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One of the key gameplay elements in Last Cloudia is the ability to heavily customize your Units via the Ark and Skill system.

Of course, with so many options lying in front of them, players might often find themselves wondering which Ark to focus on first, or which skills to equip on each character.

This guide will offer some suggestions about how to build your Magical DPS units, those who stay at the backline and fire off wave after wave of powerful skills and spells at their foes.

What to look for

Before we start, if you're unsure of how game mechanics work, I recommend you take a look at our Beginner's Guide for Last Cloudia.

When trying to build Magical Units, you'll want to look for passives and equipment that directly increase their INT and MP, or that offer distinctive advantages in casting offensive magic. You should learn a diverse arsenal of elemental spells, in order to effectively deal damage to all kinds of foes.

You'll also want to balance the amount of Unit souls you spend both on Awakening and increasing the SC cap. If you're just starting out, I recommend spending your souls on the first two Awakenings first, which will cost you 30 and 60 souls respectively.

This is because at first you won't have access to that many skills to equip your character with, so 20 SC should be plenty for getting the essentials. As a general rule, you should expand SC only when you need the extra capacity, just be wary that the soul cost increases every five levels.

Before trying to learn any of these skills, make sure your Unit can't already learn them via their Ability Tree. This is an easy way to waste a lot of Blue/Red Souls, since there's no benefit to learning the same skill twice.

Arks - Early game

Here are a number of Arks that can provide useful skills/spells even early in the game. None of these skills take higher than Ark level 4 to attain, so you can aim for them even before finishing the story.

Forbidden Book (SR) at Lv 1Book

  • Lv 1 - Meteorain: Mid-tier Fire spell. Excellent for farming as it will cover the whole area and won't freeze time, so your other units can still do their thing while the animation plays out. (Alternatives: Egg of Remy The Firebird Lv 4)

  • Lv 1 - Recast: A buff that will increase an ally's casting speed by 30%. Not that good early on, but shines on boss fights once your MP pool gets bigger.

Treasure Sword Eliud (SR) to Lv 2Treasure Sword Eliud

  • Lv 2 - Blizzard: Mid-tier Ice spell. Has a really fast casting time and hits the whole screen, so great for farming as well. (Alternatives: Aurora Glacier Lv 4 / Vel=De=Org Lv 1)

Thundercloud Zellania (R) to Lv 3Thundercloud

  • Lv 3 - Lightning Gauge: Mid-tier Thunder spell. Excellent at rounding up the enemy forces, and is incredibly useful in Story for dealing with Machine-type enemies. (Alternatives: God of Storms Lv 1 / Skyship Lonvalion Lv 1)
  • Lv 3 - Tornado Storm: Mid-tier Earth spell. Will disable most foes (except unique bosses) by lifting them up in the air while dealing damage over time. Continuous casts of this spell can cheese a lot of fights, provided you have enough MP. (Alternatives: Sand Tower Mirage Lv 4 / Sandwyrm Lv 1).

Maiden's Prayer (SR) to Lv 2Maiden's Prayer

  • Lv 1 - Healing Wind: Your first AoE heal, can't hurt to pick this up, even for your offensive caster.
  • Lv 2 - Mp Up II: Increases MP by 8%. A nice boost to your MP pool early on.

Holy Flag of Norlean (SR) to Lv 4Norlean

  • Lv 4 - Ale of Honor: Restores 10% of unit's MP after every wave. Really helps keep your MP up on the harder stages, and allows for more efficient farming as well.

Having some of these on should help you finish out Story and most of the extra Subquests available at launch. Don't fret if you don't have some of these Arks available, you can do without any of these. This is true for all of the next recommendations as well.

Arks - Mid game

You've completed story, cleared some of the subquests and your Orb spots are now on a relatively high level (after a week of play or so). Now you can slowly start aiming for your first level 10 Arks, which will mostly be R or SR rarity, since they cost significantly less to upgrade than SSR ones.

Sorcerer's Eden (R) to Lv 10Sorcerer's Eden

  • Lv 6 - Fast Aura: Automatic Aura buff at the start of every wave. Crucial for any mage.
  • Lv 10 - Magic up MAX: Increases INT by 15%. Another big damage boost on the same Ark.

Falnia Flower (R) to Lv 6 or 10Falnia Flower

  • Lv 6 - Moonlight: Increases INT by 20% when at maximum HP. Since a caster remains in the back, out of the fray, this skill is incredibly good for them as they should rarely get hit. Works even better if you have a means of recovering the caster's lost HP.
  • Lv 10 - MP Up Max: Increase MP by 20%. While not as mandatory as Magic Up MAX, this is still really nice to have on longer stages.

