New Player in May: 1st Anniversary Edition!

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Maintenance has just started in preparation for Touhou LostWord Global’s 1st anniversary! There are many things that are going to come right when maintenance ends, or were even ongoing in the game beforehand! If you are a new player curious about everything currently going on, or in case you just need a refresher on the many events happening, this guide is here to help!

Many of the featured entries here, particularly things such as login bonuses and events, will require you to complete the Prologue before accessing. This should be rather simple thanks to the free Reimu Hakurei and Marisa Kirisame given to all players upon beginning the game, but just remember to do this before continuing on to the other events! Of course, the Prologue gives you basic game information in the first place to help you get through the game itself, so pay attention to that too!

The Beginning: Logins and Presents

To start off, we have some general free things that come from just playing the game! Isn’t it great to be rewarded with simple actions? These usually come in two different forms: login bonuses and special presents. Let’s go over some of the formers first before getting into presents:

Monthly Login Bonus

The monthly login bonus is…self-explanatory. It’s a login bonus that provides free items each day as a thank-you for logging in each day of the month! The rewards usually vary, but for May we have a special, Seal Crystal-focused bonus! This even includes a Divine Paper Doll, which while might be inaccessible to new players now, can still be found in future monthly logins! Divine Paper Dolls are crucial items to help strengthen important Friends, which will be mentioned later on. In case you need an overview of items in general, check out this guide!

1st Anniversary Login Bonus

Just as the title states, this login bonus is specifically catered to celebrate the game’s 1st Anniversary! This comes in the form of Paper Dolls, both normal and Divine alike, a special and limited 5* story card, and special Music CDs that play the theme of the shown Friend! These are also very limited items, which can be set on your home screen to be played whenever you like! They sound pretty good, so I’d definitely recommend logging in for them!

Other Login Bonuses

This is not a section about login bonuses in the immediate future, but new events and special circumstances usually lead to special login bonuses with limited items on them, from more Music CDs to story cards! Keep track of news on the game to get the chance to pick up these gifts. Or just login daily, either works!

Regarding Presents

A special thing LostWord likes to do on special occasions is send players presents on a daily basis. These can be plenty of items, from simple coins and Spirit Points to more complex things such as materials and even story cards! In order to receive these items, just check your Mail on the home menu. If you got a notification but do not see a new item in your mail, make sure to reset your game, either by restarting the app or returning to the title screen from the Options menu. If you are curious about how events like these work, check the article below!

Everyone Wins Campaign

One special campaign that LostWord loves running is called “Everyone Wins!” And it really does mean everyone, thanks to its very simplistic goal. All you have to do is login for the amount of days that the event states, usually around a month, within the next month and a half or so. At the end of the event’s runtime, you get the promised rewards! 

In this instance, you have to login 30 days from May 12th to July 15th to receive 600 God Crystals and 50 Seal Crystals! Along with that, you get the chance to win special figurines or…a Fumo?!?

A closer look at our Fumo-y Friend!

In Case You Were Curious…Roadmap!

The roadmap gets its own section because of just…how much it has in store. This will be referred to in many other sections of the article, so be sure to study it hard! Or just, go back to it when referred to in the future. Either works.

There are many other login bonuses and campaigns mentioned here that might not be described during this article. If they are not, they are usually other logins that were described above or just not the most relevant for a new player’s experience.

Pray For Friends? How Rude!

After you’re done getting buried in resources and presents, it’s time to put them to good use! After all, you can’t go on quests without a good set of Friends and equipment. This is where prayers come in, where you spend coins and Seal Crystals or just God Crystals for the chance to find some Friends, or otherwise story cards. 

Without regurgitating the item guide, Seal Crystals are the main gacha currency to obtain from most quests or by clearing stages, while God Crystals are the premium currency that guarantee at least one Friend while using them for pulls. Additionally, some prayers have Step-UPs, providing special deals for multiple God Crystal 10-pulls. If you complete all 5 steps, you’re guaranteed 2 Friends on the last 10-pull instead of 1! There are 2 types of Step-UPs:

Ascending: 60 God Crystals, then increase the price by 100 for each future step (60, 160, 260, 360, 460). A very good way to do a quick 10 pulls without much risk.

Descending: 600 God Crystals, a freebie, then cost decreases by 200 (600, Free, 400, Free, 200). It’s technically cheaper than Ascending by 100 God Crystals, but a tougher sell due to starting with 600 God Crystals.

