Guide to the Scarlet Devil Tower

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Have you been craving a challenge? Looking for a place to put your level 100 units to the test? The Scarlet Devil Tower is the place to go! A series of challenge fights that put your roster to the test, the Scarlet Devil Tower takes place in the world of Chapter 2. Already know how the Tower works, and are just looking for info or tips on specific floors? Cut to the bottom of the guide for a floor index by clicking here!

The Scarlet Devil Tower is high level challenge content - this means that you’ll want your units to be as prepared as possible. You aren’t even allowed to battle with units below level 30! Of course, don’t let this stop you from trying - there’s no real penalty for failure or cost of entry (outside of the usual Spirit P), and you can practice the battles as many times as you'd like for free. Just do your best, and remember - if you don’t clear it this time, there’s always next time!


The Scarlet Devil Tower is a series of individual 1 Wave fights (literally floors of the tower), in which units don’t heal after a fight ends (by game over or retreating), even between floors. What does this mean?

For your own units:

All used Spell Cards will remain used

HP, Spirit P, and Barrier count will remain the same as they were at the end of the fight or upon retreating

Any Barrier Status applied will remain, preserving their turn counts as well

Any skills on cooldown will remain on cooldown with the same number of turns remaining

Buffs and debuffs do not carry over, and are erased. 

Note that this will retroactively apply to all copies of a unit you possess - there’s no getting around this by having duplicates!

For enemy units (if you do not clear the floor):

HP, Spell Gauge, and Barrier count will remain the same as they were 

Buffs and debuffs do not carry over, and are erased. 

This means two things: firstly, unit management is key to clearing the tower, as your most powerful nukers can’t just throw out their strongest Last Words every floor - you’re going to need to figure out how to stretch your unit pool as far as possible. Secondly, even if you can’t clear a floor with your first team of units, you can just try again with the next team.

Your units aren’t just exhausted forever, of course. Once per day, you can fully heal all of your units back to full health, which will restore their Spell Cards, Barriers, and Skill cooldowns as well. If you require additional heals, you can get a second, third, and fourth for 5, 10, and 15 Seal Crystals. 

Additionally, after five turns of a battle, you can ‘retreat.’ This is important because if you simply quit, all units involved will be reset to pre-battle conditions - both you and your enemies. So if you can make a specialized Breaking team that can last for five turns, you can Break the enemy for your nuker team to swoop in and finish the job with the retreat function! Make sure to leave the enemies all with at least 1 Barrier for when your damage dealers come in to Break, as a Full Break goes away when you retreat and after a Full Break ends all enemy Barriers are restored to full.

There are a few more tower-specific things to keep in mind, as follows:

Every 10 floors is a “Boss Floor,” signified by the menacing purple aura around the enemies.  These floors are notable for two things: Firstly, the enemies have much higher HP than other floors. Secondly, the floor starts off with an “Extra Attack” before the first turn, which is a nasty debuff on your frontliner units that binds the use of certain actions (such as Boosting or using Focus Shots) for 5 turns. Every floor only uses Extra Attack according to the particular fight’s rules: for the first release of the Scarlet Devil Tower, this simply means that it’ll only be used once per floor, no matter how many times you have to challenge it.

Here’s a tip for Extra Attack: They’re only applied to your frontline units, not your back row. So, you can simply switch immediately at the start of the fight (except when the Extra Attack binds switching), and avoid the penalty altogether! Any Amanojaku would be proud of you.

Additionally, motivation and friendship are unaffected by the Tower, meaning you’re free to have your units get knocked out, they won’t mind.

Lastly, your progress is permanently saved for each iteration of the tower: so if you made it to floor 25 one month, for example, you’d start back off on floor 25 the next month. 

Individual Floor Guides

Due to the Tower most often having 10 floors at a time added to it, and to avoid an unwieldy and excessively long guide, you can find details on, and strategy for, every floor in the following sets of 10:

Floors 1-10

Floors 11-20

Floors 21-30

Floors 31-40

Floors 41-50

Floors 51-60

Floors 61-70

Floors 71-80

Floors 81-90

Floors 91-100

Floors 101-110

Floors 111-120

Floors 121-130

Floors 131-140

Floors 141-150

Floors 151-160

Floors 161-170

Floors 171-180

Floors 181-190

Floors 191-200

Floors 201-210

Floors 211-220