Last Cloudia: Should You Pull? - Robin/Leena/Skyship Lonvalion


It's been 5 days since launch, and we're getting a Pick-Up banner featuring strong Units and Arks, but all of which were already available on the roster. Well then, Should you pull or not?

Unit Breakdowns

Master Thief Robin

Pull Rate: 0.5%

Tier List Placement: A+

  • High Tier Farmer/Physical DPS (Neutral element).
  • He's undoubtedly the best farmer in the game, as his unique trait will boost the drop of rare items on all enemies he kills.
  • He can equip all weapon types in the game, so he's extremely versatile build-wise. A lot of people may choose to build him as a magic caster, to take advantage of his loot passive in full.
  • Hidden ability: Combo Master (Increases damage dealt while on a combo).
  • Ultimate: Strong physical damage to all enemies.

Leena the Warlock

Pull Rate: 0.5%

Tier List Placement: A+

  • High Tier Healer.
  • Learns a multitude of healing and status recovery spells, including Stardust Heal, the strongest AoE heal in the game.
  • Boasts very high MND and MP stats, making her perfect for the role. Plus she can recover her MP using her S2.
  • Hidden ability: Heal High Boost (30% potency boost to all heals. Leena is the only source of this ability in the game. You can't teach it via Arks, not even in the japanese version).
  • Ultimate: Large heal and regeneration buff to all allies.

Both Leena and Robin are overall great characters to have, especially early on.

Leena is the best dedicated healer in the game. The only reason she isn't on S tier is because she lacks the versatility to perform other roles, but she shines on boss fights and hard content in general.

Robin is both a great physical DPS, and the only available unit with an item drop rate increase trait. This automatically turns him into the best farmer in the game, so he's really good to have on your roster.

Because of the Conquering system, the earlier you get a Unit, the more souls you'll be able to get for them by placing them on Conquer slots.

Ark Breakdowns

SSR Skyship Lonvalion

Pull Rate: 1%

Tier List Placement: S

Skyship Lonvalion


  • Lv 1 - Lightning Gauge: You can get this from other Arks as well, but getting to learn this from the moment you start the game is excellent for fast progression.
  • Lv 1 - Giga Blazer (Unique): Another great skill to get right off the bat. It debuffs all enemies' STR by 20%, helping you reduce damage taken in boss fights. This is good early game, all the way through end game.
  • Lv 3 - Attack Up III (Unique): At the moment the only Ark available with this skill, very good for all physical units since it boosts STR by 8% without any activation conditions, plus it's cheap to equip.
  • Lv 4 - Equip Gear (Unique)
  • Lv 9 - Thunder High Boost (Unique): Vital for Thunder-focused casters. Will boost all magic of that element by 30%.
  • Lv 10 - Magical Aura (Unique): The main reason why this Ark is rated at the top. Will significantly boost all magic damage, while also increasing the MP required by 50%.

Lv 10 Ark Ability:

  • Grant Barrier buff at the beginning of combat.
  • 25% chance of avoiding a status effect.
  • Increase all Neutral attribute damage by 25%.

Rating: 9/10, perfect for neutral Phys DPS like Shin or Robin 

Ether reward:

  • Gear Weapon.
  • +143 STR / + 20 MP
  • Boost damage by 10% when hitting a weakness.

Rating: 7/10.

SR Maiden's Prayer

Pull Rate: 3% / 10.2% on SR guaranteed slot.

Maiden's Prayer


  • Lv 1 - Healing Wind: Your first AoE heal, and an incredibly helpful skill to have early on. It'll heal your party for over 500, scaling further with MND. This is the best Ark to learn it from, as it is available from level 1 and thus the learning cost is really low.
  • Lv 2 - MP Up II (Unique): Increases MP by 8%.
  • Lv 4 - Star Heal (Unique): Stronger version of Heal. Fast casting time, heals a single unit for around 1000, scaling further with MND.
  • Lv 6 - Heal Boost (Unique): Increases the potency of Healing spells by 10%.
  • Lv 9 - Stardust Heal (Unique): Strongest AoE heal in the game, vital for endgame healer builds. It will usually heal for at least 1500, scaling further with MND.
  • Lv 10 - Auto Regen (Unique): Automatic High Regeneration buff that lasts the whole battle.

Lv 10 Ark Ability

  • [Women Only] MP + 15%, Healing potency + 20%
  • [Men Only] HP + 20%,  Healing recieved + 20%
  • [Other] HP recovers at regular intervals.

Rating: 6/10. Really useful on a female healer if you need the extra MP and healing power, otherwise there are better options.

Ether Reward

  • Accessory
  • MND + 30
  • [Women Only] HP recovers at regular intervals.

Rating: 5/10

Yes, the main reason you'll probably want to pull on this banner is Skyship Lonvalion.

Currently rated as the best Ark in the game, even on the japanese server. Its skills provide a lot of value to several different builds, and bundles it together with a very strong Ark passive.

Maiden's Prayer is a really strong pick-up early on as well, because of Healing Wind accessibility. But in my opinion you shouldn't decide whether to pull or not based on non-limited SR / R Arks, seeing as how you'll pull the vast majority of them by just summoning regularly.

Should You Pull?

Well, this one is kind of a grey area. The main issue being that a lot of players already rerolled for the Skyship, and thus wouldn't be very happy about pulling dupes of it.

So as a general rule, if you already have Skyship Lonvalion, this banner is a sure SKIP.

If you don't have it though, you can consider pulling. If you don't have Robin and Leena either, getting them here lets you start boosting them early via Conquering, in case you have free slots.

My personal recommendation is either to save, or to pull until you get any featured item, be it a Unit or an SSR Ark. This maximizes your chances of getting something new (2%).

Truth be told, the featured rates aren't much higher than the regular rates, they're only doubled, so take that into consideration.

That being said, for those who haven't rerolled yet, this banner is perfect, as it will increase your chances of landing a good Skyship roll.

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