Obviously, there are the currently new Friends in the game that are either coming right now or very soon: E1 Flandre Scarlet, A7 Yukari Yakumo, and A7 Alice Margatroid. These Friends differ from usual Friends by being limited, which can somewhat be seen by their Universe tag. Every General (and some Festival) Friends have the L1 universe indicator, while the rest of the Festivals and Ultra Festivals go with different ones. For more information on what these tags mean for the lore, check the Universe Indicator Overview!

But back on track, Festivals (Yukari and Alice) are limited in the sense they only come back on reruns, which is especially the case for these rarer A-Type Multiverse Friends. Meanwhile, Ultra Festivals (Flandre) are a lot more rare and rerun less often, as they are much more powerful than either General or Festival Friends! It can be hard to determine which banner is worth pulling on thanks to how good all of these Friends are, but be sure to study articles on if you should pull these prayers (aptly named Should You Pulls) as well as analyses on what the Friends themselves do.

Special Prayer Opportunities

Along with the new Friend prayers and reruns comes some special, rare opportunities! Some of them have already begun and are still ongoing, so let’s jump right into them!

As the first time a prayer has ever focused on Story Cards over Friends, promising many 4* and 5* story cards upon pulling for half the usual cost! One might be confused at first of why they’d pull for cards over Friends, but think of story cards as a stand-in for equipment from other RPGs. Without the proper story cards equipped on your Friends’ spells, you essentially lack a lot of extra firepower on your strongest attacks, or miss out on stat buffs in general! But don’t let me do all of the talking, look at the linked article to see what you might miss out on:

Forever Prayer

Now this event is a classic for anyone already familiar with the game, but for those who aren’t, here’s a very brief overview. You get a free pull for a guaranteed Friend once a day, but the catch is you can only accept one over the event’s runtime! Start off with a good Friend and risk going for an even better one, or just get Sunny Milk over the entire prayer period. At the very least, this event is longer than the previous Forever Prayers, making you more likely to get a good catch. Find more details about this Forever Prayer iteration below!

Festival Collection

This has been a special prayer event running for about a week or so, but it’s still here and very strong! A rotation of 4 sets of 2 Festival Friends will be available to be pulled for in the time periods seen in the image. Every time the rotation changes, the Ascending Step-UP refreshes and the Exchange Points you got from the last rotation remain! With the ability to exchange for any of the 8 Friends, this prayer serves as both a great way to build up Fortune Dust if you have the necessary God Crystals or just pick up a strong, rare Festival Friend!

Lunar War Ultra Festival Collection

Refer to the above section, but instead we have a rotation of 3 sets of 2 very powerful Ultra Festival Friends themed around the B3 universe! There might not be any Step-UP, but for those who want to risk it, this can be your chance to pick up an Ultra Festival Friend you missed from this set! With the Exchange Points being able to obtain any of the 6 Friends, this can also be your chance to pity one of them if needed. Just be careful, as this lasts a lot shorter than the Festival Collection! This event will occur soon, starting May 16th.

1st Anniversary Lucky Bag

The Lucky Bag is an opportunity to do God Crystal 10-pulls for half the cost with an expanded Festival Friend roster! This is a more special version, as some A-Type Friends, specifically Reimu Hakurei (Scarlet), Marisa Kirisame (Scarlet), and Cirno (Scarlet) are potential steals! Of course, this section might not be relevant to newer players, who may lack the God Crystals necessary to pull unless they pay for some. Still, the potential for easy Festival Friends is here!

Kourindou Roulette

This section, on the other hand, only applies to newcomers rather than veteran players.
The Kourindou Roulette is a very easy way to get 190 guaranteed pulls, as long as you login daily and perform all of the pulls the roulette spins provide you! You might not get the 100 pulls immediately, but if you failed to roll the lucky 100 beforehand, you’re ensured it on your 10th and final pull! This means that, considering you get the worst luck and get nine 10-pulls the first 9 days, you still get 100-pulls the final day and 190 pulls in total! It might not give you Festival Friends, but the wide variety of story cards and chances of Friends is a great boost early on.

Free 10x Pulls Daily!

This final special prayer event gets its own section just for how…special…it is! From May 27th to June 10th, you get to do 10 free pulls just for logging in! 150 pulls in total!! If you’re a new player, take BIG advantage of this! If you’re an old player or returning, do this!! This has been one of the best times to get into the game, and the game is still giving players more thanks to the 1st Anniversary! LostWord Global is staying strong!

Your Endgame: Progression and Challenge

So what is there to even do in the game after you rounded out your team and story cards? Well, I’m glad you asked!

