April 2022 New Player Guide: Logins and More!

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Hello Friends! The 1st Anniversary of Touhou LostWord Global is getting closer and closer, which will certainly have its own crazy bonuses, but have you considered what is currently ongoing for new players? Then this is the guide for you! Listed below is a mix of new and old content that are the perfect ways for a newcomer to get an easy kickstart in their Touhou LostWord career. And if you have your own friend that you want to convince into trying out LostWord or just Touhou as a whole, perhaps this guide can shed some light on where to begin!

As a note, most of these login bonuses and content is locked behind completing the game’s Prologue. Fortunately, with the addition of being able to Full Auto and the Prologue itself being heavily nerfed, this should not take that long for a majority of players. Additionally, this does not even consider the free Reimu Hakurei and Marisa Kirisame any player begins with thanks to the pre-registration login bonuses from way back.

New Player Specifics

These first two additions are aimed specifically toward players who have just started their account! They are meant to give you a (seemingly) small boost to a new player’s output, and serves as a good amount of stuff to start with without overwhelming the player.

Welcome to Touhou LostWord

The most obvious of the benefits of being a new player is the new Welcome to Touhou LostWord Login Bonus! As long as your account was created as early as April 1st, you will get a special login bonus that provides a General Friend each day! While a plain General Friend that you can pull otherwise might not seem amazing, it is important to note that all of these Friends (including Flandre and Remilia Scarlet eventually) have Fantasy Rebirths, providing them additional costumes and even power after maxing them out. It will require playing more of the game to access, and a guide to Fantasy Rebirth itself is linked below, but gaining 7 characters just from logging in daily is very helpful for a new player!

While they are not top tiers, these Friends have their own use in battles. For more information about their abilities, check their pages below!

New Player Tasks

As a part of every new player’s Tasks menu (which can be found as the fifth button at the bottom on the main menu), special rewards will be given upon the completion of the Prologue, Chapters 1 and 2 of the Main Story, and other miscellaneous tasks. Most of the items here have their uses, but if you are confused about the applications of a specific item, you can refer to the guide below!

No, don't question the October deadline. These quests are out indefinitely!

Without saying, the definitive rewards from these tasks are the free Friends: Reisen Udongein Inaba and Medicine Melancholy. While Reisen might not be the most amazing General Friend, she at least has a Fantasy Rebirth to work toward and more beginner tasks related to raising her level, Limit Breaks, and skill levels. (An important note, do NOT prioritize the Paper Doll given by the Level 10 task to complete Reisen’s Limit Break task. As a General Friend, she can be Limit Broken by duplicates found while doing any Prayers, making the Paper Doll better for limited, or Festival, Friends.) On the other hand, Medicine is a fantastic Friend for a beginner, capable of bypassing many difficult hurdles of the game and even farming a very powerful story card (which will be explained later) thanks to her ability to break Poison anomaly barriers on her Last Word. For more information on both the Special Tasks and more details on the game’s combat itself, refer to the articles below.

Helpful Current Events

These next points are events that are currently running for both new players and older ones alike. However, they are still very crucial methods for newer players to get a headstart of getting on top of their game! Many of these sections have their own articles to go more in-depth about them, which will be linked as well.

Kourindou Roulette

The Renewal might not mean much for new players, but this still means a wider unit pool for those newcomers!

The Kourindou Roulette is a special Prayer event where players roll a roulette within Kourindou. Shocking, I know. This roulette has the numbers 10, 20, 30, and 100 to signify the amount of Prayers you will be able to perform that day for free! There’s not much else specific to say about it, outside of making sure you perform all of your free prayers before the day resets, or else your prayers are gone forever! Additionally, there are no Festival Friends available from the roulette pulls, but this is a perfect opportunity for many General Friends or even some good story cards!

Forever Prayer

A lot of potential Festival Friends to greet a new player! Only one will be welcomed, though...

The Forever Prayer is a classic enjoyment of any type of player! Every day, specifically from April 15th to May 9th, you can perform a special prayer for one guaranteed Friend, that can range from a General Friend or Festival Friend! The specific listing of who can be pulled for, particularly the limited festival ones, can be found in the guide below. It is very important to realize that you can only Accept one Friend from this event, and after you accept someone you can't pray again. Make sure the Friend you get is the one you want to stick with, or go for broke!

x2 Errand Drops and EXP

Sakuya working extra hard to give double the Errand output!

This one might be a bit confusing if you don’t understand how Errands work (to which if you don’t, don’t be shy to check the attached guide!), but I’ll keep it simple for you. Completing errands from April 14th to April 21st will give double the rewards and EXP. Most importantly is double the Seal Crystals and God Crystals from specific errands. Everyone likes extra stuff, right? While the below guide’s times might be outdated, the overview for how errands work and how to maximize output are still as relevant as ever.

Daily Campaign and Limited Daily Quests

Unlike other fairies, Daiyousei is safe from being grinded in the daily quests...

