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After hearing about rumors of a Gift-Giving Phantasm, Eirin decides to get Eientei and the Lunarians together to deliver presents to everyone in Gensokyo! Normally the behavior of every recipient would be determined good or bad before getting the gifts...but for Gensokyo, a battle of bullets should prove sufficient. Just like any other event, more battles means more special names for each enemy encountered, as well as a collection of event-only points and items. This article will be a reference for everything unique in this limited event, from the preparation of gift-giving to celebrating for the next year to come!

As a general rule of thumb for how the names of each character works: ()s imply their inner thoughts or concerns, ""s act similarly except the character openly express their actions or determination to fight, and neither are descriptions of the character (usually on Normal difficulty) or give unique perspectives of them. 

Having to deliver presents to all of Gensokyo in only one week is quite the difficult task. There's a lot of places to visit...and gameplay-wise, a great amount of stages and opponents to fight. Let's stop wasting time and get right to them now!

7 Days Left

Fairy: A group of fairies found within the Bamboo Forest. Are they lost? Well, either way they are the perfect targets to practice gift-giving on. Except the gifts are high-speed bullets.

Character Normal Hard Lunatic Stage
Fairy (Fire) Warmth-Seeking Fairy (I’m sweating) (It’s best to clean up sweat!) Snow Rabbit & White Rabbit
Fairy (Earth) Snow Hut-Making Fairy (Should I toast mochi?) “It’s warm in the snow hut!” Snow Rabbit & White Rabbit
Fairy (Moon) Wants-to-Play-in-Snow Fairy (Should I make a snowman?) “Let’s make snowmen together!” Snow Rabbit & White Rabbit
Fairy (Sun) Snow Rabbit-Making Fairy (Playing in the snow is fun!) “Playing instead of shoveling!” Snow Rabbit & White Rabbit
Fairy (Water) Cold-Sensitive Fairy (It’s getting cold) (The cold….Can’t feel hands) Snow Rabbit & White Rabbit
Eirin Yagokoro (Patron Saint of Learning) Brainiac Patron Saint of Learning Are You a Good Girl? “This kind of mood is good.” Patron Saint of Learning

6 Days Left

Character Normal Hard Lunatic Stage
Fairy (Water) Weak-to-Cold Fairy “I’ll get medicine at Eientei.” “Ginger tea for the cold!” For Sleeping Children 1
Fairy (Sun) Warming-Up Fairy “Went too far, sprained ankle.” “I’ll get a check-up at Eientei” For Sleeping Children 1
Fairy (Earth) Warm-Up Exercise Fairy Gensokyo Round-Trip! (I’ll do my best…tomorrow) For Sleeping Children 1
Reisen Udongein Inaba (Snow Rabbit of the Holy Night) Ex-Moon Rabbit, Weak to Cold Warm Food’s Good on Cold Days Wants Mokou’s Special Chicken For Sleeping Children 1
Kaguya Houraisan (Hourai Ornament) Lady of Eientei, Lightly Dressed Bullets Beat Back the Cold! (If kotatsu could be worn…) For Sleeping Children 2
Watatsuki no Yorihime Moon Princess, Proving Worth (Am I a good girl?) (I’m happy to get a gift) Year’s End Errand 1
Reisen Moon Rabbit, Wants Reward (That dango was good!) (So I was good…Phew!) Year’s End Errand 1

5 Days Left

Character Normal Hard Lunatic Stage
Fairy (Wood) Shivers-in-Cold Fairy (I want to drink hot tea) (I burned my tongue…) Dark Companion & Divine Attendant 1
Fairy (Star) Wants-to-Stargaze Fairy (To see the Winter Triangle…!) “Where did you see it? Tell me!” Dark Companion & Divine Attendant 1
Fairy (Metal) Kotatsu-Loving Fairy “I want to get cozy in a kotatsu” “I caught a cold from my nap…” Dark Companion & Divine Attendant 1
Fairy (Water) Pleasantly Cold Fairy Not Cold, but Frozen? “Wanna warm my hands fast!” Dark Companion & Divine Attendant 1
Fairy (Fire) High-Metabolism Fairy “The games made me sweaty!” “Sweat’s cooled off. It’s cold!” Dark Companion & Divine Attendant 1
Fairy (Moon) Fairy Wants to Play Games (I was pushed and squished) (Slimmed from being crushed?) Dark Companion & Divine Attendant 1
Watatsuki no Toyohime (Backdrop for the Moon Companion) Moon Princess, Dark Companion (Lady Yagokoro praised me!) (If I don’t improve more…!) Dark Companion & Divine Attendant 2
Sagume Kishin (Angel of Taboos) Goddess and Divine Attendant (I’ll battle Lady Yagokoro…!) (Pour my anguish into bullets!) Dark Companion & Divine Attendant 2
Fujiwara no Mokou Hot Water Bottle of Hourai “Don’t cool your body!” “Don’t go down with a cold!” Princess and Phoenix 1

4 Days Left

Character Normal Hard Lunatic Stage
Kosuzu Motoori Girl Who Knows the Phantasm “Suzunaan’s a rental bookstore!” Come to Suzunaan next year! Human Village & History 1
Rumia Twilight Youkai Seeking Girls (What are you doing, Dai?) “Knit me one too!” Human Village & History 2
Daiyousei Large (and Good?) Fairy (I’m actually knitting a scarf) “A present for Cirno!” Human Village & History 2
Cirno STRONG and Good Ice Fairy “Isn’t it a little cold?” “Thanks Dai!” Human Village & History 2
Keine Kamishirasawa Half-Beast Studying Teacher (All of my students are good!) (I still have much to learn) Human Village & History 3

