1st Anniversary Daily Forever Prayer! (Part 1)

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It’s time for Forever Prayer Part IV! This is a typical special event for veteran players by now, promising a daily pull of a guaranteed Friend over the event’s runtime! However, you only get to keep one Friend that you pull, and once you accept them, the Forever Prayer ends! Kind of false advertising, if you think about it…

The type of Friends that you can obtain from this prayer are General and L1-type Multiverse Festival Friends released from the start of LostWord Global until around March 15th, 2022. Unlike previous Forever Prayers, however, this one is special (as expected of an anniversary-related event) and adds the A6 variations of Reimu Hakurei, Marisa Kirisame, and Sakuya Izayoi! For a full list of the available Friends, you can click here to see an official posting of the 1st Anniversary Forever Prayer.

As clarification, this prayer works as a queue-like system. Once you pray for one Friend, they remain in a queue until you accept them or pull again. If you choose the latter, the queued Friend is replaced by your newest pull and this continues until you finally accept someone. If you end up not accepting anyone until the Forever Prayer ends (which is at the end of June 10th), you will accept the Friend in your queue. 

You get a chance to pull Forever Prayer upon Daily Reset, or 0:00 UTC. You get from May 12th to June 10th to do pulls, giving you 30 separate pulls on this Forever Prayer! This new pool contains 85 total Friends to consider, so let’s go over the risks or chances of this prayer, along with who you should especially consider.

For more information on previous Forever Prayer iterations, check out the articles below!

Strategy and Risks

If you want to look at raw numbers, it’s a 1 out of 85 chance to obtain a specific Friend, or 1.17%. For those who are not experienced with statistics, you do not multiply this number by 30 days to see your chance for a specific Friend, as you can just pull the same Friend  you got on an earlier attempt, for multiple days. This is why you really shouldn’t consider this 1.17% statistic and instead refer to this equation:

(1-(1-x/y)^z), where X is the number of characters you’d like, Y is the total number of characters released (85 in this case), and Z is the # of days of the Forever Prayer (for this instance, 30).

This equation considers repeats, as well as many other factors surrounding the Forever Prayer. The reason why X can be more than 1 specific character is to consider finding different characters during the event. For instance, instead of gunning for only one Friend, I can try seeing if I can find one out of three Friends, raising my chances from 29.88% to 65.97%! This is the main way to minimize risk during this event so you do not end up pulling forever and ending up with a General Friend instead of the one Friend you wanted.

In general, it is better to try aiming for three or more Friends to ensure you get at least one good Friend, especially for new players who may lack many of the new Festival Friends. For those who do not know, Festival Friends are rarer than General Friends in the sense that they only return on reruns or special events such as these, making their mere existence in this event raise their value. 

While it may be tempting, I would heavily advise against making your only three Friends you’re going for the A6 variations. Sure, they are very strong and even rarer than other Festival Friends, but there are still other good options on this prayer and there is always the risk of getting no one good if you pass one good Friend in hopes of finding these three. (Ironically enough, A6 Reimu and Marisa can even be collected on the 1st Anniversary Lucky Bag, if you have the God Crystals to try it out.) All in all, it’s not a terrible risk to take, but can definitely turn against you.

In case you are interested in what I am looking for, I’m fine with getting the A6 Friends, although I do already have them with me. I’m mainly looking for Saki Kurokoma, Kanako Yasaka, and Suwako Moriya, giving myself a rather safe 6 Friends in total, or 88.88% chance, if you were curious on the probability.

Who to Choose and Reward

As stated before, Festival Friends are the better Friends to go for in Forever Prayers due to their limited nature. Powerful and great General Friends, mainly Tewi Inaba and Utsuho Reiuji, do exist but can be pulled elsewhere, making them less favorable in this instance. It helps that many Festival Friends have generous ratings tier-wise, which are the batch of Friends we will go over below. Of course, don’t let this stop you from getting another Friend you like or even just new Friends in general, but for those gunning for gameplay, these are the “optimal” options. 