The Daily Quests are exactly what you would expect of them to be: a daily way to obtain special upgrade materials, specifically books, tiles, and scrolls. Thanks to the ongoing campaign, for the next two weeks you can play these daily quests 3 more times than usual, theoretically doubling your gain from these quests! This additionally applies to the three Limited Daily Quests co-running with the campaign, which are guaranteed to drop silver and gold materials alongside the chance of rarer items, such as X books and superior incense!

x3 Main Story/Hifuu Drop Rate and EXP

Another event that can be unfamiliar to new players, but likewise easily explained. From now until May 11th, every accessible stage in the Main Story and Hifuu menus will have a tripled rate of EXP gained and dropped items. The increased EXP is very practical if you need to level up more of your Friends and the School facility isn’t doing enough for you. What first comes to mind of items might be upgrade materials (tiles, scrolls, etc.), but more importantly are the farmable story cards at the end of every chapter. 

Story cards can be seen as equipment, put onto your spell cards to provide both positive effects, ranging from stat buffs to increasing the damage of a spell’s elemental damage or bullet type damage, as well as increase your stats in general. While primarily obtained from praying, the cards found at the end of the Main Story Chapters and Hifuu LostWord are very strong, and can be collected from completing their respective stages! However, the drop rate of these cards are (unsurprisingly) low, making these opportunities even more valuable. Below are the story cards that can be obtained from story card farming, particularly on Lunatic difficulty, as that is where the better card usually comes from. As a small note, Medicine Melancholy, the Friend mentioned near the start, can actually farm for Witch of Scarlet Dreams, one of the best story cards in the game!

Ongoing Content

The rest of this article will slightly veer away from limited events and instead explain important in-game methods of progression and how to truly succeed in LostWord!

Hifuu LostWord and EX Story

Main Story is pretty self-explanatory, but what about this “Hifuu LostWord”? Lore-wise, it is an original story that takes the ideas from Touhou Project and attempts to create its own plot with their own twists thanks to multiverse shenanigans. Gameplay-wise though, it can be seen as a more brief selection of Main Story stages, providing the Seal Crystal and progression benefits of beating the story while being simple enough to complete as a new player, especially with the Ultra Festival Friends it provides for its stages! Give it a try, and maybe even get attached to the original plot!

Afterwards, you will notice an “Extra” button at the bottom-left of the stage select menu. This button (which can also be found after completing Chapter 1 for the Main Story) will take you to the Extra Stages, specifically named Bm3 for Hifuu. Limited to being played 3 times each day, Extra gives you extra story, extra stages, and extra rewards! This content is more challenging than beginner content (especially in Bm3, which introduces enemies with multiple HP bars and has no Ultra Festival Friends to save you this time), but it is heavily worth doing once you build up a team!

Ultra Festival Friends and Divine Paper Dolls

If that “Ultra Festival” tag sounded weird in the previous section, here is a quick primer for you! Ultra Festival (shortened to UFES by the community) Friends are characters that are much more powerful than the usual General and even Festival Friends. To justify their UFES status, UFES Friends have higher stats than General Friends and even Festival Friends (who have higher stats than General Friends already). They are only accessible when their Ultra Festival Prayers are ongoing, and take 250 Exchange Points to obtain compared to the 100 and 150 Exchange Points for General and Festival Friends respectively. 

That’s not where the expenses end though, as UFES Friends take more materials to fully upgrade and can only be Limit Broken by Divine Paper Dolls or duplicates of themselves. While this might be initially off-putting to efficiently upgrade, there are still a fair amount of methods to get Divine Paper Dolls (or DPDs) without buying packs! The first and best in-game option is the Scarlet Devil Tower, a form of challenge content that rewards players with a Divine Paper Doll for every 25 floors cleared. This is limited to whenever the tower is open to challenge and, well, is challenge content, but completing it is guaranteed to be worth it! 

Furthermore, completing the monthly login bonus will give a free Divine Paper Doll near the end of the login bonuses! While new players might have missed the opportunity to get the April one, May will be theirs for the taking, with all they need to do is login once each day!


Completed the story stages and have practically nothing else to do? Perhaps not! At periods of approximately two weeks, special seasonal events run, ranging from brand new ones to reruns of previous events! These events are another method of obtaining certain items, such as Guaranteed Friend Rituals or Paper Dolls, alongside building up a good stock of coins! The events themselves have their own playful stories to tell, so be sure to check the game often to see what crazy events are currently running! At the moment, the game is doing a rerun of the Shichi-Go-San event, providing a free Clownpiece at Day 1 of its login bonus! A new guide for this event is currently being developed, so please wait patiently for that.

Otherwise, you can still farm story card stages to optimize your gear. What do you need to optimize for, exactly? Well, outside of the Tower, LostWord Global has introduced a new form of challenge content: Elemental EX Battle Stages! These stages focus on very tough foes being weak to only one specific element while resisting the rest. Just as challenging content should be, newcomers may be put off by the daunting stage format, but remember that this is not content meant to be blindly won at the start of your adventure. Take your time, prepare your story cards and Friends, and eventually you will be capable of winning! 

For a guide on the current Elemental EX, Moon EX Battle Stage, check out the guide below!

Stay Connected!

Finally, if you need more help that you can’t seem to find on Gamepress or just want to see more from the game, stay in contact with the community! The game’s Official Twitter and Youtube might seem like the first step here, but don’t count out the game’s Official Discord community! Many fans and players of the game interact on this server, with some channels even dedicated to the game’s Japanese community! On top of that, Livestage events titled “Live With Phantasma” are held weekly as a space for NextNinja staff Phantasma to reveal special details about the game, usually before the Twitter or Dev Letter reveals them! The Reddit community, while not directly having Live With Phantasma, is also a good space to get answers from the community.

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