Shrine of Heresy (SR) to Lv 5Shrine of Heresy

WARNING: Do NOT upgrade this Ark for now if you wish to farm for its Ether Reward. This Ark gives out an accessory that significantly reduces casting time for offensive magic, so you should leave it at Lv 1 to reduce its orb cost while you farm.

  • Lv 1 - Weak: Debuff that will decrease an enemy's elemental resistance by 20%. This translates into more damage dealt with spells, so great to inflict on bosses.
  • Lv 3 - Magic Up II: Increases INT by 5%.
  • Lv 5 - Dark Matter: Mid-tier Dark spell. More powerful than your usual T2 spell, but its range is not as big.

Grave of the Blademaster (SR) to Lv 5Menon

  • Lv 5 - Galaxy: Mid-tier Light spell. Powerful, but it will deal less damage overall the farther away the enemy is from the center of the battlefield.

Hidden Treasure Makyuodyne (SR) to Lv 6Treasure

  • Lv 6 - High Level Magic Chant: Decreases spell casting time by 20%. Another staple on every build, make sure you get this on all your casters at some point. Zekus and Blood Rose learn it naturally, however.

(You can get this skill from Radmoon Shrine at level 8 as well, however I must issue a WARNING again. That Ark gives out a very similar accessory as an Ether reward, and thus is recommended to be kept at level 1 in case you want to farm it in the future.)

Arks - Late game

You've now got all of your Orb Spots maxed and ready to go. Your orb production can't get any higher, and thus your focus will turn towards the more expensive SSR Arks, which usually provide the most powerful (and costly) skills.

Skyship Lonvalion (SSR) to Lv 10Lonvalion

  • Lv 9 - Thunder High Boost: Increases the power of Thunder-element spells by 30%. A great boon to Lightning Gauge and Valza Riser.
  • Lv 10 - Magical Aura: Increases the power of all offensive spells by 75%, while also increasing MP consumed by 50%. Easily the best skill in the game for any caster. The difference in damage is vast, and your farming efficiency will significantly improve the moment you get this.

Archangel Smile (SSR) to Lv 10Archangel Smile

  • Lv 9 - Archangel's Blessing: Restores MP by 30% after each wave. Lets you use a lot more magic overall on long or difficult stages.
  • Lv 10 - Shining Zok: Easily the best offensive spell in the game, since Light is such a strong element in general. I can guarantee you'll get tired of the animation since you'll be seeing it so much.

Sandwyrm (SSR) to Lv 7 or 10Sandwyrm

  • Lv 2 - Earth Boost: Increases the power of Earth-element spells by 10%.
  • Lv 7 - Grand Cross: High-tier Earth spell. It hits the whole screen, and its animation is slightly shorter than the other T3s, so better farming-wise. 
  • Lv 10 - Dual Wield: Will allow you to equip a second Staff on the armor slot. Casters will find a hard time getting value out of this skill, so it's recommended to postpone this until very late in the game.

God of Thunder (SR) to Lv 9God of Thunder

  • Lv 6 - Thunder Boost: Increases the power of Thunder-element spells by 10%. 
  • Lv 9 - Valza Riser: High-tier Thunder spell. Hits the entire area.

Treasure Sword Eliud (SR) to Lv 9Treasure Sword Eliud

  • Lv 6 - Ice Boost: Increases the power of Ice-element spells by 10%. 
  • Lv 9 - Diamond Dust: High-tier Ice spell. Hits the entire area.

Note: You can skip this Ark if you main Zekus, although its passive is great for him if you get it up to Lv 10 (It will boost Ice spell damage by 25%).

Forbidden Book (SR) to Lv 10Forbidden Book

  • Lv 6 - Fire Boost: Increases the power of Fire-element spells by 10%. 
  • Lv 10 - Crimson Flare: High-tier Fire spell. Hits the entire area. (You should leave this Ark at lv 6 for now if you main Dyne).

Arks - Optional Investments

The Arks on this list shouldn't be made a priority over the above ones. The skills they have, however, are very useful in the right situations, such as further powering up specific elements.

Vel=De=Org (SSR) to Lv 9Vel De Org

  • Lv 9 - Ice High Boost: Increases the power of Ice-element spells by 30%. If your caster is NOT Zekus (he learns this via ability tree), you can pick this one up. It's still very costly, being on an SSR Ark that uses Red orbs.

March of the Saints (SSR) to Lv 3 or 10Saints

  • Lv 3 - Mp Up III: Increases MP by 12%
  • Lv 10 - Immovable Object: Casting will not be interrupted by most attacks.

Note: You may choose to keep this Ark at level 1 instead to farm for its ether reward, a 200 INT staff. 

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