Last Cloudia Global - Unit Tier List

  • It’s important to remember that no matter the ranking, there is no difference in rarity between the units. All units can go to level 100, and thus they’re all viable for clearing all of the game’s content, even the ones listed under B-Tier. No unit is capped at level 80 or below. When uncapping your character for the fourth time (4 stars), you will unlock his Hidden Ability, which is usually very powerful. 

  • This tier list is based on the japanese version, and will be altered if sufficient balancing changes are found in the english version. It will also be updated constantly as each new unit releases.

  • Monster units can also reach level 100 like the rest of the characters. However their stats and skill tree passives are often not up to par. They can still be used successfully of course, but perhaps they’re not ideal for the new player this guide is aimed at.

  • This tier list will not include PvP ratings, because the english version doesn’t have said feature at launch. They will be added on a separate list once it comes out, if deemed necessary.

Last Update: 11/26/2019, added Collection of Mana collab Units.

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Tier List

S+ Tier

These few Units excel at their given role, which mostly revolves around dealing the most damage possible in the shortest amount of time. For the min-maxers out there, investing in these characters is sure to pay off in dividends, as they are the strongest in the game.

S Tier

You’ll often find these units repeatedly while browsing your friend list. Their skill tree is filled with useful passives that save a lot of Skill Capacity in the long run (Skills that a Unit learns naturally via their tree cost 0 SC to equip). Even if they can be further reinforced via the right Arks, their natural skillset is good enough to warrant a role in any team.

A+ Tier

These units are still very strong, and only slightly less optimal than their S-Tier counterparts. They are usually really versatile, and because of their skill spread, they can usually fulfill multiple roles at once, which pushes them above A.

A Tier

These units can perform their role adequately, and are not too far behind the S-tier units. They are generally used as replacements for those, but they’re still considered very good at what they do.

B+ Tier

These units have respectable power, but either their skill tree or their combat abilities are a bit lacking when compared to the above. Their performance will generally depend on which Arks/skills you have available for them.

B Tier

These units usually have a poor skill spread under their tree, often saving only a little SC towards their builds. Additionally, their combat performance is a bit subpar, although they’re still better than the monster units. They end up relying a lot on whatever Arks you have available, so you’ll need a strong Ark roster for them to compare to the higher tiered units.

S+ Tier Breakdowns


  • Top Tier Physical DPS (Neutral element).
  • Currently regarded as the strongest physical Unit even on the japanese server, due to his great skill multipliers and amazing Ability Tree.
  • Each one of his skills is super effective against a different race: S1 for Undead, S2 for Beasts and S3 for Spirits.
  • Hidden ability: Neutral Attack Raise (Increase the power of non-elemental attacks by 20%).
  • Ultimate: Strong physical damage to an enemy.

S Tier Unit Breakdowns

Killer Ice Princess Sevia

  • Top tier Physical DPS (Neutral/Ice element). 
  • Self-sustainability via Proud Force (recover HP when scoring a critical hit).
  • Increased power and SCT over long combos, which she helps build because her skills deal a large number of hits.
  • Hidden ability: Dual Wield (very powerful ability, and saves a whopping 14 SC over learning it via the Sandwyrm Ark).
  • Ultimate: Damage reduction party buff.

Godhunter Shin

  • Top tier Physical DPS (Neutral element).
  • His kit is built towards fighting large bosses, especially God-types.
  • His S1 can be used to quickly switch sides around the enemy boss, perfect for flanking it or getting out of danger.
  • Hidden ability: Auto Brave (Brave buff is on at all times, perfect for long boss fights, saves 7 SC).
  • Ultimate: Very strong single target damage.


  • Top Tier Magical DPS (Earth/Fire/Dark element).
  • Popoi's main strength lies on their unique spells. They're all real-time, so if you use them you'll never have to sit around waiting for an animation to finish. Burst, Explode and Evil Gate are the best spells available for them.
  • One of their Traits will increase the power of their spells by up to 20% when hitting the enemy's weak point.
  • Hidden ability: Mana (Unique buff that increases physical damage dealt by 20%. Will stack with Primm's version).
  • Ultimate: Strong dark magical damage over a small area.

Dyne of the Three Sages

  • Top tier Magical DPS (Fire/Dark element).
  • His unique trait will make Fire element spells deal Dark damage, as long as the enemy's Dark resistance is lower. This is excellent for farming, as the enemy will need to effectively resist both elements in order to reduce the damage taken, which is very rare.
  • His skills are great at keeping him safe. Phoenix will push back his enemies, while Efreet will blow them upwards if they get close.
  • Hidden ability: Immovable Object (Casting can no longer be interrupted, saves 11 SC although this isn't usually seen on mage builds).
  • Ultimate: Strong fire damage to all enemies.

