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Each new event means new unique names for boss characters and other text, and Dine & Dash Nemunoki is no different. The enemies fought on every event stage on every difficulty (Normal, Hard, and Lunatic) will have new names that play off of the theme of the event, the characters themselves, or a combination of both. All of this unique charm applies to the Extra stages as well. 

Just as before, this article will primarily consist of tables listing all of the unique names of foes, both generic and Friends, that appear over the entire event. Obviously this will contain spoilers for all character appearances over the course of the event's normal and Extra stages, so proceed with that in mind. The end of the article will contain some more text specific to the event, ranging from the event points themselves to the Story Cards and Music CDs available over the course of the event.

1st Match: Raging River Challenge to Time to Cook 4

Character Normal Hard Lunatic Stage
Shizuha Aki Fall’s Big Sister Maple Leaf Tempura Order: Maple Leaf Manju Raging River Challenge
Minoriko Aki Autumn’s Little Sister Sweet Potato Tempura Order: Sweet Potato Cake Raging River Challenge
Minoriko Aki Autumn’s Little Sister *nom* *nom* Order: Chakinshibori Time to Cook 1
Shizuha Aki Fall’s Big Sister *munch* *munch* Order: Maple Cookie Time to Cook 2
Sunny Milk Hungry Orange I’m a Growing Girl! Order: Fruit Tart Time to Cook 3
Luna Child Hungry White Me too! Order: Cream Anmitsu Time to Cook 3
Cirno Hungry Blue What does that mean? Order: Really Hard Popsicle Time to Cook 3
Star Sapphire Hungry Black There’s Plenty of Food Order: Really Expensive Parfait Time to Cook 4
Daiyousei Hungry Green Please Eat at the Table Order: Pie to Share With Friends Time to Cook 4

2nd Match: Stay Alive! Survival Cooking to Time to Cook 8

Character Normal Hard Lunatic Stage
Seiran Rabbit Mess Sergeant S The Desperate Dango Seller?! Order: Tasty Dango…! Stay Alive! Survival Cooking
Reisen Udongein Inaba (Rabbit Soldier) Rabbit Mess Sergeant U A Healthy Diet is a Healthy Body Order: Make Some Yourself Stay Alive! Survival Cooking
Koishi Komeiji Random Encounter I Unconsciously Ate Too Much! Order: Sushi! Time to Cook 5
Watatsuki no Toyohime Princess in Charge of Eating Peach Peach Peach Peach Peach Order: Peach Tart Time to Cook 6
Watatsuki no Yorihime Princess in Charge of Cooking I’ll Just Summon A God of Food Order: You Eat Too Much… Time to Cook 6
Reisen Rabbit Mess Sergeant (Rookie Let Me Show You These Rations Order: I’d Like to Try a Carrot Bamboo Forest Battle Royale
Reisen Udongein Inaba (Rabbit Soldier) Rabbit Mess Sergeant U Eat These to Improve Eyesight! Order: Mooncake Bamboo Forest Battle Royale
Ringo Rabbit Mess Sergeant R The Profitable Dango Seller Order: Original Dango Flavor Time to Cook 7
Reisen Rabbit Mess Sergeant (Rookie) Our Field Rations Are Delicious Order: Rice Cakes! Time to Cook 7
Seiran Rabbit Mess Sergeant S I Also Lost in Sales… Order: Ringo’s New Dango Bonus Pickled Plums & Pine Nuts
Ringo Rabbit Mess Sergeant R Don’t Worry About It Order: Seiran’s New Dango Bonus Pickled Plums & Pine Nuts
Reisen Udongein Inaba (Rabbit Soldier) Rabbit Mess Sergeant U Where Are the Bamboo Shoots? Order: A Takeaway Carrot Dish Time to Cook 8
Chen Pleading Cat That’s...a FISH! Order: Deep-Fried Tofu for Ran Time to Cook 8
Ran Yakumo Deep-Fried Tofu Fox That’s...Deep-Fried Tofu! Order: Seafood for Chen Time to Cook 8

