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The mystic and natural home to fae and Kinkou, Ionia is a passive Region, remaining neutral in the surrounding wars until Noxas invaded The First Lands. Ionian Spells traditionally offer a third way in combat, rescuing Allies with Return, avoiding blockers with Elusive, and incapacitating large threats with Stun backed by Yasuo.

Call of the Mountain added aggressive options for the peaceful Region. Yasuo has traveled to Targon with Leona in the powerful Daybreak Stun deck and Lulu offers a beefier midrange presence, something that Ionia sorely needed. Support tactics have made a surprise entry in the meta, especially in Shen/Lulu Support chains ending in a powerful finisher like Swole Squirrel, and cross Barrier synergy between the Regions makes Ionia feel much safer on the board. Only 2 Ionia Spells were added this time around, but the strategy shift in Followers and Champions heavily shapes which Ionia Spells are being slotted over others.

Tier 1 is reserved for Spells whose value far exceeds their cost. As we believe that Legends of Runeterra is still an incredibly fair and balanced game, Tier 1 is very exclusive. 

Tier 2 collects the standard meta cards. These are balanced cards whose value should be considered in relevant decks.

Tier 3, by virtue of being on this list, are still some of the best Ionia Spells, but risk falling into obscurity without further support. These are typically older archetype support or Spells which have become directly outclassed  by a newer Spell

Tier 1

 Deny 35%fast

The first and only direct counterspell in the game means this card is an Ionia staple by default. When facing Ionia, Deny comes to mind immediately. A Deny in hand as insurance on your lethal strike, or against a critical Spell like The Ruination can nail the match down, and for 4 Spell Mana means as little as 1 Turn Mana will have to be saved. Until more counterspells are released, Deny will sit comfortably in it's spot

fast  Will of Ionia 14%

Even after the nerf, a universal Recall is the delta point of combat; able to disarm a threatening attacker -- while also resetting any buffs on the target --, force a weaker defensive line against your own attack, or rescue a Follower in a pinch, although there are cheaper options for the latter.

Yasuo gaining meaningful support alongside Leona also raises the value of Stun and offensive Recall effects.

fast Steel Tempest 6%

Benefiting from a buff alongside Will of Ionia's nerf, Steel Tempest has been on the rise as Ionia shifts away from defensive Recall and Elusive, and more towards Stun and Support midrange. A Stun alongside Yasuo's damage while canceling an attack is a lot of value to squeeze out of 2 Spell Mana.

Tier 2

burst Deep Meditation 9%

Although conditions need to be met to get the full effect of this Spell, drawing 2 cards is always a powerful ability. Ensuring that they are Spells means that, if the Mana is right, you will be able to use Burst Spells and a Fast Spell immediately, which can be crucial.

burst Rush - 31%

+1/+0 doesn't feel like much, but the added Quick Attack saves countless Followers from match ups just out of reach every day.

bur Twin Disciplines 21%

Discipline of Force grants an Ally +3/+0; Discipline of Fortitude grants an Ally +0/+3, and the Yin and Yang of both together on a 3 Cost Burst gives immediate options in combat, a common theme of Ionia. A +3 swing is quite substantial, spanning across common gaps in Power and Health along the curve, allowing low value Allies to trade for much higher value opponents.

fast Concussive Palm 15%

Another Stun Spell on the rise, Concussive Palm Stuns a Follower and then summons your own 3/2 Follower who could potentially return to your hand and become a Concussive Palm again.


Even if the latter ability wasn't present, a Stun and then a 3/2 body can block 2 attacks for 4 Spell Mana, which feels just about right when you consider a similar effect with 1 less Health goes for 2 Turn Mana in Freljord with Icevale Archer and Stun has gained even more of an offensive application lately. Another point of value for this card is the amount of interactions it can trigger. Casting Spells and summoning Followers are common triggers for other effects, so this card can be found slotted into unique builds

burst Whimsy! 8%

A brand new entry from Call of the Mountain, and a continued source of frustration for Aurelion Sol players, Whimsy! transforms any Follower into a Silenced 1/1 Squirrel, unrestricted. This is a unique and powerful target removal that is likely to have not seen it's full potential yet. 

burst Spirit's Refuge 29%

While not adding as much offensive potential as Twin Disciplines, Barrier and Lifesteal on a Burst is a decisive defensive maneuver that can be slotted in over Health Potion against midrange decks.

Tier 3

fast Recall 16%

Still a very useful Spell, and as a 1 drop Fast it's hard to argue, it's just Ionia is shifting its focus away from defensive Recall and Elusive effects in favor of more traditional midrange play with Stun, Support, and Barrier. Recall is not any weaker, and is still a solid defensive play, and there is always potential to abuse Play effects with Recall.

fast Retreat 6% 

Same as Recall, just costing 1 more Mana to create a 1 drop Fleeting summon for any 3 drop or below Ally in hand. Once again, nifty, but Recall is typically the preferred choice unless the deck itself is Recall focused, as with Lee Sin or Elusives. The extra cost and card in hand is typically not worth it over Recall if you have any other Ionia deck.

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