Ice General Zekus

  • Top tier Magical DPS (Ice element), FREE UNIT.
  • Learns High Level Magic Chant (reduces casting time) via his ability tree, saving 9 SC. This ability is vital for any caster.
  • His skills have high break value, so they'll help break the boss while he's not casting.
  • Hidden ability: Ice High Boost (30% damage boost to Ice spells, plus he also learns Ice Boost earlier, saving a total of 11 SC).
  • Ultimate: Strong STR and INT buff to all allies.

A+ Tier Unit Breakdowns


  • High Tier Physical DPS/Support (Light element).
  • Her melee skills have a significant range to them, allowing her to gain the initiative before the enemy can get close.
  • Numerous healing spells and buffs available to keep the party going.
  • Hidden ability: Archangel's Blessing (Restores 30% MP after every wave).
  • Ultimate: Party debuff/ailment cleanse, ailment resistance buff.

Master Thief Robin

  • High Tier Farmer/Physical DPS (Neutral element).
  • He's undoubtedly the best farmer in the game, as his unique trait will boost the drop of rare items on all enemies he kills.
  • He can equip all weapon types in the game, so he's extremely versatile build-wise. A lot of people may choose to build him as a magic caster, to take advantage of his loot passive in full.
  • Hidden ability: Combo Master (Increases damage dealt while on a combo).
  • Ultimate: Strong physical damage to all enemies.


  • High Tier Buffer/Physical DPS (Neutral element).
  • Her kit is stacked with Saber spells for each element except dark (These will add a significant Impact-like hit of the chosen element to the normal attack of a Unit). Plus one of her Traits will extend the duration of all buffs and debuffs cast by her by up to 25%, making her an ideal choice for learning those kinds of spells.
  • Her S2 will make her jump instantly to the target enemy, making it an incredibly handy skill to get right into the action. When PvP is released, this will be very useful for closing in on enemy casters.
  • Hidden ability: Mana (Unique buff that increases physical damage dealt by 20%. Will stack with Popoi's version).
  • Ultimate: Nullify physical damage taken by the party for a while (or until a certain threshold is reached).

Soul Reaper Melza

Soul Reaper Melza
  • High Tier Physical DPS/Magical DPS (Dark element).
  • Built as one of the few Hybrid units, she has access to strong physical skills that steal the enemy's HP, as well as powerful dark magic (including the T3 dark spell, Abyss Gate).
  • Like the original Melza, her normal attack is one of the strongest in the game, further boosted by Phase Change, which she learns naturally.
  • Hidden ability: Death God (Chance to instant-kill non-boss enemies, doesn't work in PvP).
  • Ultimate: Strong Dark-element magic damage to all enemies and recovers Melza's HP.

Prince Gorm

  • High Tier Tank/Physical DPS (Neutral element)
  • Learns a good number of Guard-archetype skills via his tree. Heal Guard is particularly worth a mention, as it can keep him alive for a long time given the right setup.
  • His unique traits allow him to revive after every wave, and to increase the odds of him being targeted.
  • Hidden ability: Gold Rush (Increases gold earned after battle...which by the time you get this will be largely pointless).
  • Ultimate: Potent Multi-hit party heal (Has great synergy with the Spirit Breath skill, letting those who equip it also recover vast amounts of SCT).

Leena the Warlock

  • High Tier Healer.
  • Learns a multitude of healing and status recovery spells, including Stardust Heal, the strongest AoE heal in the game.
  • Boasts very high MND and MP stats, making her perfect for the role. Plus she can recover her MP using her S2.
  • Hidden ability: Heal High Boost (30% potency boost to all heals. Leena is the only source of this ability in the game. You can't teach it via Arks, not even in the japanese version).
  • Ultimate: Large heal and regeneration buff to all allies.

Princess Lilah

  • High Tier Healer/Magical DPS (Light element)
  • Learns what is possibly the best offensive spell in the game naturally, Shining Zork (T3 light spell), even if her average base INT doesn't let her take full advantage of it.
  • Her tree is very well geared recovery-wise, needing very little help from Arks in order to keep your party alive. 
  • Hidden ability: God Heal (very powerful, very fast ST heal. It's unique to her at the moment, but will be available on an upcoming SSR Ark a few months after launch).
  • Ultimate: Light magic damage to all enemies, 20 MP recovery to all allies.

