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The coming of Setsubun stirs despair in the hearts of Suika Ibuki, Yuugi Hoshiguma, and Kasen Ibaraki, as they are the primary targets for their worst fear: bean-throwing. Remilia Scarlet and Sakuya Izayoi offer to help overcome their fear by consuming some bean sweets, but as always something had to go awry. A great invasion of fairies has taken over the Scarlet Devil Mansion, and so the three sweet-desirers must put on some part-time work as maids to resolve the pandemonium and claim their reward! Just like our last event visit to the mansion, there's some opponents to face with some unique names to reflect on the special occasion. Thanks to event points from clearing stages, there are also special items that can be found only during the event.

Each section of Beans(?) will list the opponents involved with each stage and the special titles each of them have on each difficulty level. Even special Friends have different names on Normal, though it usually just reflects on their event story significance. For contextualization, each section will also have a story summary to describe the events of the stages and a small synopsis on the reason each generic enemy is fighting you. At the end, the event-specific items will be shown off, as well as some additional commentary.

Beans 1-2

Summary: The to-be oni (and hermit) maids take a maid test to graduate to full maidhood. After getting equipped for the job (maids ALWAYS need a piledriver), Remilia joins the three of them as they clean the entrance of rubble and fairies alike.

Fairy: A mischievous spirit that has found their way into the Scarlet Devil Mansion to produce chaos. Teach them a lesson with a battle of bullets; the best way to pay for their crimes!
Fairy Maid: A maid of the Scarlet Devil Mansion who has gone rogue during the fairy invasion. Or at least, the one today has. There's one tomorrow that seems to be doing their job...are we bothering them while they're working?

Character Normal Hard Lunatic Stage
Sakuya Izayoi The Head Maid’s Judgment I’ll Even Accept Oni’s Help… (This is a lot to clean…) Maid Test
Fairy (Moon) Fairy Came to Play (There’s a lot of fairies…) Bullet Before Exterminated! Maid Uniforms are Combat Uniforms
Fairy (Water) Fairy Invited by Cirno (I want to be like Cirno) (My goal is Daiyousei) Maid Uniforms are Combat Uniforms
Fairy (Metal) Fairy Wants to be a Maid (I'm lost at my interview…) Why Do I Have to Clean too…? Maid Uniforms are Combat Uniforms
Fairy (Sun) Lost Fairy Fairy Tolerant to Star Beans Throwing Beans to Help Maid Uniforms are Combat Uniforms
Fairy Maid (Fire) Fairy Joining the Fuss (Hiding amongst the fairies) The Head Maid Found Out… Maid Uniforms are Combat Uniforms
Fairy (Wood) Untidy Fairy I’ve Made a Mess Again… Studying Maid-Style Cleaning Maid Uniforms are Combat Uniforms

Beans 3-5

Summary: The party of maids reach the kitchen and discover that along with the beans, sugar, mysterious butter, and skimmed milk powder is missing for the bean sweets. An attack from the overconfident Cirno and fairy cohorts is repelled before Sakuya stays behind in the kitchen while the rest go to the maids' quarters. Daiyousei split up from Cirno after she told her it was time for the prankster festival back in autumn. While Daiyousei realizes it's only the middle of winter, the maids obtain the missing sugar and head back.

