The Steps To Achieve Fairyhood?! Best Stages to Farm

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Hi Friends! Growing sure is great, isn't it? But in order to grow, you need to both train, and a well balanced diet (of tiles, books, and dragon scrolls). But just training blindly isn't as good as dedicated training, so do your homework and do these stages to get all the event points and drops you need to grow up strong! 

All four of the following stages are chosen because they are one wave battles - which means that you can end them immediately with a powerful enough Last Word, and thus get event points way faster. This time around there's a ton of stages to choose from, so take your pick! Do keep in mind though that, unlike last event, some of these stages have enemies with actual skills. 

Make sure you're farming these stages on the highest difficulty you can clear with as few units as possible in a single turn, on Full Auto if possible. Ideally, you'll be farming them with 1 unit in 1 turn, so if it'd take you 2 units to farm Lunatic, or multiple turns, it'd be better to farm with 1 unit on Hard, and so on. The goal is to minimize time and Spirit P spent, but it's perfectly okay to bring other units along to level them up, just try to keep it to only one or maybe two so you don't run out of Spirit P too quickly. 

Do note: The final one wave stage of this event is effectively impossible to solo, due to the enormous amount of Solo and All Resistance on all enemies, and as such is not included on this list. 

Looking for a guide to the event? Click here!

Pranks Are All About POWER! (All)

Enemy HP Weak To Resists Barriers Spell Gauge Skills
Tewi Inaba 64000 Sun, Metal Moon, Water 5 2 Increase own resistance to All attacks & lower own resistance to Solo attacks & inflict 2 layers of Poison on all foes
Marisa Kirisame 71000 Sun, Earth Moon, Metal 5 2 Increase own resistance to Solo damage & lower own resistance to All damage & own Yang DEF UP

Drops: Defense & Support Books, Orchid & Bamboo Tiles, Wind & Phoenix Scrolls

This first stage is a bit troublesome, as whilst there's only two enemies with middling HP, Tewi has resistance to All targeting attacks. As such, it may be prudent to bring a Sun-type Last Word, to abuse their shared weakness, or simply look to another stage altogether. 

Remember kids, this battle teaches you a valuable lesson: Even those you think you can trust might stab you in the back, or throw Spell Cards and giant lasers at you.

Effort or Incident?! (Solo)

Enemy HP Weak To Resists Barriers Spell Gauge Skills
Marisa Kirisame 140580 Sun, Earth Moon, Metal 5 2 None

Drops: Attack & Support Books, Chrysanthemum & Bamboo Tiles, Tiger & Dragon Scrolls

Marisa's back, and she's got both Tiger & Dragon Scrolls, what an amazing stage! Of course, it's not free - the witch's got just over one hundred and forty thousand HP - but she's also by herself, so this is a excellent chance to bust out those Solo targeting Last Words! Failing that, she's also weak to Sun and Earth, and has no resistance against All targeting attacks, so some units might be able to muscle past her even with a lower damaging All targeting Last Word.

I highly advise farming this stage if you can manage it, getting both Tiger and Dragon Scrolls at the same time is amazing given how many units want them.

The Lecture Duo's Lesson (All)

Enemy HP Weak To Resists Barriers Spell Gauge Skills
Kasen Ibaraki 70750 Moon, Fire Earth, Star 5 2 Increases the Yang DEF of all allies for 1 turn.
Keine Kamishirasawa 80000 Moon, Wood Fire, Star 5 2 Increase all allies resistance to All targeting attacks for 1 turn & lowers resistance to Solo targeting attacks for 1 turn.

Drops: Attack & Support Books, Plum & Chrysanthemum Tiles, Earth & Serpent Scrolls

This stage is a doozy - they both have a ton of Yang DEF UP thanks to Kasen, and All targeting attack resistance thanks to Keine, plus a moderate amount of health to boot. They both share a weakness to Moon though, but alas your options for those aren't great. Try to overpower their unending lectures, but if you find it's too much to bear, look to another stage to escape their lessons unless you direly need Earth or Serpent scrolls. 

The Living God's Chance! (All)

Enemy HP Weak To Resists Barriers Spell Gauge Skills
Sanae Kochiya 158560 Sun, Metal Moon, Water 5 2 Skill 1 (used when HP >=50%): Increases own resistance to Solo targeting attacks & lowers own resistance to All targeting attacks for 1 turn.
Skill 2 (used when HP

Sanae here's a bit of a odd duck - she has a high HP count and it's only her, but she also drops her own resistance to All targeting attacks whilst raising her Solo targeting attack resistance. Try to bring a Sun or Metal All targeting Last Word to show her the folly of this - though some particularly strong Solo Last Words will still break through.

Perhaps when you're done tackling her, give the Moriya Shrine some thanks, they put in a lot of hard work for everyone! ...Huh, guess her shilling's getting to me too.

Beware of Explosions (All)

Enemy HP Weak To Resists Barriers Spell Gauge Skills
Nemuno Sakata 80500 Sun, Water Moon, Wood 5 2 None
Suika Ibuki 82500 Fire, Star Sun, Earth 5 2 None

Drops: Attack & Support Books, Chrysanthemum & Bamboo Tiles, Earth & Heaven Scrolls

A fairly easy stage - both of them have moderately high HP, but Nemuno and Suika are lacking in skills. Just keep in mind they don't share a weakness, and there's a grand total of four resistances between them, so try not to bring Moon, Wood, Sun, or Earth!

Remember kids, watch out for explosions, and eat everything on your plate to become big and strong - even broccoli!