A Tier Unit Breakdowns

Doura the Bluebeard

  • Physical DPS (Ice element)
  • His kit revolves around the counter-archetype, even backed by his own unique trait.
  • His skills have a large hitbox around him, so he's perfect for keeping multiple enemies in check.
  • Hidden ability: Pirate Feast (Fully replenishes skill uses after every single wave, one of the best passives in the game. Otherwise learned from the Pirate Ship Legnis Ark)
  • Ultimate: AoE ice damage centered around the target enemy.

Goroth the Giant

  • Tank/Physical DPS (Neutral element)
  • Learns most of the HP Up passives in the game naturally, making him an incredibly bulky unit.
  • His skills make him very good at controlling crowds of enemies, due to their spaced out hit patterns and long duration.
  • Hidden ability: Guts (When taking lethal damage from an attack, survive with 1 HP until said attack is over).
  • Ultimate: Strong darkness damage to all enemies.

Mysterious Girl Theria

  • Healer/Buffer (Light element) FREE UNIT
  • Has a very adequate spread of support skills in her tree, including strong spells such as Resurrection, Grand Regeneration and Magic Castle.
  • Can also perform as an acceptable magical DPS if you wish, sporting Galaxy (T2 light spell) naturally.
  • Hidden ability: MP Up MAX (Increases MP by 20%)
  • Ultimate: Strong party heal and debuff cleanse.

B+ Tier Unit Breakdowns

Rei the Beast

  • Physical DPS (Thunder element) FREE UNIT
  • Strong crowd control, his skills have a sizable hitbox to boot. His S2 in particular can stagger and grab most enemies and even bosses for a little while, if it connects.
  • Learns the strong Breaker passive, which is otherwise locked behind an SSR Ark.
  • Hidden ability: Thunder Attack Raise (Increases thunder physical damage by about 20%. Very powerful skill for a free unit, saving 11 SC).
  • Ultimate: Strong thunder physical damage to all enemies.

Gravein the Sky Hero

  • Physical DPS (Neutral/Light element)
  • Specialized in fighting enemies in the air, as his unique trait will make his critical rate go up when hitting flying foes, or those which are being juggled.
  • Has two strong offensive party buffs, Brave Phaser and Critical Phaser, which is why he synergizes well with physical-oriented team compositions.
  • Hidden ability: Critical Phaser (Increases critical rate by 15% for all allies)
  • Ultimate: Strong light damage to all enemies.

Lilubette of the Flame

  • Physical Ranged DPS/Buffer (Neutral element) FREE UNIT
  • One of the few ranged phys DPS in the JP version of the game, and the only one available at launch. Her S2 is very useful as it hits over a very wide area, and regenerates fairly quickly to boot.
  • Has an acceptable buffing kit, with useful spells like Recast, Haste, and the more powerful Brave Phaser.
  • Hidden ability: Bird Slayer (Increases physical damage dealt to birds)
  • Ultimate: Strong physical damage to all enemies.

Blood Rose

Blood Rose
  • Magical DPS/Physical DPS (Dark element)
  • Learns a powerful unique dark spell called Venom Rainfall. You cannot learn this from any other arks even in JP, but ultimately there's better spells available.
  • Learns High Level Magic Chant (reduce casting time for spells) naturally, which is perfect for a caster.
  • Hidden ability: Blood Force (Chance to recover HP after a normal attack).
  • Ultimate: Strong Dark damage to all enemies.

B Tier Unit Breakdowns

White Knight Melza

  • Physical DPS/Tank (Light element) FREE UNIT
  • Boasts a very powerful normal attack, hitting very fast and constantly keeping enemies in check.
  • All of her attacks deal light damage, even her normal can deal additional light damage via her unique trait.
  • Hidden ability: Grand Protection (20% physical damage reduction buff for all allies)
  • Ultimate: Light AoE damage plus a sizable party heal.

Kyle the Swordsman

  • Physical DPS (Neutral/Fire element) FREE UNIT
  • His skills regenerate fairly quickly, allowing for constant skill spam
  • He's the main character! :D
  • Hidden ability: God Slayer (Increases physical damage against God-type enemies)
  • Ultimate: Strong physical damage over a small AoE.


Hello there! Some of you may know me as Greensburg from the Last Cloudia community. I'm here to share all I know about this gorgeous game, hope you find it useful!