Main Story Progression and Story Card Farms

Obviously, there is a whole main campaign to play through that provides Seal Crystals upon completion. There’s also a nice story to read through for both new Touhou fans and those already used to these characters! But the most important part regarding these main chapters involve their final stages, primarily the farmable story cards. This is a detail especially helpful now, as currently from May 11th to May 19th, the drop rate of these story cards is quadrupled! Friend EXP is x4 as well, which is a big help for leveling up weaker Friends.

Every final stage of a chapter (sorry, Chapter 2 Act 1…) contains a farmable story card on Hard and Lunatic difficulties. And for the most part, their effects are super good (and if not, their art is!)! You don’t even need to play the gacha system for them, instead you…need to get lucky while replaying the stage. How can you do this, when the stages are already difficult to complete? That’s where these boss guides come in, filled with information on the stage and even some builds to easily farm them!

This is a very important note: You do not need to farm the stages with only one Friend, also known as solo-farming. This is just a method of minimizing the Spirit Points used every time you attempt the stage, meaning more attempts can be done in general. With the right set-up and team, basically any formation can farm a stage and get you these strong story cards!

Hifuu LostWord: Cracking the Codes

Along with the Main Story is the Hifuu LostWord mode, which boasts an original Touhou story featuring the characters Renko Usami and Maribel Hearn! The story in this mode is…let’s just say more unique than what you find in the main campaign, most notably featuring some very alternated character designs. Just like the Main Story, go through this mode for the Seal Crystals and story card farms, but also give the story a read! If you want a quick introduction of the first section of Hifuu LostWord, check out the article below!

EX Stages

Something found in both Main Story and Hifuu LostWord are Extra stages, more challenging stages with tougher threats! Since there are no story cards to be found when grinding these stages (which would be terrible, considering you can only play them 3 times a day), the main appeal is more story, more Seal Crystals, and more Gold Materials thanks to the higher item drop rate! Don’t be so upset if you can’t clear these immediately though, as neither Chapter 1 EX or Code Bm3 need to be completed to continue the Main Story or Hifuu LostWord respectively.

New Player Tasks

Another event that caters specifically for new players, this one is very simple. Complete the thing the game says and get your rewards! There are story progression ones that primarily reward you with Friends, such as the great Medicine Melancholy, as well as other general tasks meant to get you used to playing the game, Check out the article below on which things you have to do to get your earnings!

Seasonal Events

We’ve thrown around the term “event” here and there in this article, but this in particular refers to the special in-game stories and stages that come from random circumstances in Gensokyo! One day it might be a Halloween-inspired romp through the mountains, another day it can be the fairies attempting to learn how to not be annoying. Anything goes! The latest event upon the end of maintenance will involve masked dancers, which you can see in the video below.

Why are events important? Well, outside of having cute interactions with the cast, racking up event points results in obtaining many great rewards, from coins to good materials to paper dolls! Every stage cleared is also another Seal Crystal collected, so there is absolutely no reason to try skipping out on these events. 

Elemental EX

Last but not least is a pretty recent edition to LostWord: Elemental EX Battle Stages. As the name suggests, these battles revolve around a particular element, in which many powerful opponents are only weak to one element while resisting the rest! The enemies carry a lot of bulk as well as tricks on their sleeves, from multiple HP bars (or gauges, as they are called in-game) to special skills. 

This challenge is very daunting for new players, and is definitely not intended to be completed with beginner teams. You don’t need to win these right away. Instead, focus on building up your numbers, getting them stronger through gaining materials and Paper Dolls, and then bounce back stronger than ever! We at Gamepress have recently created a section all about this challenging content, which should surely help players get used to the challenge that lies ahead.

Join the Discord!

To wrap things up, we have two very special events going on right now involving the Touhou LostWord Global Official Discord!

Discord Community Join Event

Very simple, join the Discord so everyone gets free stuff! While details on what exactly will be given are coming soon, the Discord includes a wide community of other players of LostWord, miscellaneous channels, and even frequent posts from a LostWord developer and Gamepress members (such as yours truly~)! A popularity poll for who gets roles related to certain Friends just ended, so perhaps join and rig the poll in your favor next time! Unless…the character present is who you already wanted.

Discord Giveaway Event

A special giveaway is currently going on in the Discord! All you need to do is join, provide in-game information in specific channels, and wait for the results! They might not all be game-related prizes, but that only makes them even cooler! The giveaway entry ends on May 28th, so act fast and join us there!

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