3rd Match: Time to Cook 9 to Time to Cook 14

Character Normal Hard Lunatic Stage
Keine Kamishirasawa Beautiful Frost Plain Dishes Are Best Order: Tsukimi Soba Time to Cook 9
Fujiwara no Mokou Burning Hot Flames Powerful Dishes Are Better Order: Bamboo Shoot Sahimi Time to Cook 9
Koishi Komeiji Random Encounter No Silly, You Have to Eat MORE! Order: Yakiniku! Time to Cook 10
Youmu Konpaku Tends to Spoil Others I Can Cut Most Ingredients Order: Food to Help Me Focus Time to Cook 11
Meiling Mansion’s Gatekeeper Substitute Food Processor Order: Food to Wake Me Up… Ingredient Scramble
Sakuya Izayoi Mansion’s Chef OK, I’ll Put The Ingredients In Order: Quick Staff Meal Ingredient Scramble
Merlin Prismriver Wants Lots of Seasoning I Like Cooking the Most Order: Taste of Happiness Time to Cook 12
Lunasa Prismriver Wants Not Much seasoning I’m the Best at Cooking Order: Taste of Nostalgia Time to Cook 12
Lyrica Prismriver In Charge of Seasoning I’m the Best Chef Order: Addictive Taste Time to Cook 12
Benben Tsukumo Welcome Feast Melody I Often Cook With My Sister Order: Loquat Scented Sweet Time to Cook 12
Yatsuhashi Tsukumo Welcome Feast Tune We Often Cook Together Order: Cinnamon Scented Sweet Time to Cook 12
Sakuya Izayoi Mansion’s Chef I Must Feed the Family Order: A Cup of Tea Fermenting in the Netherworld
Meiling Mansion’s Gatekeeper Don’t Worry I’ll Help Order: My Usual Fare Fermenting in the Netherworld
Youmu Konpaku Tends to Spoil Others The Fight Never Ends! Order: Something Simple Time to Cook 13
Yuyuko Saigyouji Loves to Be Spoiled With Sweets I’ll Never Give Up Eating! Order: Anything Tasty Time to Cook 13
Patchouli Knowledge Mansion’s Dietary Supplement My Cooking Magic Failed… Order: Fuel For the Brain Time to Cook 14
Koakuma Mansion’s Guilty Midnight Snack I'll Eat it Anyway! Order: The Trending Dessert Time to Cook 14
Remilia Scarlet Mansion’s Refined Taste Is It Ready Yet, Sakuya Order: Bloody Steak Time to Cook 14
Flandre Scarlet Mansion’s Basement Gourmet Is It Ready Yet, Meiling? Order: Tough Sweets! Time to Cook 14

Final Match: Time to Cook 15 to Time to Cook 18

Character Normal Hard Lunatic Stage
Yukari Yakumo Brutally Accepting Stomach Boundary Between Tasty & Not! Order: Dinner for Three Time to Cook 15
Kanako Yasaka Moriya Shrine’s Official Menu Let’s Try Molecular Gastronomy Order: Salted Monaka Time to Cook 15
Alice Margatroid Doll Full Course Are Gingerbread Men Dolls? Order: Gingerbread House Time to Cook 16
Medicine Melancholy Delicious or Poison? Poison Mushrooms are Tasty Order: Edible Poison Mushroom Time to Cook 16
Suwako Moriya Moriya Shrine’s Secret Menu Frog Legs?! Order: Salted Youkan Time to Cook 16
Suwako Moriya Moriya Shrine’s Secret Menu What’s Cuisses de Grenouille?! Order: Abegawa Mochi Home Ground Insight
Kanako Yasaka Moriya Shrine’s Official Menu Snake Soup?! Order: Chinese Quince Syrup Home Ground Insight
Sanae Kochiya Moriya’s Number One Waitress They Both Actually Taste Good! Order: Simmered Koi Home Ground Insight
Shion Yorigami Starving These Aren’t Weeds! Order: A Lavish Feast Time to Cook 17
Koishi Komeiji Random Encounter I’ll Take This Back to Satori! Order: Takeaway for Four! Time to Cook 18
Joon Yorigami Delicious and Expensive I Sometimes Tire of Luxury Order: Shion’s Fried Rice Time to Cook 18
Byakuren Hijiri Today’s Head Judge Thank You For the Meal Order: You Can Join Me Time to Cook 18
Rumia Not Allowed to Eat Yet Can I Eat Toooo? Order: Something Fun to Eat Time to Cook 18

Generic Enemies

While each generic enemy shares the same name with each other on Normal and Hard, Lunatic plays with the element each foe accompanies and makes a small reference to it within their names. This table lists the appearances of each specific element (or flavor) in the stages each show up in. 

