Last Cloudia: Should You Pull? - Lukiel/Archangel Smile


The first new Unit that arrives to Last Cloudia. How well does she stack up compared to the current roster? And how about that Ark then, are any of those skills worth your while?

Unit Breakdown


Pull Rate: 0.5%

Tier List Placement: A+

  • High Tier Physical DPS/Support (Light element).
  • Her melee skills have a significant range to them, allowing her to gain the initiative before the enemy can get close.
  • Numerous healing spells and buffs available to keep the party going.
  • Hidden ability: Archangel's Blessing (Restores 30% MP after every wave).
  • Ultimate: Party debuff/ailment cleanse, ailment resistance buff.

Lukiel excels both in physical damage and in a supportive role. Her skills sport a long hitbox ahead of her, which usually means she can reach out and stun enemies before they can land any blow on her.

Her S2 will damage everyone around her in a wide area, while her S3 is ranged and can be used to snipe faraway threats.

Support-wise she has access to the ever useful Healing Wind early on, eventually switching to Magic Castle and Grand Regeneration to keep your party alive.

The reason she's not in S tier is because her tree is lacking in useful passives, aside from her hidden ability: Archangel's Blessing (which she shares with the featured Ark, something that will become the norm for most banners going forward).

Her Ultimate is also lackluster, serving as a debuff/ailment cleanse but not much else. Thankfully her overall damage output and resourcefulness still earn her a well-deserved spot on A+.

Ark Breakdown

Archangel Smile

Pull Rate: 0.833%

Tier List Placement: S

Archangel Smile

Notable skills:

  • Lv 1 - Galaxy: Mid-tier Light spell. Early access to it is great, otherwise available on an SR Ark at lv 5.
  • Lv 2 - Spirit Breath (Unique): Increases SCT when recovering HP. Can be situationally useful, but won't proc off skills such as Proud Force or Heal Guard sadly. Insane synergy with Gorm's Ultimate.
  • Lv 4 - Light Boost (Unique): Increases the power of Light-element spells by 10%.
  • Lv 6 - Void Curse (Unique): Grants immunity to the Curse status ailment.
  • Lv 9 - Archangel's Blessing (Unique): Restores 30% MP after every wave. This is amazing in GL due to other MP regeneration effects being less strong over here.
  • Lv 10 - Shining Zok (Unique): Easily the best offensive spell in the game, since Light is such a powerful element in general. I can guarantee you'll get tired of the animation after watching it so much over the next few months.

Lv 10 Ark Ability:

  • 50% chance to survive fatal damage with 1 HP
  • [Knight / Spirit only] Reduce physical damage taken by 20%.
  • High Regeneration buff applied to all allies at the start of battle.

Rating: 7/10, The regen buff can be very useful, as it's basically a free Grand Regeneration cast on every wave. Usually equipped on a support character.

Ether reward:

  • Accessory
  • +50 MND
  • SCT speed + 10%
  • Slightly restore SCT after every wave.

Rating: 7/10. Great on all physical attackers, even if the last ability is made irrelevant by Pirate's Feast.

Archangel Smile is the big prize you'll want to get from this banner. It gives you access to two incredible skills:

Archangel's Blessing provides an amazing 30% MP regeneration between waves, even if the skill itself is quite pricy at 9 SC.

It was more of an afterthought in the japanese server, since Pose of Honor activated even when killing an enemy with magic, and thus casters hardly had any MP issues. Since the effect was changed for the global version however, this is the next best option.

Shining Zok is the Highest-tier Light spell, and one of the two most damaging (and expensive) ones available. The other one is Abyss Gate, a currently unreleased Dark spell.

But Light turns out to be a better element than Dark, since most enemies in the Nightmare dungeons either don't resist it, or are downright weak to it.

As usual for high-tier spells, it will freeze time and deal a lot of damage to everything in the area.


Should You Pull?

Unless you're planning to hoard long-term, then the answer is yes.

When compared to the 3 or 4 upcoming banners, Archangel Smile will usually come out at least on par with the near future SSR Arks, while Lukiel tends to be a solid unit overall.

The next banner will feature a very strong Unit (Romel) with a not-as-powerful Ark (Phoenix Blow), so you could choose to skip that one instead if you prefer pulling for Arks over having to build new characters from scratch.

Just keep in mind that, as usual, the featured rates aren't kind (they're only about double or so when compared to the offbanner rates).

Both Lukiel and Archangel Smile are already in the general pool, and you'll most likely be able to pull them both eventually while trying for other Units/Arks.

If you do decide to pull, it would probably be smart to stop after getting either the Unit or the Ark, to maximize your chances of getting something new.

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