The Great Mochi From Space Event Guide

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Article by Meeko
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A Gigantic Mochi

Hi friends! Toyohime really messed up this time, huh? But hey, that just means more mochi for us - though you're going to need to beat the stuffing out of those drones to get it. Of course, such an atypical foe requires atypical countermeasures, so lets break it down for you!

Unlike typical events, this event features only three stages, all of which are somewhat atypical. You do not need to defeat any of the mochi that are being sent your way, so don't let the massive HP pools daunt you - instead, you simply need to wail on the mochi until the timer runs out as hard as you can, making sure the center bar remains to the left. There's a few things working against you: the mochi resists all elements, has no Barriers (and as such cannot be burned or poisoned), and you start off with no graze (and cannot gain more), but thankfully the great mochi barely does any damage either.

As such, you can simply wail on it with Spell Cards on the first few turns to build ATK and Spirit Power, and then on the final turn blow it up with your Last Words to make sure the bar in the middle is filled to your favor. Even if you're struggling with the higher difficulty versions, just remember that doing the easiest one will suffice for many of the rewards. Finally, if you wish to farm the stage over and over for Scroll drops with a single unit, be aware that the gauge in the middle shifts based on how much damage your characters take - as such, units with Yin DEF and Evasion UP in their kit and high damaging Last Words are your best option, such as Suika Ibuki, Yukari Yakumo, and Reimu Hakurei (all versions of her!).

Incidentally, Zouni (Zōni) is a soup that contains a base of soup stock and mochi that varies based on region - some places like to chop it up into squares and grill it, some like it round and boiled. Then from there, you can add all sorts of things - chicken, fish, meatballs, spinach, carrot flakes, yuzu peel, and more! Hatsumode is the first visit to a Buddhist or Shinto shrine of the year - where you make wishes and prayers for the new year, purchase some omamori (good luck charms), and burn your old omamori.

You have until 1/31 at 23:59 UTC to get all the rewards from this event and, if it strikes your fancy, to beat up the big Mochi for Scrolls.


Whilst the stage itself provides Scrolls as a drop, there's no Event Points or shop this time. Instead, your rewards are twofold: First, you will get a piece of Silver Incense Wood every time you finish a stage for the first time in a day, and secondly you will gain copies of New Year's Shrine Visit III for clearing the stages, and then clearing everything 30 times in total. This is a fantastic Story Card, providing 3 levels of Yin ATK UP - unfortunately for only a single turn unlike its stronger counterparts, but that's easily circumvented by supplementing it with other sources Yin ATK UP which last multiple turns.

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