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Welcome to the E9 Remilia EX stage! Similar to the previous Elemental EX stages, this limited event is a challenge based content. However, instead of revolving around an elemental weakness, this time it's a vampire hunt! E9 Remilia Scarlet will be accompanied by her sister, E1 Flandre Scarlet, defending themselves from your team, paralleling a certain scene some may recognize from LostWord Hifuu's story. Of course, what is a vampire hunt without the Legendary Vampire Hunter herself, E1 Sakuya Izayoi!

In line with this, we have the featured story card for this stage, Cleaning, which is supposed to be tailored for E1 Sakuya's Last Word. However, do note that this card does not beat the Mysterious Sword Master card for E1 Sakuya's usage, so you may consider not farming for this card unless you can find other uses for it.

While this event debuted in LostWord JP, the main difference here is the introduction of an Exchange Shop. This means that the stage itself will drop Event Points which you can use to exchange for the ★5 Story Card, Cleaning worth 50,000 points 5 times. Like other EX stages, 30 Spirit Points can be purchased for 100 Event Points 1000 times. This limited event will last until July 15th 1:59 UTC.

Fight Overview

Wave 1


Name Wave Start Skill Gauge 1 Break Gauge 2 Break Skills
Remilia Scarlet (Tiny Devil Mistress) Inflicts 3 Poison anomalies to all enemies (5T).

Seals Focus Shot usage (5T).

Inflicts 3 Poison anomalies to all enemies (5T).

Seals Boost usage (2T).

Party's Normal Bullet RES UP by 95% (5T).

Inflicts 3 Poison anomalies to all enemies (5T).

Party's Heavy, Sharp, and No-Element Bullet RES UP by 85% (1T).

Flandre Scarlet (Vampire Pursuing the Hunter) Inflicts 3 Freeze anomalies to all enemies (5T).

Seals Graze usage (1T).

Seals Switch usage (1T).

Inflicts 3 Freeze anomalies to all enemies (5T).

Seals Graze usage (2T).

Seals Switch usage (1T).

Party's Energy Bullet RES UP by 95% (5T).

Party's Ofuda, Liquid, and Light Bullet RES UP by 85% (1T).

E9 Remilia's Special Effects:

  • Shots, Spell Cards, and Last Word bullets only consist of the Moon element.

  • Immune to Freeze and Poison anomalies.

  • Shots: Breaks Poison anomalies.

  • Spell Cards and Last Word:

    • All enemies YIN ATK DOWN by 8 levels (2T).
    • Party's Missile Bullet RES UP by by 85% (2T).

E1 Flandre's Special Effects:

  • Shots, Spell Cards, and Last Word bullets only consist of the Moon element.

  • For every layer of Freeze or Poison: Yang ATK, Yin ATK, CRIT ATK, and CRIT Accuracy UP by 1 level.

  • Shots: Breaks Freeze anomalies.

  • Spell Cards and Last Word:

    • Cleanses 3 barrier anomalies for all allies.
    • Party's YIN DEF UP by 2 levels (2T).

Stage Analysis

Remilia (E9) EX consists of a 1 wave battle with E1 Flandre and E9 Remilia. The stage is built for the new Ultra Festival Friend, E1 Sakuya Izayoi (Legendary Vampire Hunter) as she targets both of their elemental weaknesses.

E9 Remilia:


E1 Flandre:


Event Rewards

After you clear the battle stage, you will be rewarded with 100 Event Points plus a chance to drop Cleaning, All Gold Materials, and All Silver Materials. Just like in the JP version, there are two tasks and one of them will give you one copy of the ★5 Story Card, Cleaning.


  • Clear Stage: Remilia (E9) EX
  • Get all the ★s in Remilia (E9) EX

Total Rewards:

  • Gold Scrolls, Tiles, and Books
  • Silver Scrolls, Tiles, and Books
  • 100 Event Points
  • ★5 Story Card, Cleaning



Based from the news article, there is a section of Recommended Friends used for the stage, which you can check down below. Do note that while we have this list, they will be ordered accordingly in the near future for the table list along with explanations on their usage for the stage.

List of Recommended Friends:

Sakuya Izayoi (E1)
Junko (B2)
Sagume Kishin (B3)
Reimu Hakurei (A6)
Youmu Konpaku (B3)
Youmu Konpaku (R8)
Byakuren Hijiri (A12)

Toyosatomimi no Miko (L1)
Reimu Hakurei (L1)
Aunn Komano (L1)
Utsuho Reiuji (L1)
Nazrin (L1)
Tewi Inaba (L1)
Youmu Konpaku (L1)
Nemuno Sakata (L1)
Daiyousei (L1)
Eiki Shiki, Yamaxanadu (L1)

Core Friends

Character Page: Sakuya Izayoi (Legendary Vampire Hunter)

  • All attacks consist of Sun and Metal, which are both E1 Flandre and E9 Remilia's elemental weaknesses.
  • Has amazing Spirit Power generation from both her Spell Cards and Skills, allowing her to easily access her bullet lines.
  • Immune to Freeze and Poison allows her to not worry about the said anomalies that the enemies inflict.
  • Capable of having high crit attack buffs, not to mention that her attacks are guaranteed to crit due to her Killers.

Character Page: Sagume Kishin (Truth Temple of Legitimacy and Integrity)

  • High team utility capabilities from her Skills and Spell Cards.
  • Has Metal element which hits E1 Flandre's only elemental weakness.
  • Capable of nuking enemies when E9 Remilia is full broken and E1 Flandre has only a few barriers left.

Character Page: Reimu Hakurei (God-Summoning Shaman)

  • Nothing here yet.

Character Page: Junko (Nameless Space Terror)

  • Nothing here yet.
Utility and Breaks
Barrier Breakers

Story Cards:

As for Story Card recommendations, multiple MLB copies of the Witch of Scarlet Dreams story card will be immediately recommended as having access to multiple bullet lines will be essential if you want to give your units more fighting power and barrier breaking potential. An alternative would be MLB Youkai Mountain Anniversary which gives the same effect. If you are lacking in both of these story cards, other options include MLB Midnight Tea, MLB It's Spring for 1.5 P UP. Now, to bring out your Friend's damage potential, it is recommended to use the best card for each Friend's Last Word which is augmented with buffs and/or debuffs you are looking to take advantage of.

Team Comp Guides

Having trouble with the Battle Stage? Then you've come to the right place! This section will contain some guides that may help you out on your journey in defeating the vampire sisters. Right below, I have made a clear comp based from Hearm Jan#5367 and i.suk#1092's clears (which are also included in this article under Community Guides).

Community Guides

Below are some of the community made clear and farm comps for the stage that can serve as further reference for your endeavors. These are split into two categories, namely Clear Comps and Farm Comps. Clear Comps do not take account battle consistency in mind because its purpose is to give an idea on how to approach the stage in an uncouth manner, whereas Farm comps take account consistency and/or SP efficiency so that players can grind the stage more.

Note that these videos are not affiliated with Gamepress and are made solely by their respective creators. The author has also asked for permission from the creators about their content being featured in this article.

Clear Comps

Farm Comps

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