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Along with the special story that comes from the events of Touhou LostWord, the boss characters during the event stages gain special names. Usually a unique reference to a character's personality or to the event story itself, these little touches add even more charm to the player's experience. Especially charming for The Little Sister Contest! is the inclusion of unique characters in the generic Exhibition stages along with the Event Story stages.

This article will server as a gallery to present all of the unique character titles for those who might have missed them or might want to just see them again. Each table will include the name of each character and their special titles, 4 stages at a time to simulate how most of the event is experienced. Of course, this will require spoilers for all bosses of the event, both from the normal and Extra stages. Proceed with that in mind.

First Sister Celebration to Exhibition 3

Character Hard Lunatic Stage
Rumia Puppet Show Fan What’s Today Story About? First Sister Celebration
Koakuma Lakeside Puppet Show Host Oh, You’ll Like This One… First Sister Celebration
Lily White (Eldest?) Fairy Sister Spring Is the Oldest Season! Exhibition 1
Cirno (Eldest?) Fairy Sister The Strongest Is the Oldest Exhibition 1
Daiyousei (Eldest?) Fairy Sister I’m Fine With Being Younger Exhibition 1
Ran Yakumo Older Sister Shikigami You’re All So Cute! Exhibition 2
Lily White Cute Herald of Spring Younger Sister of a Shikigami… Exhibition 2
Sunny Milk Warm Comforting Sunlight Sibling of A Strong Youkai?! Exhibition 2
Meiling Tai Chi Chuan Instructor It’s Time for Tai Chi Chuan Exhibition 3
Daiyousei Tai Chi Chuan Student Please Teach Me Exhibition 3
Sanae Kochiya Tai Chi Chuan Onlooker I Also Want to Try! Exhibition 3

Triple Sister Sandwich to Exhibition 6

Character Hard Lunatic Stage
Yukari Yakumo Suspicious Eldest Sister Mistress of Boundaries Triple Sister Sandwich
Ran Yakumo Hard-Working Middle Sister Shikigami of Boundaries Triple Sister Sandwich
Chen Adorable Youngest Sister Stereotypical Youngest Sister! Triple Sister Sandwich
Marisa Kirisame Black & White Magician I Don’t Mind Being Younger Exhibition 4
Koakuma Black & White Devil I Suppose I’m the Eldest Exhibition 4
Daiyousei Lakeside Commando 2 I’m Fine With Being Younger Exhibition 5
Cirno Lakeside Commando 1 Oldest, Thus the STRONGEST! Exhibition 5
Rumia Lakeside Commando 3 I Wanna Be the Oldest Exhibition 5
Yuyuko Saigyouji Older Sister Candidate 1 I Want to Be an Older Sister! Exhibition 6
Seiran Older Sister Candidate 2 Please Buy Some Dango… Exhibition 6
Star Sapphire Younger Sister Stand-In This Is So Much Fun! Exhibition 6

Declaration of Love to Exhibition 9

Character Hard Lunatic Stage
Sanae Kochiya Older Moriya Sister Lady Suwako is Younger?! Declaration of Love
Suwako Moriya Younger Moriya Sister I Look Younger, Right? Declaration of Love
Sanae Kochiya Youngest Moriya Sister I Prefer Being the Youngest Exhibition 7
Kanako Yasaka Middle Moriya Sister It’s My Duty to Protect Sanae Exhibition 7
Suwako Moriya Eldest Moriya Sister I Must Protect Sanae Exhibition 7
Reisen Youngest Moon Rabbit Sister Let’s Just See How It Goes Exhibition 8
Seiran Middle Moon Rabbit Sister Why’s Ringo The Eldest? Exhibition 8
Ringo Oldest Moon Rabbit Sister Yeah, I’m Eldest, Right? Exhibition 8
Marisa Kirisame Thirdborn Incident Resolver I’m The Third Oldest Exhibition 9
Youmu Kompaku Secondborn Incident Resolver I’m The Second Oldest Exhibition 9
Sanae Kochiya Youngest Incident Resolver I’m The Youngest Exhibition 9
Reimu Hakurei Eldest Incident Resolver What? Am I the Oldest? Exhibition 9

Bonds Thicker Than Blood to Exhibition 12

Character Hard Lunatic Stage
Sakuya Izayoi Middle Maid Sister OK, It’s Time for Work Bonds Thicker Than Blood
Youmu Konpaku (Shivering Maid Samurai) Youngest Maid Sister Oh, These Clothes Again Bonds Thicker Than Blood
Hong Meiling (Chinese Maid for the Day) Eldest Maid Sister I Like This Outfit Bonds Thicker Than Blood
Patchouli Knowledge Magician Sister Let Me Study You Exhibition 10
Medicine Melancholy New Little Sister Eep! Exhibition 10
Alice Margatroid Magician Sister What a Cute Doll Exhibition 10
Chen Looking for an Older Sister I’m The Younger Sister! Exhibition 11
Tewi Inaba Looking for be a Younger Sister No, I Am! Exhibition 11
Patchouli Knowledge Magical Older Sister The Summoner, Thus the Eldest Exhibition 12
Koakuma Devil Younger Sister OK, Then I’m the Youngest Exhibition 12

