Scarlet Devil Tower Floor Guide - 91-100F

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Hi Friends! It's time for the final push before reaching the triple-digit floors of the Scarlet Devil Tower! These floors are definitely more tricky than the last few, taking their mechanics of guarding against certain bullets and making them stronger, pairing them up with dangerous debuffs, and throwing in some more Barrier restoration for good measure. Not every floor will be immune to slower stalling strats, but be sure to stay on your toes against the anomaly-casters. You can bet they're going all out with the Floor 100 boss as well...

This is a guide to floors 91 through 100 of the Scarlet Devil Tower. If you’re looking for an overview of  how the Tower works, click here. To return to the floor index, click here.


Enemy HP Weak To Resists Barriers Spell Gauge Skills
Fujiwara no Mokou 598745 Sun, Metal Fire, Wood 6 2 Reduces all allies' DMG taken from Sharp Bullets by 70% (1T)
Seiga Kaku 603732 Fire, Wood Moon, Water 6 2 Adds 3 layers to the party's Barrier
Hong Meiling 597698 Water, Star Sun, Earth 6 2 Reduces all allies' DMG taken from Missile Bullets by 70% (1T)

The enemies here have already 1-uped the previous set of floors by increasing their starting resistances from 50% to 70%. Unless they are full broken, these opponents will take very little damage from Sharp and Missile bullets. Oh, and Seiga is our first return to Barrier restoration, giving everyone 3 layers back. Take her down first if you plan on spending a long time on this floor, or else the enemies will just have infinite barriers.


Enemy HP Weak To Resists Barriers Spell Gauge Skills
Sagume Kishin 575671 Moon, Earth Metal, Star 6 2 None
Nemuno Sakata 651945 Metal, Star Fire, Wood 6 2 None
Patchouli Knowledge 572453 Fire, Water Sun, Moon 6 2 Inflicts 3 layers of Poison to all targets (2T)

This floor plays a dirty trick, seeming innocent at first with Sagume and Nemuno having no explicit skills and seeming like a generic strong floor. Then Patchouli tries to drown you with 3 layers of Poison. It's not the most threatening anomaly, but with 3 layers on all of your Friends, it can definitely pile up. Even if not threatening, the opponents without skills are intended to use anomaly breaks on their spells if they are not properly Grazed, making the anomaly caster the most threatening target. This is the same for every other anomaly floor this set of floors.


Enemy HP Weak To Resists Barriers Spell Gauge Skills
Sanae Kochiya 621355 Wood, Earth Water, Metal 6 2 Reduces all allies' DMG taken from Earth-Element and Fire-Element bullets by 70%
Aunn Komano 562843 Moon, Star Fire, Wood, Earth 6 2 Decreases target's Accuracy by 5 levels (1T)
Yukari Yakumo 621367 Sun, Fire Moon, Metal, Star 6 2 Reduces all allies' DMG taken from Sun-Element and Wood-Element bullets by 70%

The middle target of Aunn is actually not the bulkiest HP-wise this time. Instead, she tries to make your Friends whiff all their attacks while Sanae and Yukari provide support through large resistance. Heavy elemental resistance can seem dangerous, but it is another buff that is removed from Full Breaking. They don't even protect Aunn from the elements she is weak to, so they're doing a bad job at protection...
Take Aunn down first before she messes with your Accuracy too much.


Enemy HP Weak To Resists Barriers Spell Gauge Skills
Koakuma 601454 Sun, Star Water, Earth 6 2 None
Rumia 599321 Moon, Earth Sun, Star 6 2 None
Joon Yorigami 600565 Water, Metal Fire, Earth 6 2 Inflicts 3 layers of Paralyze to all targets (2T)

Another anomaly-based floor, this time more dangerous due to the possibility of being stunned while holding onto a Paralyze barrier. Definitely try to remove Joon from the battle first before she forces you to use up all of your barriers. Of course, a friend who is immune to Paralyze anomalies helps out a lot here.


Enemy HP Weak To Resists Barriers Spell Gauge Skills
Reimu Hakurei 748245 Wood, Earth Sun, Moon 7 2 Adds 3 Barriers to party's Barrier
Yuyuko Saigyouji 752435 Sun, Fire Water, Wood 7 2 Skill: Increases all allies' CRIT Accuracy by 8 levels (1T) EX: Bans the use of spread shots for all opponents (5T)
Marisa Kirisame 743243 Moon, Water Metal, Star 7 2 None

As usual, Reimu specializes in Barrier restoration on this midboss floor, where all opponents already have 7 barriers to deal with. Along with that, the incident resolvers seemed to make a truce with Yuyuko and now they all take advantage of teamwork with a brutally large buff of 8 levels of CRIT Accuracy UP. Sealing your spread shots isn't the worst effect in the world (unless you were relying on a 0P elemental break, which Barrier restoration already crushed...), but the effect can be countered through switching Friends out. Oh, Marisa is also there but her job was just to stand and wave.


