The King of Fighters: ALLSTAR fighter summon odds

These odds aren’t too bad compared to other gacha games, but we also need to take the rarity distribution of the fighter roster into account:

# by Rarity % by Rarity
5 Stars 56 45.5%
4 Stars 39 31.7%
3 Stars 28 22.7%

Keep in mind, the game’s launch summon allows you to re-roll as many times as you want until you get the pull you want. This is pretty cool and lets early players get the upper hand competitively by being able to build highly compatible teams. 

I would recommend doing this summon last after pulling as many fighters through free or paid rubies so that you can fully round out the team you are looking for.

The King of Fighters: ALLSTAR Summon Menu

The King of Fighters: ALLSTAR summon menu


Based on this information, it becomes clear that pulling dupe 4 stars will become common pretty quickly. This is great for limit breaking, which will put 4 star fighters on a more equal playing field with 5 star fighters, stat-wise. 

The other side of that dynamic is that is that it requires more grinding to bring 4 stars up to a more competitive level and it’s typically better to save your resources for 5 star improvement. 

Time will tell how fast power creep will be, and how PVP competitive 4 stars will be in the long term, but after comparing summon odds to rarity distribution in the fighter roster, there are plenty of other popular mobile games with far worse gacha elements that, in my opinion, simply aren’t as fun as KOFA.

This game is definitely worth it, and with the endless re-roll launch summon, this is definitely a good time to gacha. 


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