Looking at raw tiering, A6 Reimu Hakurei would be your best option, as a solid EX Tier. A6 Marisa Kirisame shortly follows, with A6 Sakuya Izayoi trailing behind as well. When it comes to the L1 Friends, your main picks will likely be Hecatia Lapislazuli, Shion Yorigami, Sagume Kishin, Saki Kurokuma, Iku Nagae, and Suika Ibuki. We will slightly go over all of these picks, starting with the A6 Friends and then going into the S+ Tier Festival Friends. Of course, S-Tier(and even below that) Friends are still good and can assist you depending on what you are lacking in your team. For a refresher on what tiers everyone is, be sure to check the Tier List linked below:

One little, tiny warning before getting into detail on the L1 Friends in particular: the ongoing Festival Collection may be a better option to snag some of these friends, partially Hecatia, Sagume, and Iku if you have the gacha currency for them. With Ascending Step-UPs and a shared Exchange Point pool, it can be rather easy to get the Festival Friend there and save your Forever Prayer pick for someone else. However, if you miss getting them there, the Forever Prayer lasts for longer, giving you more chances to snag them here. The choice is up to you, but for more details on Festival Collection, check the Should You Pull below:

A6 Reimu is your girl that can pretty much do anything. A wide variety of Wood and Sun elemental breaks, major damage thanks to self-buffs, Spirit Power restoration, and a good amount of stages she can farm by herself. Combined with her team utility from partywide Yang DEF and Accuracy buffs, Reimu still stands tall despite being the first of the A-Type Multiverse Festival Friends.

A6 Marisa is a similar case to Reimu, except instead of having high team utility, she excels in CRIT support via CRIT DEF and Evasion debuffs on opponents. This heavily helps teammates that struggle to land their critical hits, and Marisa can still hit hard thanks to her Yang ATK buffs and Slice scaling, increasing her power when she gets higher Agility. She even has good access to the Star element, an element that is rather rare and will be relevant soon for the Star EX Battle Stage.

A6 Sakuya comes in strong with a determination to protect her mistress and a Last Word composed entirely of the Fire element. She backs it up with Yin ATK buffs to herself and the rest of the party, along with debuffing the enemy team’s Yin DEF to help out fellow Yin attackers. She can decrease foes’ Evasion as well to make sure the rest of her team hits their shots.

Hecatia is another Festival Friend that has spells packed with elements, giving her great elemental breaks. From there, she heavily buffs her own Yin ATK and CRIT ATK, doing a lot for her damage thanks to her wide arrangement of Killer bullets, which ensure critical hits on enemies of a specific race. She does lack a fair bit of team support, but with her ability to restore 2 of her own Barriers on a skill, I think she’s going to do alright in a difficult fight.

Unlike the previous Friends listed here, Shion is a pure debuff Friend. She excels at debuffing both Yin and Yang DEF of her enemies, giving her great team synergy to both types of attackers. She can pack a heavy punch too thanks to her debuffs, and is pretty good at breaking barriers of those weak to the Fire element.

Sagume is another heavy defense-debuff Friend, though only for Yang DEF this time. She still synergizes very well with Yang attackers, especially with the ability to cast Quick on herself, allowing her to use her Last Word before her allies and apply the debuffs first, although be aware that her Last Word’s pre-ATK debuff lasts for a single turn. Sagume makes up for the short debuffs with some good Moon element attacks, although make sure you give her some Spirit Power to perform them.

Saki is another attacker going straight for the enemy’s weak spot, boasting a full Fire Last Word just like A6 Sakuya. Her high Slice scaling combined with her heavy Agility buffs make her a very intimidating offensive threat, and her spells even focus on debuffing the targets to help the rest of the team wipe out any survivors.

Iku also attacks opponents with high Slice scaling, although she comes along with some great team utility. First off, her Last Word is entirely of Wood, giving herself a strong attack against anyone weak to the element. Iku can break even more barriers though, thanks to her Paralyze anomaly breaks, breaking the barriers of foes who have any Paralyze anomalies on them. She even gets buffs off the Paralyze she inflicts on herself, making her a very strong Friend.

As the first S+ Friend in LostWord, Suika still stands proud near the top of the tier list. The Yin ATK and Accuracy buffs combined with the Yin and Yang DEF debuffs she carries results in a very tough Friend who is easy to use by herself as well as with a whole team. She is also rather good at defense, primarily thanks to restoring 2 of her own barriers on one of her skills.

That’s all for the Friends at S+ Tier, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do well with any of the other Festival Friends. There’s a lack of heavy defense (provided by Yukari Yakumo) or support-focused Friends listed above, so if you end up pulling one of the Festivals below, perhaps think twice before writing them off due to their lower tiering!

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