Character Normal Hard Lunatic Stage
Fairy (Earth) Hungry Fairy Let’s Eat the Sweets Are Those the Stolen Sweets?! Trouble in the Kitchen?
Fairy (Star) Sweet Wanting Fairy Spicy food after Sweet Stuff! Eating Spicy & Sweet in Turns Trouble in the Kitchen?
Fairy (Sun) Fairy Wants to Make Sweets (Please tell the head maid) (It’s well done!) Trouble in the Kitchen?
Fairy (Metal) Fairy Wants to Throw Beans In With the Oni Maids In With the Fairies! Trouble in the Kitchen?
Fairy Maid (Water) Dish-Washing Fairy Never Ending Cleaning Bad Season for Water Work Trouble in the Kitchen?
Fairy (Moon) Sweet Gathering Fairy Triple Flip Fairy Catch! Made a Sweet Using the Spin Watch Your Step-Fairies About!
Fairy (Star) Bean Gathering Fairy Found a Star-Shaped-Sweet! Let’s Eat Together! Watch Your Step-Fairies About!
Fairy (Earth) Sweet Loving Fairy (I can eat sweets all day) (I want to eat savory stuff…) Watch Your Step-Fairies About!
Fairy (Wood) Fairy With a Sweet Tooth (I want the head maid’s sweets) (Looking for opportunity…) Watch Your Step-Fairies About!
Fairy (Fire) Ice Melting Fairy The Floor is Wet… Dry It So No One Finds Out! Watch Your Step-Fairies About!
Cirno Oni and Ice Fairy Getting Along I’m Not Afraid of Oni! STRONG as an Oni! Watch Your Step-Fairies About!
Fairy (Sun) Fairy Joining Prank-Fes Wait, Where’s the Prank-Fes? You Didn’t Do It?! Return of the Prank Festival?!
Fairy (Metal) Fairy Invited to Prank-Fes Oh, Am I Too Early? It’s Not Prank-Fes Yet? Return of the Prank Festival?!
Fairy (Water) Sugar Gathering Fairy (After heating this…) (Let it cool and it’s done!) Return of the Prank Festival?!
Fairy (Moon) Fairy Wants to Prank (Disciple of the prank rabbit?) (I still have a long way to go) Return of the Prank Festival?!
Fairy (Fire) A Hot Sweet Wanting Fairy The Bean Sweet Melted! It’s Melted But Tastes Good! Return of the Prank Festival?!
Daiyousei Lost Great Fairy (I can win by myself!) (I’ll fight defensively!) Return of the Prank Festival?!

Beans 6-8

Summary: Youmu Konpaku joined the team as a Phantom-Human Maid for a(nother) Day, at least after another test from Sakuya (she must have a lot of energy in her!). They move to the library, where Patchouli Knowledge is currently stuck protecting her collection from stray phantoms. It turned out that were not with the fairies, but created by Koakuma to fight back only for her magic book to fail. At the very least, the butter she obtained wasn't stolen, so the maids were able to return it to Sakuya.

Phantom: Ghosts who were summoned by Koakuma to ward off the fairies from the library. Her spell backfired, making them just as a menace as the invaders...

Character Normal Hard Lunatic Stage
Sakuya Izayoi Judgment Once Again (I’m aware of Youmu’s potential) (I want her at our mansion) Maid License?!
Phantom (Wood) Phantom Wants to Read (Read books quietly) It’s More Fun to Exercise Cut Down the Stray Phantoms?
Phantom (Earth) Phantom Wants Books Read (Koakuma’s show is nice) I Can Tell a Story by Looking! Cut Down the Stray Phantoms?
Phantom (Star) Phantom Studying Letters I Did a Great Job Writing it! (I’ll try the magic circle next!) Cut Down the Stray Phantoms?
Phantom (Moon) Phantom Wannabe Magician (Continuous reading) (I can’t read this…) Cut Down the Stray Phantoms?
Phantom (Water) Phantom Fuss in the Library (Librarian scolded me…) (Is the library quiet?) Cut Down the Stray Phantoms?
Phantom (Metal) Admiring Phantom Let’s Head to the Gardener (I can;t hold any tools…) Cut Down the Stray Phantoms?
Phantom (Sun) Phantom Came to Play (There’s a lot of friends) Playing With Bullets! Phantom Panic!
Phantom (Earth) Created Phantom Making Phantom Friends! We Made a Lot of Friends! Phantom Panic!
Phantom (Wood) Anti-Pranking Fairy Phantom (Pranking fairies are happy) (Let’s play together!) Phantom Panic!
Phantom (Fire) Phantom From a Book Call Me and Here I Am! *muddy noise* Phantom Panic!
Koakuma Tiny Devil Summons Phantoms Act Fast to Protect the Library! Act First, Thinking Later! Phantom Panic!
Phantom (Star) Phantom Called Upon All for the Phantom! Never Afraid With everyone! Phantom Panic!

Beans 9-11

Summary: A journey through the mansion's basement (with a quick run-in with a maid Flandre Scarlet) reveals another prankster caught in the act: Clownpiece. She was holding onto some sugar while wanting to test her new abilities from her Shichi-Go-San test, but ended up being terrified of the basement's environment. Before leaving she reveals that the Three Fairies of Light have taken the milk powder to Remilia's room while wanting to find sweets and were taught a lesson for trespassing.

