List of Safe to Sell Story Cards

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As tokens are highly in demand for any LostWord player, and the best way to obtain them is to Part Ways with less powerful Story Cards, many have asked what the best Story Cards to sell are. This is a list of Story Cards that are most likely safe to Part Ways with, broken down into several sub categories.

Please keep in mind that this is simply a list based on what is unlikely to be useful as the game currently exists. It is not a exhaustive list of every Story Card you might consider Parting Ways with, it is merely a list of the ones that are most likely to never be useful. If you wish to be as safe as possible, consider keeping at least one or two MLB copies of every story card on this list. 

Also please note this list will never cover Story Cards obtained exclusively from Events or Log-in rewards, as those are currently impossible to re-obtain. Think very carefully about Parting Ways with any of them, especially if they have effects which are not covered by other Story Cards or if you're a collector.


Last updated 07/20, adding Scarlet Devil Tower Princess to "Unlikely to Ever Be Useful" and Kourindou Boutique to "Stat Stick"

Stat Sticks

These Story Cards are useful as stat sticks. You don't really need very many of them, but it may be worth it to keep on hand a few copies for those purposes. Keep in mind that if using them for that purpose, you don't need to Limit Break them - a Story Card that has not been Limit Broken can still be enhanced up to +6, which is worth 75% of the stats of a +10 card, which requires Max Limit Break. Use your personal discretion to decide if the stat gain is worth it to you.

Keep One or Two MLB Copies

These Story Cards are either currently, or have the potential to be, Best in Slot or close for the Last Words of units. You typically only need one, maybe two at most copies of these Story Cards at Max Limit Break.

Five Star Story Cards

As a warning, five star Story Cards are generally somewhat uncommon, so it may be worth keeping these on hand, on the exceedingly off chance one of these becomes useful in the future. Still, if you need tokens and aren't too fussed about that risk, these are rather unlikely to be useful outside of being stat sticks.