Pack Value Comparison Guide

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Which Packs are the Most Valuable?

Nitori's Delivery - Nitori's Delivery is the "Monthly Card" of the game, providing the best value at 174 God Crystals/Dollar.  The 698 total God Crystals is split between an immediate 98 and the remaining 600 at 20 God Crystals per day for 30 days.  Additionally, you gain 1000 Coins and 200 Spirit points per day.

$80 Pack - As expected, it provides the best value at 37.5 God Crystals/Dollar.  At 3000 total God Crystals, this pack provides enough for 5 ten-rolls.  However, see the Packs section below for even more valuable packs at the same price.

Even More Value?

As with most games, Touhou LostWord provides more God Crystals per dollar the more money spent.

The first major jump in value is from the $1 pack to $10 pack.  The $10 pack nets an extra 60 extra God Crystals compared to buying ten $1 packs, or the equivalent of 1 roll. (Crystals/Dollar go from 24 to 30.4)

The next major jump in value is from $10 pack to the $80 pack, gaining about 600 Crystals compared to buying eight $10 packs, or the equivalent of a ten-roll.  (From 30.4 to 37.5 God Crystals/Dollar).  The comparisons can be seen on the chart below:

Pack Name God Crystals Cost God Crystals/Dollar
24 Crystals Pack 24 .99 24.2
134 Crystals Pack 134 4.99 26.9
304 Crystals Pack 304 9.99 30.4
632 Crystals Pack 632 19.99 31.6
1332 Crystals Pack 1332 39.99 33.3
3000 Crystals Pack 3000 79.99 37.5

Step Up:

The Step Up banner can provide great value for new players looking to expand their roster. Each step provides a combination of God Crystals, Guaranteed Friend Rituals, and 4* or Higher Story Card Rituals, with the cost doubling every level. (5 steps from 3.99 to 7.99 all the way to 63.99)

The rate for God Crystals is about the level of $1 pack, as it trades Bonus Crystals for Guaranteed Friend and 4*+ Story Card Rituals.  

There are two main points to consider for the value of a Guaranteed Friend.  

1) The Guaranteed Friend Ritual is pulled from a limited Guaranteed Friend Pool, which is mostly the launch characters.  The pool will be updated in the future, however.  

2) The Guaranteed Friend Ritual only provides the Friend, as opposed to a ten-roll which has the potential for an additional Friends and Story Cards.

Here are the breakpoints between the Step Up steps and the comparable value in packs.  

$3.99 -> 98 God Crystals and 1 each of Guaranteed Friend Ritual and 4*+ Story Card.

Compared to four $1 Packs - 96 God Crystals.  

$7.99 -> 196 God Crystals, 1 Guaranteed Friend, 2x Guaranteed 4*+ Story Card.

Compared to one $5 pack and 3 $1 pack: 206 God Crystals.

$15.99 -> 392 God crystals, x1 Guaranteed Friend, 3x Guaranteed 4*+ Story Card. 

Compared to one $10 Pack, one $5 Pack, and one $1 Pack: 462 God Crystals.   

$31.99 -> 784 God Crystals, x1 Guaranteed Friend, x4 Guaranteed 4*+ Story Card.

Compared to one $20 Pack, 1 $10 pack, 2 $1 Packs: 884 God Crystals

$63.99 -> 1600 God Crystals, 2x Guaranteed Friend, 5x Guaranteed 4* Story Card.

Compared to one $40 Pack, one $20 Pack, and four $1 packs: 2060 God Crystals.

In short, for new players the early step ups are a strong budget-conscious way to get more Friends compared to buying the equivalent of a ten-roll.    

Special Bundles

Monthly Packs

Monthly Packs have the exact same God Crystal/Dollar amounts as buying pure God Crystals, but also include upgrade and enhancement materials, respectively.  Additionally, the $80 Monthly Pack includes a Paper Doll.  Thus, it is more value to buy the Monthly Pack if it hasn't been bought yet compared to buying God Crystals by themselves.  

Release Packs and Welcome to Gensokyo Pack

Similar to Monthly Packs, the Release Packs have the exact same God Crystal/Dollar Amounts.  Every Release Pack provides Coins and Spirit Points, which are great for powering through content earlier, as well as enhancement woods for $10 and up Packs, and wagashi for the $20 and up packs.  The $80 pack comes with both a Paper Doll and a Guaranteed Friend.  Like the Monthly Packs, if buying God Crystals it is recommended to buy these packs due to value from the additional items.  These packs seemed geared towards providing as strong a head start as possible.  Upgrade Materials can be seen as Spirit Points saved from farming them in stages.  The Welcome to Gensokyo Pack offers 5 Seal Crystals, many different enhancement items and snacks in addition to the 24 God Crystals for just $1, providing a lot of value for a one-time bundle. 

In short, if buying God Crystals it is worth buying the packs if they are able to be bought rather than buying God Crystals themselves.