Reroll Guide (Updated for F1 Reimu!)

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Starting Roll of Fate

The characters that are pullable on this starting prayer, while the story cards are also limited on which cards were around LostWord Global's Launch.

The initial part of Touhou LostWord is Remilia's fate roll. You are given a set of story cards and one Friend which you can choose to decline to roll for another set (also known as rerolling) or accept and move on to the tutorial. Below is the pool of Friends you can get in this roll:

Friend Icon Friend Name
L1 Cirno
L1 Marisa Kirisame
L1 Reimu Hakurei
L1 Reisen Udongein Inaba
L1 Sakuya Izayoi
L1 Sanae Kochiya
L1 Youmu Konpaku

However, rerolling is not necessary. While Youmu Konpaku is the best character out of the bunch, you can get her for free on Day 3 of the new player login campaign, which starts the day you start the game. It also gives out some other great characters like L1 Hong Meiling, L1 Patchouli Knowledge, and L1 Remilia Scarlet just to name a few. At the same time, there runs a campaign by clearing Chapter 1 which gets you L1 Medicine Melancholy, the guide outlining these tasks linked below. For a new player, prioritizing L1 Hong Meiling, L1 Youmu Konpaku first and L1 Medicine Melancholy for Max Limit Break is ideal as these characters will help expedite your early game progress significantly.

What to Reroll for?

As of the F1 Reimu update, there are 2 major heavy hitters to reroll for: E1 Sakuya Izayoi and F1 Reimu Hakurei. Going for both in 1 reroll would really be testing your luck (and patience). It's not recommended due to the sheer amount of time on average it would take, but it is doable considering F1 Reimu's Prayer tickets do not use Seal Crystals or Coins, conveniently splitting up the resources for Sakuya and Reimu into 2 separate piles. However, rerolling for just 1 of the 2 is plenty reasonable, and considering how strong they are, it's worth your time. Upon starting the game, new players get 2 Divine Dolls (used for limit breaking Ultra Festival Friends, which includes E1 Sakuya), and with the current login bonus for F1 Reimu's release, players will get 1 Epic Doll (used for limit breaking Epic Friends, which currently only includes F1 Reimu).

New Players are provided these new Friends, story cards, Paper Dolls, and many more materials for upgrading Friends and Story Cards for as of right now!

Final Thoughts

E1 Sakuya gets a significantly faster head start, with 2 Divine Dolls as opposed to 1 Epic Doll, and Divine Dolls currently have more sources to be obtained from, such as every 25 floors in Scarlet Devil Tower, the regular monthly login bonus, Fortune Dust shop, and other more limited time sources.

However, F1 Reimu is almost certainly the current best Friend in the game at her full potential, and still does incredible damage even just with her Shots and Spell Cards, Last Word notwithstanding. Currently, both Global and JP versions of Lost Word have only given out 1 free Epic Doll, and it's unclear where more of them will come from in the future. However, they are also available for exchange in the Fortune Dust shop at the same price as Divine Dolls, which does provide a slow but steady method of acquisition.

Both Friends are extremely powerful and will easily carry you through the early game content, so your choice between the two rerolls is a matter of making a decision between greater payoff over time with F1 Reimu or faster Max Limit Break with E1 Sakuya.

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