The Perfect Sister Date! to Exhibition 15

Character Hard Lunatic Stage
Star Sapphire Younger Sister of Stars Can I Come Play Sometime? The Perfect Sister Date!
Kaguya Houraisan Older Sister of the Moon Feel Free The Perfect Sister Date!
Sunny Milk Wants to Be a Younger Sister I’ll Be a Younger Sister Exhibition 13
Luna Child Wants to Be a Younger Sister I’ll Be a Younger Sister Exhibition 13
Eirin Yagokoro Doting Older Sister This is Kind of Nice Exhibition 13
Reisen Udongein Inaba Wants to Be Doted Upon Master is My Older Sister?! Exhibition 13
Marisa Kirisame Professional Teaser Rabbits Are Always Noisy Exhibition 14
Reisen Udongein Inaba Older Sister? Why Am I the Eldest? Exhibition 14
Tewi Inaba Younger Sister? Being The Youngest Has Benefits Exhibition 14
Patchouli Knowledge Younger? Magician Sister Hm...Who’s the Oldest Sister? Exhibition 15
Byakuren Hijiri Older? Magician Sister I Actually Am an Older Sister Exhibition 15
Yukari Yakumo Shikigami User Are You Having Fun? Exhibition 15

Sleeping Sisters to Exhibition 18

Character Hard Lunatic Stage
Sunny Milk Pigtails Sister of Victory They’re Called Pigtails? Sleeping Sisters
Kosuzu Motoori Pigtails Sister of Glory This Is My Favorite Hairstyle! Sleeping Sisters
Luna Child Late Moonlight Fairy My Hair’s Pretty Similar, Right? Sleeping Sisters
Cirno Younger Sister of Ice I’m the STRONGEST Older Sister Exhibition 16
Lily White Younger Sister of Spring Spring’s More Older Sisterly Exhibition 16
Sunny Milk Younger Sister of Sunlight Sunlight’s Kind of Older Sisterly Exhibition 16
Luna Child Younger Sister of Moonlight But I’m the Most Mature, No? Exhibition 16
Star Sapphire Younger Sister of Starlight You’re All Really Into This Exhibition 16
Ringo Bun Bun Younger Sister Reisen’s the Eldest, Right? Exhibition 17
Seiran Bun Bun Younger Sister It's Reisen, No? Exhibition 17
Reisen Udongein Inaba Bun Bun Older Sister Why Me? Exhibition 17
Reisen Bun Bun Younger Sister Please, It Has to Be You, Reisen Exhibition 17
Patchouli Knowledge Not So Fit Older Sister I Couldn’t Handle You as a Sister Exhibition 18
Marisa Kirisame Troublesome Younger Sister Big Sis Patchouli Would Be Nice Exhibition 18
Hieda no Akyuu Not So Fit Older Sister We’re Sisters in All but Blood Exhibition 18
Kosuzu Motoori Troublesome Younger Sister Being With Akyuu is Fun! Exhibition 18

Eternal Little Sister and Extras

Unlike the normal event stages, extras have unique titles on Normal as well.
Character Normal Hard Lunatic Stage
Fujiwara no Mokou - An Irrefutable Younger Sister Keine Is Such A Great Teacher Eternal Little Sister
Keine Kamishirasawa - Reliable Older Sister Mokou Is a Good Student Eternal Little Sister
Seiran Boss of Seiran’s They’re Really Cheap! At Least Buy One... Sisters Are Cute When They Eat
Nitori Kawashiro Kappa Boss Cash or Credit? Why Aren't They Selling?! Sisters Are Cute When They Eat
Ringo Boss of Ringo's They’re Really Tasty I'll have to Eat Them Myself... Photogenic Little Sisters
Aya Shameimaru Most Observant Tengu Subscribe to the Bunbunmaru! It Comes With Soy Sauce! Photogenic Little Sisters
Chen Meow-Meow Shikigami Can I Cook Some Fish? I'm Not Good at Cooking...! Sister Custody Battle
Ran Yakumo Kon-Kon Shikigami I Want to Fry Up Some Tofu! My Fried Tofu Will Burn...! Sister Custody Battle
Kasen Ibaraki Gensokyo’s Older Sister 2 Everything Looks So Delicious I Can't Eat Any More Sister Custody Battle
Reimu Hakurei Gensokyo’s Younger Sister I Could Take Some Home… I Ate a Bit Too Much... Sister Custody Battle
Yukari Yakumo Gensokyo’s Older Sister 1 There’s Some Rare Food Here I Could Eat All Day Sister Custody Battle

Bonus Notes (Miscellaneous Text, Unique Items, and Most Appearances)

Normal Event P: Points denoting the performance of the sisters. The event organizers (Aya and Nitori) are keeping tally.
Rare Event P: Each Leaf is a work of art painted by Shizuha's own hand. She then goes around kicking the trees to make them fall.

4* Story Card: Napping Is Part of the Job
5* Story Card: Heavenly Backup Dancers
Music CDs: God Slash (Watatsuki no Yorihime), October Harvest Romantica (Shizuha Aki), Grilled Autumn Flavors (Minoriko Aki), Satori Musou (Satori Komeiji), Awakening ~ Theme of Koishi (Koishi Komeiji)

Out of everyone, there are three characters who appeared the most throughout all of the event stages. The first one is Sunny Milk, showing up in Sleeping Sisters along with Exhibitions 2, 13, and 16.

However, even more surprising are the two magicians that share the three-way tie: Marisa Kirisame (Exhibitions 4, 9, 14, and 18) and Patchouli Knowledge (Exhibitions 10, 12, 15, and 18)! Not only did these two not appear in any of the event story stages, but they didn't even need to appear in cutscenes or the Extra stages to show up the most!

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