Phantom-Human Maid for a Day?! Best Stages to Farm!

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Spoiler Warning: This guide spoils character appearance(s) in the event. Read at your own risk.

In order for you to get all the rewards from Phantom-Human - Maid for a Day?!, you’re going to need to do some grinding. Not a ton, but when it takes 350,000 Event Points to clear out the Shop and the Lottery, you’re going to need to do a little bit of overtime around the Scarlet Devil Mansion to get all those sweet rewards Remilia’s prepared for your services. Want to earn Event Points as quickly as possible? This guide will help!

Three of the four following stages are chosen because they are one wave battles - which means that you can end them immediately with a powerful enough Last Word, and thus get Event Points way faster. The fourth is not a one wave battle, but provides farmable copies of the event’s Story Cards. Every stage will have its drops listed, so pick the stage which drops what you need!

Make sure you're farming these stages on the highest difficulty you can clear with as few units as possible in a single turn, on Full Auto if possible. Ideally, you'll be farming them with 1 unit in 1 turn, so if it'd take you 2 units to farm Lunatic, or multiple turns, it'd be better to farm with 1 unit on Hard, and so on. The goal is to minimize time and Spirit P spent, but it's perfectly okay to bring other units along to level them up, just try to keep it to only one or maybe two so you don't run out of Spirit P too quickly. 

A Pharmacist Meets Disaster

Drops: Book of Attack & Support, Plum & Bamboo Tiles, Heaven & Wind Scrolls
Resists: Sun and Water
Weak To: Metal and Star

The first of the four best stages to farm, Reisen shows up alone, and has a rather low HP total so she should be easy to defeat, even on Lunatic. Do note she will occasionally drop your Accuracy by 2 Levels on Lunatic, so if your farmer doesn't have a native source of Accuracy Up, equip them with a Story Card that'll buff their Accuracy.

A Reporter, Here for the Scoop!

Drops: Book of Defense / Support, Plum & Chrysanthemum Tiles, Heaven and Dragon Scrolls
Resists: Sun and Water
Weak To: Metal and Star

The second of the four best stages to farm, Aya shows up with two companions - make sure you bring a powerful All Last Word to take them all out at once! Whilst she resists Sun, Aya’s health is so low that even Reimu will be able to farm this stage without a sweat, so long as she’s upgraded enough.

Of particular note, Aya drops Dragon Scrolls. If you’re one of the many people clamoring for Dragon Scrolls, it’s time to subscribe to the Bunbunmaru News, to make up for all the Aya bullying you’re about to do.

The Great Library of Knowledge

Drops: Book of Attack / Defense, Plum & Orchid Tiles, Heaven and Phoenix Scrolls
Resists: Moon and Metal
Weak To: Sun and Earth

The third of the four best stages to farm, Marisa also shows up alone, so she should be easy to defeat. Do keep in mind her total HP is a bit higher than Reisen's, so if you can't quite take the witch out, try beating up the rabbit instead.

The Worst Return and the Best Welcome

Drops: 4* Story Card "Frolicking Fairies" (Hard), 5* Story Card "I Can Cut Pretty Much Anything" (Lunatic)
Resists: Sun and Earth
Weak To: Fire and Star

The final best stage to farm, Sakuya’s chapter is a three wave battle. This means that it will require a team which can handle all three waves, and will be much slower to farm overall. However, this is the only stage that drops Story Cards: perfect for people looking to collect, who need more stat sticks, or just those of you who want some more Tokens. It's not advised to farm this stage unless you can do it on Lunatic, as Hard only drops the 4* Story Card, and Normal drops neither.