Enemy Type Normal Hard Lunatic Flavors (+Element) Stage
Tengus Gourmet Reporter Tengu Gourmet Hunter Herb Chicken Schnitzel (Wood) Time to Cook 1, 15, 17
Black Pepper Chicken Thighs (Earth) Time to Cook 1
Yakitori(Salted) (None) Time to Cook 2, 18
Chicken Kiev (Water) Time to Cook 15
Sweet and Sour Chicken (Moon) Time to Cook 17
Lazji (Fire) Time to Cook 17
Fairies Hungry Fairy Tummy Rumbling Fairy Black Sesame Pudding (None) Time to Cook 1
Matcha Parfait (Wood) Time to Cook 4
Fondant au Chocolat (Earth) Time to Cook 4
Chocolate Cake (Earth) Time to Cook 5
Kuzu Manju (Water) Time to Cook 7
Youkan (Moon) Time to Cook 7
Galette Bretonne (Metal) Time to Cook 7
Big Fairies Big Fairy Foodie Only Organic Big Fairy Strawberry Mousse (Fire) Time to Cook 2
Annin Tofu (Sun) Time to Cook 2
Spirits Tasty-Looking Spirit Delicious Ball Onigiri (Shiso) (Moon) Time to Cook 5
Onigiri (Salmon) (Metal) Time to Cook 5
Onigiri (Blue Hawaii Syrup) (Water) Time to Cook 5
Moon Rabbits Moon Rabbit Critic Moon Rabbit Influencer; Reviewer; Food Photographer Yellow Bell Pepper Saute (Star) Time to Cook 6
Glazed Carrots (Fire) Time to Cook 6, Bamboo Forest Battle Royale
Creamed Napa Cabbage (Sun) Time to Cook 6
Pickled Capers (Earth) Bamboo Forest Battle Royale
Tanukis Dine and Dash Tanuki Food Delivery Service Black Broth Tanuki Soba (None) Time to Cook 7, 8, 17
Green Onion Tanuki Soba (Wood) Time to Cook 7, 8
Tanuki Soba With Egg (Moon) Time to Cook 8
Cold Tanuki Soba (Water) Time to Cook 11
Grated Yam Tanuki Soba (Sun) Time to Cook 17
Golden Fried Tofu Ankake Soba (Metal) Time to Cook 17
Phantoms Food Wasting Phantom Grudge Over Food Overripe Lemon (Star) Time to Cook 9, 11, 13
Poorly Made Tofu (Sun) Time to Cook 9, 11, 12
Not up to Standard Meat (Earth) Time to Cook 10
Deformed Grape (Moon) Time to Cook 10, 11
Burnt Cake (Metal) Time to Cook 10, 12
Too Spicy Curry (Fire) Time to Cook 11
Leftover Blue Hawaii Syrup (Water) Time to Cook 12, 13
Fairy Maids Fairy Waitress Restaurant Staff Over 90% Cocoa (None) Ingredient Scramble
Over 90% Cacao (None) Time to Cook 14
Pumpkin Pie (Earth) Time to Cook 14
Devils Sweet-Loving Little Devil Trend Chaser Pork alla Diavola (Fire) Ingredient Scramble
Chicken alla Diavola (Star) Ingredient Scramble
Mackeral alla Diavola (Earth) Ingredient Scramble

Extra Stages

Character Normal Hard Lunatic Stage
Nitori Kawashiro You Know What I Want to Order! You Must Use a Good Nuka-Bed Urk, This is Bitter Melon! Pecking Order Tribulations
Aya Shameimaru Tengu Drink With Bigger Cups Is This Sauce a Secret Recipe?! What Kind of Shiokara Is This? Pecking Order Tribulations
Suika Ibuki Keep the Drink Flowing I'll Have One on the Rocks I Could Keep Drinking All Day Pecking Order Tribulations
Nitori Kawashiro Wow, Turtle Is on the Menu Another Cucumber Sour Please! Freshwater Crab Tempura! Keep the Snacks Coming
Aya Shameimaru There's So Much Flavor! Let Me Refill Your Cup Freshly Picked Wild Vegetables! Keep the Snacks Coming
Tanuki Tenkasu Please! I Want to Eat Tempura Tenkasu? You Mean Agedama? Keep the Snacks Coming
Suika Ibuki I Wonder How That Tastes Clams From the Outside?! *hic* This Tastes So Good Keep the Snacks Coming
Yuugi Hoshiguma Ooh, There Is a Lot of Flavor Wild Boar...This Takes Me Back I've Gotten a Little Tipsy Keep the Snacks Coming
Suika Ibuki These Snacks Go Well With It Is This Soy Sauce Home Made? How Long Is This Place Open? The Free-Spirited Press
Aya Shameimaru Seconds Please! The Dishes Are All Scoop Worthy (I Want to Return to Work...) The Free-Spirited Press
Yuugi Hoshiguma This Is So Moreish Fresh Liver Sashimi...! Keep Us Company Till Morning The Free-Spirited Press
Nitori Kawashiro Cucumber Tempura! Miso Goes Well With Cucumber (I Have to Return to Work...) The Free-Spirited Press
Hatate Himekaidou I Can Help Get Rare Ingredients The Konnyaku Is Excellent Can I Ask You For an Interview? The Free-Spirited Press

Bonus Notes (Unique Items and Most Appearances)

Normal Event P: Any chef can acquire points, as long as their skills, heart, and bullets are up to the test.
Rare Event P: The Nemunoki's finely crafted wooden bowls. They are so sturdy and light that an inchling could even use one to sail down the river.

4* Story Card: Heat is Key
5* Story Card: The Witch Summit
Music CDs: Yamanba's Six Attacks (Nemuno Sakata), La Belle au bois dormant (Kasen Ibaraki), Sunset Circus (Tewi Inaba), Fantasy Telegnosis (Reimu Hakurei), Celestial Wizardry 

If it wasn't for Nitori Kawashiro, Aya Shameimaru, and Suika Ibuki making a mess of the Nemunoki over the course of the entire Extra stages (Pecking Order Tribulations, Keep the Snacks Coming, The Free-Spirited Press), Reisen Udongein Inaba would of had the most stage appearances in this event during the 2nd match (Stay Alive! Survival Cooking, Bamboo Forest Battle Royale, Time to Cook 8). Truly a determined Rabbit Solider to the very end, even if she still ended up losing. Koishi Komeiji also gets credit for appearing 3 times along with everyone else here (Time to Cook 5, 10, 18), her Random Encounters truly paying off.

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