The Kosuzu Motoori Case Files Best Stages to Farm

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Article by Meeko NekuMargatroid
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Due to the mystery nature of this event, all boss names have been redacted.

If you want all the rewards from The Kosuzu Motoori Case Files, you're gonna have to do some extra detective work with Marisa Kirisame. Daily points and clear bonuses are all well and good, but if you want the full 422,200 Points to clear out the Lite Ver. shop and lottery or heck, even go for a full 500k, you're gonna need to strategize a bit to get it done quickly. This guide's here to help with that! 

All three of the following stages are chosen because they are one wave battles - which means that you can end them immediately with a powerful enough Last Word, and thus get Event Points way faster. This time around, the Story Card stage is also one wave! Every stage will have its drops listed, so pick the stage which drops what you need!

Make sure you're farming these stages on the highest difficulty you can clear with as few units as possible in a single turn, on Full Auto if possible. Ideally, you'll be farming them with 1 unit in 1 turn, so if it'd take you 2 units to farm Lunatic, or multiple turns, it'd be better to farm with 1 unit on Hard, and so on. The goal is to minimize time and Spirit P spent, but it's perfectly okay to bring other units along to level them up, just try to keep it to only one or maybe two so you don't run out of Spirit P too quickly. 


Enemy HP Weak To Resists
Boss 36400 Moon, Wood Fire, Star

Drops: Attack & Support Books, Chrysanthemum & Bamboo Tiles, Heaven & Dragon Scrolls
A simple enough start - and a farm accessible from the very first day, no less. Keep in mind this first boss has a skill which increases their Yang DEF by 2 Levels, so you may wish to bring a Yin nuker instead! They also take 20% less damage from resists, so watch out for that.


Enemy HP Weak To Resists
Boss 1 16500 Moon, Wood Fire, Star
Boss 2 20200 Moon, Fire Earth, Star
Boss 3 18200 Moon, Star Sun, Fire

Drops: Attack & Defense Books, Orchid & Bamboo Tiles, Dragon & Tiger Scrolls
The first and second boss both take less damage from their resisted elements than normal: however, given their very low HP values, this shouldn't be a problem. If you're newer to the game and your units are undertrained, try to use a Last Word with Sun, Fire, Wood, or Metal Element to get around this.

Also, the third boss has a skill that does nothing. ...They're doing their best.


Enemy HP Weak To Resists
Boss 1 7640 Earth Metal
Boss 2 34300 Sun, Metal Moon, Water
Boss 3 7388 Moon Star

Drops: 4 Star Story Card "Mythical Beast's School", 5 Star Story Card "A Perfect Day for Errands"
Farming tokens and event points with ease at the same time - sounds like a good deal to me. Keep in mind that the first enemy will apply a Freeze Barrier to all of your units, which has a chance to Delay them. Whilst this won't be a problem for most farming units, any weak units you're bringing along to level might eat dirt immediately if they're on the front line, so keep them in the back if possible.

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