Anti-Misfortune Grand Prix Best Stages to Farm

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A relay all over Gensokyo means there will be many places to farm for points in this event, but which one is the best? That's what this guide is built for! By the way, Marisa Kirisame seemed to make plenty of those wooden dolls, considering they are the rare points for this event as well...did she make them on her own, or steal the help of another doll-maker?

Only Lunatic difficulty is considered here, as it is the difficultly that ensures the most amount of points as well as some Gold materials. One-wave stages are the main stages recommended here since they are the quickest and most efficient stages to repeatedly farm. All of the one-waves will be listed, even if they are not recommended to farm, which will be explained further on. In addition, the amount of stages in the guide will increase as more of the event becomes accessible.

Some additional notes for farming: The goal is to minimize the amount of Spirit Points you are spending to farm. This can range from using less Friends, using Friends with no Awakenings, etc. Less Spirit Points spent means more stage grinding and even more Spirit Point gain when collected from the Event! However, one exception to this is if you want to grind Friend EXP to power up a Friend, which you can do by having that Friend stay in the back while you can farm. That way, you can kill two birds with one stone! 

Go! Anti-Misfortune Grand Prix (All)

Enemy HP Weak To Resists Barriers Spell Gauge Skills
Shion Yorigami 66000 Sun, Metal, Earth Wood, Star 5 2 None
Tenshi Hinanawi 66000 Sun, Water, Wood Fire, Earth 5 2 None

Drops: Attack and Support Books, Plum and Chrysanthemum Tiles, Wind and Dragon Scrolls

Shion and Tenshi really like to be seen together, huh? Well, this one-wave is the perfect opportunity to split them up for good, especially with any Sun-element attackers, as both are weak to that element. Even without that, their HP total is relatively low thanks to being spread between 2 targets, making this a reliable stage to farm.

Sunflower Labyrinth (No)

Enemy HP Weak To Resists Barriers Spell Gauge Skills
Yuuka Kazami 39000 x2 Wood, Metal, Star Sun, Moon 5 2 Applies 2 layers of Freeze to all targets
Medicine Melancholy 39000 x2 Sun, Moon, Metal Fire, Wood 5 2 Applies 2 layers of Poison to all targets

Drops: Defense and Support Books, Orchid and Bamboo Tiles, Cloud and Tiger Scrolls

Don't be fooled, these two might have lower HP values than the previous stage, but the addition of HP Gauges makes this a very unoptimal place to farm. Even without considering the extended time it takes to put down the gauges, as well as their Gauge Burst effects, their basic skills of applying Poison and Freeze, followed by breaking that with their shots, makes this stage too annoying to try to farm. Just stick to the previous stage for Day 1 of the event.

Jealous Loves Me, Loves Me Not (All)

Enemy HP Weak To Resists Barriers Spell Gauge Skills
Parsee Mizuhashi 84000 Sun, Fire, Wood Metal, Earth 5 2 None
Yuugi Hoshiguma 84000 Water, Wood, Metal Sun, Star 5 2 None

Drops: Attack and Defense Books, Plum and Orchid Tiles, Heaven and Wind Scrolls

This duo-enemy one-wave is basically a more difficult version of Go! Anti-Misfortune Grand Prix, just with both foes weak to Wood instead of Sun. Any Wood-element attacker will definitely get a kick out of that, but just make sure that they can break through the higher HP totals as well!

Au Revoir Sanzu River (All)

Enemy HP Weak To Resists Barriers Spell Gauge Skills
Kutaka Niwatari 68000 Sun, Moon, Metal Wood, Star 5 2 None
Komachi Onozuka 68000 Sun, Wood, Earth Fire, Metal 5 2 None
Urumi Ushizaki 68000 Fire, Wood, Metal Moon, Water 5 2 None

Drops: Defense and Support Books, Plum and Bamboo Tiles, Cloud and Serpent Scrolls

A chicken, shinigami, and ox walk into a bar. We didn't have enough time to finish this joke, but just know that this stage is another decent All-target one-wave stage to farm, especially if you can take advantage of Kutaka and Komachi's Sun weakness. Otherwise you can return to previous stages, as this one really just provides slightly more event points.

Bizarre Circle Drill (No)

Enemy HP Weak To Resists Barriers Spell Gauge Skills
Vengeful Spirit (Earth) 108000 x2 Water, Wood, Metal Fire 4 N/A Extra Attack: Seals Boost on all targets for 5 turns; Skill: Inflicts 3 layers of Burn to all foes

Drops: Attack and Defense Books, Orchid and Chrysanthemum Tiles, Heaven and Dragon Scrolls

If the HP Gauge on this silly spirit (effectively turning this into a two-wave stage where buffs remain intact) wasn't already a sign to not bother with this stage, then both the immediate Boost seal and ability to inflict and break Burn anomlaies should definitely shoo you away.

Owner's Order (All)

Enemy HP Weak To Resists Barriers Spell Gauge Skills
Vengeful Spirit (Water) 50000 Moon, Earth, Star Metal 4 N/A None
Marisa Kirisame 122800 Sun, Metal, Star Wood, Earth 5 2 None
Vengeful Spirit (Star) 50000 Sun, Water, Wood Moon 4 N/A None

Drops: Attack and Support Books, Plum and Chrysanthemum Tiles, Earth and Tiger Scrolls

This final one-wave stage is slightly unique compared to the others, following a format of "two weaker foes combined with a larger foe." This means that the Vengeful Spirits have less HP and only one weakness, making it easier to abuse Marisa's Sun and Star weaknesses without being punished by an enemy resistance.

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