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This Story Card Guide is Outdated. If you want a more up-to-date guide, please check the guide below.

In any game with equipment, players want to use the best ones possible, and in Touhou LostWord, it’s no different. As a quick explanation or refresher, equipment takes the form of Story Cards in this game, which are equipped directly to a character’s Spell Cards. This guide will explain which stats to prioritize on Story Cards, and give a quick list of some of the most useful Story Cards.

Stats to Prioritize

For Story Cards, you’re generally looking for one of two things: either the raw stats they provide, or their effects. For raw stats, virtually every stat except for HP is useful on some character, but Yin and Yang Atk are the most useful by far.

The effects are a bit more narrow in what’s useful.  Continuing with the emphasis on offense, generally the most useful overall effects are Story Cards that buff the user’s stats. More specifically, Yin/Yang Atk Up, and Accuracy (2 levels or more) Up are the most universally useful, as most characters can make at least some use of at least one of these stats. The other stat increases (such as Yin/Yang Def Up, Agi Up, or Crit Atk Up) are much more situational, and will depend on the character.

From there, other generally useful types of effects include Bullet type damage increases (Such as Liquid, Laser, Ofuda, etc), Element damage increases, and Spirit Power increases. Spirit Power collection rate is generally less useful than directly providing Spirit Power, but it is on the borderline of what can be useful. Barrier adding is on the very borderline as well, because it is the best bet for increasing survivability in tougher fights.

Less useful effects are Healing, DMG taken from X down, and Focus up.  Story Cards are much more valued for offensive bonuses, so these effects add little to no helpfulness to a card. If additional survivability is required, Barrier adding is usually stronger than Healing or DMG taken down. Keep in mind that a Story Card having one of these effects does not negatively impact a Story Card's value, since some of the best Story Cards have these effects in addition to their strong effects. However, a Story Card consisting of nothing but these effects is difficult to justify running over an offensive Story Card unless it has far superior raw stats.

Strong Story Cards to Keep

Of the Story Cards released on launch, these are some that will be generically useful for just about anyone. This is not an exhaustive list of all Story Cards that are worth keeping, but try to avoid selling any Story Cards on this list, unless you have an excessive surplus.  Extra copies can go towards Strengthening the specific Story Card and increasing their effect for even more power.   

You can’t go wrong with keeping a lot of copies of these Story Cards around!

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