Character Normal Hard Lunatic Stage
Flandre Scarlet (Devilish Helper) Playful Sister of a Vampire Are You Stronger Than Fairies? Let’s Play More Together! Basement Destruction Chronicle!
Clownpiece Stuck Hell Fairy (It’s darker & colder than Hell!) The Mansion…It’s Crazy! Night Parade Rubble Rally!
Sunny Milk Sunlight Fairy Shining Sweets Eating Sweets Made Me Glow! The Sun is Shining So Brightly! Charge! Three Fairy Thieves!
Luna Child Sweet Coffee for Moonlight Fairy No Coffee for Everyone… There’s Candy for Everyone! Charge! Three Fairy Thieves!
Star Sapphire Sweet Wanting Starlight Fairy We’ll Share the Sweets We Took Eat Sweets to Heal Up! Charge! Three Fairy Thieves!

Beans 12-14

Summary: The clock tower was the final place to clean up, in where the maids found a mixture of fairies, phantoms, and...bake-danuki? Even Aya Shameimaru, who was hiding with Nitori Kaweshiro's optical camouflage the entire time, seems to be in cahoots with them. The reporter escaped to the maids' quarters and revealed she was working with Mamizou Futatsuiwa to steal the beans. It turned out that the fairy invasion was due to a misunderstanding between the beans Mamizou purchased and a confusion over sweets...

Tanuki: Bake-danuki in tanuki form that are working with Mamizou to protect the mysterious beans. If they're against the fairies, then why are they attacking you?!

Character Normal Hard Lunatic Stage
Fairy (Moon) Sweet Keeping Fairy Taking a Bite Before Return (Next time I’m eating it all) Find the Mysterious Beans!
Phantom (Wood) Resisting Phantom I Haven’t Lost Yet…! Ghost Give Up! Find the Mysterious Beans!
Phantom (Metal) Never Giving up Phantom (It’s not like I’m hungry) (I’m just curious!) Find the Mysterious Beans!
Fairy (Star) Escaping up High Fairy (I can’t get down…) (I’m not good with heights) Find the Mysterious Beans!
Phantom (Fire) Bean Afraid Phantom (Beans are tast-scary) (I’m scared of beans) Find the Mysterious Beans!
Fairy (Water) Bean Hiding Fairy (I forgot where I hid them) (I can’t find them!) Find the Mysterious Beans!
Tanuki (Earth) Tanuki Disguised as Candy “It doesn’t taste good” (Careful of what you turn into) Find the Mysterious Beans!
Phantom (Sun Curse or Treat Phantom The Oni Scolded Me… I Just Want Candy Find the Mysterious Beans!
Tanuki (Fire) Tengu Admiring Bake-Danuki Want to Be a Disciple of Tengu (I can’t keep up) Fate Finds a Way
Aya Shameimaru Tengu With a Sweet Scoop (Camouflage cape broken) (Nitori is going to be so mad!) Fate Finds a Way
Tanuki (Wood) Journalist Admiring Bake-Danuki (Scoop before anything) (How do I write an article?) Fate Finds a Way
Tanuki (Earth) Bake-Danuki in a Pinch Bake-Danuki Wants Boss’ Recipe She Taught Me How to Make It! The One Behind the Beans
Tanuki (Sun) Bake-Danuki Helping Aya (I’ll get a scoop while I’m at it) Remilia’s Editorial Supervision… The One Behind the Beans
Tanuki (Moon) Bean Gathering Bake-Danuki (Eat it rather than throwing it) Ate Too Many Beans, None Left The One Behind the Beans
Aya Shameimaru Reporter Got Caught “Just here to cover the story!” A Great Photo Chance! The One Behind the Beans
Mamizou Futatsuiwa Bake-Danuki Make No Excuses “Is that really all?” Bean Sweet Pompokolin! The One Behind the Beans

Beans 15-16

Summary: To apologize for before, Mamizou assists the maids in making the bean sweets by teaching them from a bullet battle to use your "heart." However, the recipe requires some ice to make the sweets, so the group attempts to convince Cirno to help. Still angry about her initial loss, she has brought her own beans along to use against the onis! With their sweet goal just within reach, they are able to overcome their fears and take down the fairies.

