Get 130 Free Pulls for F1 Reimu Hakurei's Prayer!

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New Epic(?) Items

Being the first Epic Prayer in the history of Touhou LostWord Global, there is naturally some confusion on how the prayer works. Not really helping is the introduction of two items: 1st Anniversary Ritual Tickets and Epic Paper Dolls. Well, one of these items is easier to explain than the other; Epic Paper Dolls are just the Paper Doll equivalent to Paper Dolls or Divine Paper Dolls for F1 Reimu Hakurei, the only unit that currently uses this new Epic class. But what exactly is a ritual ticket, 1st Anniversary-style?

Just like normal Story Card Rituals or Guaranteed Friend Rituals, 1st Anniversary Rituals act as free pulls for F1 Reimu’s Epic Prayer. Unlike other rituals, this one does not guarantee a Friend, let alone F1 Reimu herself. They simply act as free pulls for a chance to obtain this very special Friend. They only serve to pull on this prayer, so be sure to use them before the prayer ends on July 15th! Come maintenance on June 24th, there will be a total of 130 collectable rituals, so the following guide will serve as a basic overview on how they work and how to obtain them!

Important Details

Before you obtain any of your 130 free pulls, it is important to recognize what they do and what they don't do. The bullet points below will highlight the extra additions to doing ritual pulls, such as the expanded Festival Friend selection, and what they do not include, such as Exchange Points or ensuring F1 Reimu.

  • The ritual prayers have a different pool compared to pulling on the Epic Prayer itself! Every General Friend up to Mononobe no Futo is included, but there is also the chance to obtain any of the Festival Friends listed below! If you want an official listing, refer to the LostWord website news post linked here.
  • Each of these ritual prayers are practically separate from the actual Epic Prayer. In simpler terms, none of these rituals will provide Exchange Points for the Epic Prayer, so don’t expect to get free story card sparks.
  • On that note, this ritual prayer does not discriminate between the Friends you can pull, meaning all of them have the same chance of appearing. In that sense, there is no rate-UP for F1 Reimu here, but she is a possible Friend to be pulled.
  • As mentioned before, these rituals do not guarantee a Friend like Guaranteed Friend Rituals. They are practically just free pulls on the Epic Prayer, just with the above mentioned Festival Friend selection as well as no Exchange Points.
  • THESE RITUALS WILL DISAPPEAR UPON COMPLETION OF THE EPIC PRAYER! There is NO reason to hold onto them beyond the endurance of the prayer, so please do not hoard them only for all of them to disappear after the prayer ends!

Deciding to pull on this Epic Prayer may be puzzling due to the lack of a spark for F1 Reimu, but at least there are the 130 free pulls to dip your toes for a bit!

Login Bonus

Along with the 30 free rituals, you can get an Epic Paper Doll for Limit Breaking the shaman!

If you’ve been playing LostWord, or just any gacha game in general, then I really hope you’re familiar with how a login bonus works. Coinciding with the Epic Prayer and likewise ending at the end of July 14th, there will be the opportunity to collect 30 1st Anniversary Rituals over the period of a week! You may have around 3 weeks in total to collect the rituals, but please don’t forget to login to collect them, and actually use them!

Special Tasks

So that’s at least 30 of the available 130. What makes up the other 100? Special campaign tasks, each of them providing 10 rituals each! All of the tasks have been designed to be very beginner-friendly, allowing for new players to collect them with ease and veterans to gain them even quicker. As a note, it is possible veterans would have to clear the tasks again, but each of them are simple enough to perform, as they are regular tasks you commonly perform in the first place. Just remember to get them done within the 3-week period!

  • Raise a Unit to Level 70

The Friend in question does not even need to be Limit Broken once, making this a very quick task to perform, especially if you grind a little or use the School facility.

  • Limit break a Unit once

Just either have a duplicate of a Friend to use for Limit Breaking or use that Paper Doll you’ve been stashing for so long in your inventory. Friends are relatively easy to come by in LostWord, especially from the ongoing New Player Tasks!

  • Upgrade a Unit once

Spend those materials to upgrade a Friends’ stats and skills! Upgrade materials like scrolls and tiles are very plentiful in LostWord, let alone basic woods.

  • Awaken a Unit once

A Friends’ first Awaken requires only 10 Tokens, something that is easily achieved through selling Story Cards. Yes, the Friends’ Spirit Point cost increases by 1, but would you rather have a cheaper Friend over 10 free pulls?!

  • Refill the Food in School once

Just find some food and fill up the school. You get these through daily tasks and, if really needed, in the Coin Exchange Shop.

  • Enhance a Unit once

Incense, or wood, is so plentiful in LostWord that finding one Friend to slightly increase the stats of should be a complete non-issue.

  • Enhance a Story Card once

Enhancing a story card is crucial for increasing its stat sticks to make them better equipment for battle. Getting 10 rituals for this is practically a free lunch!

  • Complete 1 Errand

Send your Friends away on an Errand for 1 to 2 hours (or 6 hours, if you want to take it really slow...) and they’ll come back with the usual rewards…along with more rituals from the Task menu!

  • Finish training in the Dojo once

Your Friend learns something new in their skills, and you get some more F1 Reimu pulls. I see this as an absolute win!

  • Superior Enhance a Friend’s HP once

This would perhaps be the hardest task to perform, requiring a clear of the Hakugyoku Arena to obtain Superior Incense…if it wasn’t for the current 1st Anniversary Mail Presents providing the wood for you! If you’ve unfortunately missed all of the presents or joined the game later, simply get some Superior Incense via the arena and remember to just upgrade a Friends’ HP on the Enhance menu.

In total, all of these tasks will provide you with the remaining 100 rituals. If you are a new player and perhaps some of these terms flew right over your head, or you don’t even have facilities such as School and Dojo unlocked, try referring to the Getting Started guide below!

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