Forever Prayer Lite in March!

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Forever Prayer

Hi Friends! The Forever Prayer is returning from half-anniversary for a brief, Lite Version run throughout the month of March! This event looks rather overwhelming for a newcomer, but it should be simpler after looking over the basics. Every day of the Prayer, you are able to pull once for a Guaranteed Friend, which will be any Friend from the game's release to the end of November (note that this does not include Reimu Hakurei Scarlet, who was released before Mamizou Futatsuiwa, Rin Kaenbyou, and Yuugi Hoshiguma). Only General and Festival Friends are available, meaning no Ultra Festival Friends such as Marisa Kirisame (Witch of Scarlet Dreams).

Please note that you will only be able to accept one Friend from this Prayer. After confirming that you accept them, you will not be able to get any more pulls or Friends. Each day you can Pray once, and if you did not select to keep the previously pulled Friend, they will be replaced in a queue with the newly pulled Friend. You can choose to accept the queued Friend whenever you want, and if the Prayer ends and you did not accept anyone, the queued Friend will be accepted.

Forever Prayer will reset at the same time as Daily Reset (0:00 UTC) and will last from March 1st until the end of March 24th at 23:59 UTC, meaning the final daily pull will be on March 24th. Deciding who to choose from this range of 61 Friends can be rather overwhelming, so the guide below will break down what to focus on.

Strategy (Calculating Risk)

Since you get one chance a day, it’s rather unlikely you’ll get the exact character you want if you only go into the Forever Prayer with your heart set on a single Friend - a mere 32.74% chance, in fact. We can make those odds much better by deciding that we’re okay with getting one of multiple Friends - by simply opening your heart up to a second option, your odds go up to 55.07%! If you go for three, you have a 70.19% chance, a total of four candidates gets you a 80.36%, and lastly having a full five options will earn you a 87.16% chance to get one of the Friends you desire.

For nerds, the math is (1-(1-x/y)^z), where X is the number of characters you’d like, Y is the total number of characters released (61 in this case), and Z is the # of days remaining in the promotion (24, as it runs from March 1st to March 24th). 

Due to the diminishing returns, there’s not much benefit in aiming for more than four or five targets. As such, pick a # of Friends you’d really like, depending on how much risk you’re willing to take of not getting any of them and having to go with whatever the last day gives you. These chances are lower than the last Forever Prayer due to having a few more Friends included, so I'm going to be a bit safer and go for 5 Festival Friends included.

Who to Choose

For the most part, you should prefer Festival Friends that you’d really like, as they are not available outside of Rerun Festivals. Of course, don’t let this stop you from including a general Friend if they’re your absolute favorite - the meta isn’t really that important, and it’s better to get who you want the most rather than gunning for Festivals you might not like or even get because numbers on Gamepress are higher for some rather than others.

Through that lens, here’s some recommendations for great pick-ups!

I'm going for the five Festivals I've missed: Satori and Koishi Komeiji, Kanako Yasaka, Suwako Moriya, and Iku Nagae.

A potent farmer, and great for harder fights too with a mix of DEF Down and offense - though be warned a good chunk of her power comes from a 3-3-3 Story Card that’s only farmable on Lunatic and requires setups newer players might not be able to access.

An extremely strong farmer who still holds up after many months. Also very good for harder fights, due to sheer damage output.

A powerful farmer and an extremely potent DEF Down unit with a highly devastating Solo targeting nuke - held back only by said Solo targeting, making her not as versatile.

A strong farmer, and excellent in harder fights as a nuker due to her high Hard scaling.

Great farmer and high damage dealer in harder fights, though watch out for her Killers missing out on some targets.

A good farmer and fantastic damage dealer for harder fights, but is both somewhat reliant on Killers and a farmable Story Card from Chapter 3 Act 2 which will be out of reach for newer players until they’ve been playing for a bit.

An extremely potent Solo targeting nuker and farmer, which whilst to some extent limits her, also makes her a fantastic option if you lack Solo nukers, since some content favors them.

A definite golden standard in terms of Festival Friends. She might only focus on herself but she is guaranteed to hit very strong as well as being a very efficient Water and Wood elemental breaker. Being able to farm some good Story Card stages as well, she is a definite good choice.

For the sake of consistency, here are all of the other Festival Friends included in the Forever Prayer pool. You can check all of the available Friends by checking the Prayer's details as well! (Fortunate so that we don't need to list 61 characters here...)

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