Character Normal Hard Lunatic Stage
Mamizou Futatsuiwa Boss Teaching How to Cook Cook With the Heart, Trust Me! Oh, I Don’t Mean Kokoro Mamizou’s Recipe
Fairy (Metal) Bean Throwing Fairy (Tired of throwing…) (My arms are sore…) Oni vs. Beans Rematch
Cirno Ice Fairy Back With Beans I’m Gonna Freeze You! My Ice Is a Little Different! Oni vs. Beans Rematch
Fairy (Star) Going to Defeat Oni Bake-Danuki Our Turn Now, Run Run! Avoiding Is Always an Option Oni vs. Beans Rematch

Extra Beans

Summary: Even if their maid-for-a-day duties are done, Remilia helps the onis and hermit pass around the delicious bean sweets all over Gensokyo in hopes to downplay the bean-throwing and promote a new event based on the Outside World that Mamizou hinted toward before leaving. They stop by Misty Lake to give the fairies a small gift and the Human Village to interrupt a book club meeting (featuring some shikigami). Letty Whiterock even makes an appearance, wanting many bean sweets after hearing about them from Cirno. The story ends with the temporary maids getting rewarded with many bean sweets in hopes of the bean-throwing to be overruled by bean sweets in the future.

Character Normal Hard Lunatic Stage
Clownpiece Hell Fairy Likes Hot Tea (SDM’s basement is scary) Tea Calms Me Down! These Beans Are Sweet?!
Sunny Milk Sunlight Fairy Dislikes Coffee Put Milk in the Coffee Mix the Milk Well! These Beans Are Sweet?!
Luna Child Moonlight Fairy Offers Coffee Drink Coffee, Then Rest… Coffee and Bean Sweets Combo! These Beans Are Sweet?!
Star Sapphire Starlight Fairy Drinks Coffee (Swapped coffee for soy sauce) (I drank it by mistake) These Beans Are Sweet?!
Cirno Ice Fairy Likes Cold Drinks So Hard and Cold! (My drink's made me cold) These Beans Are Sweet?!
Daiyousei Large Fairy Loves Black Tea (I want tea at the SDM) Miss Remilia Invited Me! These Beans Are Sweet?!
Kosuzu Motoori Bibliophile Wants Candy “That candy’s in a book” Don't Throw! Eat Them! Cat and Bean Sweets
Chen Bakeneko Buying a Textbook (I want candy, not textbooks) I'll Buy It With Lady Ran! Cat and Bean Sweets
Ran Yakumo Nine-Tailed Escort (Chen wants candy!) Don't Tell Lady Yukari! Cat and Bean Sweets
Keine Kamishirasawa Curious Half-Beast Teachers Know the Trends! First Sweet Setsubun Ever! Cat and Bean Sweets
Letty Whiterock Winter Youkai Wants Candy Cool Bean Sweets is Good! Winter and Cold Sweets! Blizzard Bullets!

Bonus Notes (Miscellaneous Text, Unique Items, and Favorite Title)

Normal Event P: Remilia used her new maid skills to create these Point Items with the hope that they would help increase her resistance to beans.
Rare Event P: Mysterious beans that the Scarlet Devil Mansion procured from a secret source. They are a key ingredient for tasty sweets.

4* Story Card: Demon Royalty
5* Story Card: Maid Sword Drawing Tech.
Music CDs: Extratrack (Musicarus Jackin' Remix) (Patchouli Knowledge), After the festival (Suika Ibuki), Sakazuki -- Theme of Yuugi (Yuugi Hoshiguma), Heavenly Red (Remilia Scarlet), HADES (Home BGM)

Calculating the most amount of character appearances this event would be a seven-way tie between the fairies, Aya, and Mamizou, so instead of stating the obvious, let's look at the names of everyone in the event and see who was the most creative! (Only in my opinion, of course.)

The Sun Tanuki in The One Behind the Beans has a rather cute arc to itself, starting off as a simple bake-danuki supporting Aya (Normal: Bake-Danuki Helping Aya) only to reveal their interest in reporting later on (Hard: (I'll get a scoop while I'm at it)). Unfortunately for her, the story ends rather grim as Aya's punishment from Remilia gets pushed onto the poor bake-danuki (Lunatic: Remilia's Editorial Supervision...). It's strange to see a bake-danuki so supportive of tengu reportive, especially with internal youkai conflicts, but this girl's story is still fun.

Koakuma's panic in Phantom Panic! stands out as one of the more entertaining opponents in the event. Her first one is rather generic, but so is everyone else's (Normal: Tiny Devil Summons Phantoms). The higher difficulties are what really win me over, showing her desperation over messing up the experiment (Hard: Act Fast to Protect the Library! and Lunatic: Act First, Thinking Later!). She wants to protect the library, but is still fighting with the phantoms...? Did Patchouli's statement to punish her make her go a bit too crazy?

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