Last Cloudia Updates Coming Soon: JP Voices and More

  • December will contain at least one new unit drop as well as the JP voiceovers
  • Friend system will upgrade rewards
  • Hints at a Christmas event?

On December 11, 2019, AIDIS Inc. released a video update detailing the Last Cloudia update schedule for the following months. 

Specific dates were not given for the new arriving features, units, and other content.

Story Continues

  • Blaze Garden will be continued

2 New Arcs and New Unit

  • Unit will "bring the heat"
  • Login Bonus will be included

Christmas Event

  • TBA

JP Voice Option

  • Arriving this month(December 2019)

Friend System Update

  • Point increase and buff Friend Point Gacha
  • Ability gates open on the weekends

Jan - Feb 2020 Plan

  • New Story Units
  • Tower of Trials Phantom Heroes


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