Enemy HP Weak To Resists Barriers Spell Gauge Skills
Watatsuki no Toyohime 632912 Wood, Earth Sun, Fire 6 2 Reduces all allies' DMG taken from Laser Bullets by 70% (1T)
Medicine Melancholy 645435 Sun, Water Moon, Wood 6 2 Decreases all targets' Yang ATK by 5 levels (1T)
Chen 622878 Fire, Metal Water, Earth 6 2 Reduces all allies' DMG taken from Energy Bullets by 70% (1T)

Another basic floor; just watch out for the resistances to Laser and Energy bullets. Medicine heavily decreases every Friend's Yang ATK by 5 levels, so if you're going all out before a Full Break Yin nukes would be preferable.
I wonder what universe has it so the emissary of the Moon gets to work with those from Gensokyo...?


Enemy HP Weak To Resists Barriers Spell Gauge Skills
Mamizou Futatsuiwa 620123 Sun, Earth Moon, Star 6 2 None
Lily White 660765 Moon, Wood Sun, Fire 6 2 None
Shizuha Aki 620335 Fire, Star Water, Metal 6 2 Inflicts 3 layers of Freeze to all targets (2T)

The helper of Autumn delivers a chilly twist by applying Freeze anomalies to your entire team. They can delay your Friends' spells and attacks, but it's better than your turn being skipped entirely like with Paralyze. All of the opponents are starting to get rather bulky in health, though.


Enemy HP Weak To Resists Barriers Spell Gauge Skills
Luna Child 650225 Water, Metal Earth, Star 6 2 Reduces all allies' DMG taken from Moon-Element and Water-Element bullets by 70% (1T)
Ran Yakumo 600125 Fire, Wood Sun, Water 6 2 Adds 3 layers to party's Barrier
Cirno 650355 Moon, Earth Wood, Metal 6 2 Reduces all allies' DMG taken from Metal-Element and Star-Element by 70% (1T)

Nothing very different from the 91st floor, just replace the bullet type resistances with elemental ones. Once again, none of these resistances cover Ran, acting as the Barrier restorer this time, so taking her down first will definitely help in the long run.


Enemy HP Weak To Resists Barriers Spell Gauge Skills
Watatsuki no Yorihime 634575 Moon, Metal Fire, Star 6 2 None
Seiran 631531 Water, Star Metal, Earth 6 2 None
Komachi Onozuka 634575 Sun, Wood Moon, Water 6 2 Inflicts 3 layers of Blind to all targets (2T)

Last push before the 100th floor, and it's a last hurrah from the anomaly floors. Blind barriers are rather dangerous, lowering Accuracy while they are applied. Komachi is definitely the most dangerous of the three targets, so remove her first. Don't be shy to take a breather before the next floor, it's really heavy.


Enemy HP Weak To Resists Barriers Spell Gauge Skills
Youmu Konpaku (Mysterious Sword Master) 670000 / 670000 /670000 Moon, Star Wood, Earth 7 1 Skill: Increases all allies Yang ATK by 7 levels and CRIT Accuracy by 8 levels (1T) EX Attack: Ban the use of Graze for all opponents (5T) Gauge Burst 1: Bans the use of Boost for all opponents (5T) Gauge Burst 2: Reduces all allies' DMG taken from Fire-element and Star-Element bullets by 100% (5T)
Youmu Konpaku 650000 / 650000 / 650000 Sun, Water Fire, Metal 7 2 Skill 1: Increases all allies' Yang DEF by 7 levels (1T) Skill 2: Recovers 15% of party's HP EX: Bans the use of Focus shots for all opponents (5T) Gauge Burst 1: Bans the use of spells for all opponents (5T) Gauge Burst 2: Reduces all allies' DMG taken from Water-element and Wood-Element bullets by 100% (5T)

The Myons have arrived to unleash judgment. From the start, the Mysterious Sword Master already seals off Graze, making it necessary to swap out for any chance of survival. From there, the purple-flavored Myon will keep the offense up while the normal-flavored one stays defensive and even heals with a break when she has the time. It doesn't help that these buffs apply to both foes, making both of them competitive threats.

And of course, each Gauge Burst only makes things more difficult. The first burst will seal another mechanic for the entire team: Boosting by Mysterious Sword Master and spells by Youmu Konpaku. Allowing these to be inflicted at the wrong time will prevent any damage, barrier breaks, or any progress from being made in general. Their second Gauge Burst is still brutal, giving themselves 100% elemental resistances to fully guard against many attacks. But hey, at least there's no Barrier restoration! ...on their skills, at least. Mysterious Sword Master's spells replenish Barriers, and with a single spell gauge, she's going to be restoring a lot of them.

The key to this battle is to swap out Friends at the right time. After getting past all of their sealing skills, the battle can be taken care of at a much better pace. Instead of removing the Myons' first HP bar immediately, time it so that you can swap back to the Friends that are already sealed down so they can endure the second wave of heavy sealing. They might be screwed, but they were already doomed when their Graze was sealed. Afterwards, you can try to target a single target and defeat them to make taking down the other one easier. With normal Youmu's defense and heals, perhaps try removing her off the board first.

Take note, this fight is very difficult and will likely take multiple runs and Friends to clear. Don't be ashamed if you cannot defeat the swordswomen in one go, the odds are heavily stacked in your favor. But that only makes winning this battle and reaping the Divine Paper Doll all the more worth it!