3 Days Left

Character Normal Hard Lunatic Stage
Ran Yakumo Shikigami in Charge (What should we do for dinner?) “I’ll make a fried tofu hot pot!” Snow-Clad Mountain 1
Chen Shikigami’s Shikigami in Charge “All of Lady Ran’s food is good” “Use good bonito for the stock!” Snow-Clad Mountain 1
Aya Shameimaru Scolded Reporter “Call it force majeure!” “I only want to write articles…” Snow-Clad Mountain 2
Kasen Ibaraki Mountain Hermit Mediary “Give a genuine apology…” “My memo on territory is done” Snow-Clad Mountain 2
Nemuno Sakata Territorial Yamanba “It’s you again!” “Keep your promise!” Snow-Clad Mountain 2
Sanae Kochiya Knowledgeable Shrine Maiden “The bells are ringing!” “Is it time for presents yet?” Snow-Clad Mountain 3
Kanako Yasaka Shrine God Wants to Rumble “Our Sanae is a good girl!” “Should we go to bed, Sanae?” Snow-Clad Mountain 3
Suwako Moriya No-Sleep Amphibious God (I’ll prepare a gift for Sanae) (I can’t put down the present) Snow-Clad Mountain 3

2 Days Left

Character Normal Hard Lunatic Stage
Luna Child Book-Learned Moonlight Fairy “I read, so I’m good!” (I want new books…) Lakeside Lark 1
Sunny Milk Sunlight Fairy Wants Gift “I’m good, so give me a gift!” “Let’s play with the presents!” Lakeside Lark 1
Star Sapphire Gift-Awaiting Starlight Fairy (Fake sleep, then strike!) “If I’m caught, Miss Eirin will…” Lakeside Lark 1
Koakuma Small (Gift-Giving?) Devil “Take an interest in stories!” “I’ll keep working on my shows!” Lakeside Lark 2
Meiling Gatekeeper Left in the Cold “I want Miss Sakuya’s food!” “Miss Sakuya’s bao!” Lakeside Lark 3
Sakuya Izayoi Informed Head Maid “Why not work harder?” “Here’s your gift: bao” Lakeside Lark 3

1 Day Left

Spirit: A lone elemental spirit who caught interest in the battle between the Gift-Giving Phantasm and Hatate Himekaidou. The real question is if he wants to be interviewed or is just passing by?

Character Normal Hard Lunatic Stage
Alice Margatroid Almost-Homeless Puppeteer “My dolls are in that house!” (I no longer have to clear snow) Forest Mission 1
Marisa Kirisame Arsonist-Adjacent Magician “I wanted to get warm…” “Super Master Spark, fire!” Forest Mission 1
Patchouli Knowledge Bundles-Up-When-Cold Witch Ignoring Cold, Thinking Magic “Ginger tea warms me up” Forest Mission 1
Fairy (Moon) Fairy Playing Newspaper Writer (The scoop is hibernating?) “On the search for a scoop!” Forest Mission 2
Fairy (Metal) Crow-Tengu-Admiring Fairy (Next year, I’ll fly faster!) (The truth is I admire Aya…) Forest Mission 2
Spirit (Star) Spirit Wants to Interview (Learning to interview by eye) “Angered by sudden interview” Forest Mission 2
Hatate Himekaidou Reporter Wants New-Year News Unfit From Thoughtography Exercise + Interview = Happy! Forest Mission 2
Hina Kagiyama Evacuated Misfortune God Lots of Exorcism Requests “Exorcise misfortune promptly” Forest Mission 3

New Year's Eve

Character Normal Hard Lunatic Stage
Byakuren Hijiri Willing-to-Help Monk (It’s almost time to ring the bell) “The bell exorcises desires!” One Who Tolerates All 1
Byakuren Hijiri Grant-My-Wish Monk Learning From Other Religions “Someone needs a sermon!” One Who Tolerates All 2
Reimu Hakurei Shrine Maiden Wants Offerings (I hope to get more offerings) “Give me your offering money!” The Other One 1
Seiga Kaku Wicked Hermit Compatriot (I managed to keep my job!) An Early Gift for Yoshika The Other One 2
Yoshika Miyako Gift-Giving Dead Body (As long as Seiga is happy!) “Here’s a gift for you too, Seiga” The Other One 2

New Year's Day

Character Normal Hard Lunatic Stage
Marisa Kirisame (Get-Rich-Quick Magician) Magician Wants New Year’s Gift “Hakurei Shrine is booming?!” “Splurge on presents!” New Year at the Hakurei Shrine!
Sanae Kochiya (Victory Wind Priestess) Maiden Seeking New Year’s Gift “Hakurei Shrine’s slump has…!” “Moriya Shrine can’t lose!” New Year at the Hakurei Shrine!
Aunn Komano Komainu Wants New Year’s Gift Happy to See So Many Visitors “It’s because of my protection!” New Year at the Hakurei Shrine!
Reisen Udongein Inaba (Health and Well-Being Rabbit) New Year’s Gift-Giving Rabbit (I should pray while I’m here!) (A wish to avoid pitfalls) New Year’s Bullets!
Patchouli Knowledge (Great Library at the Hieda Residence) Great Librarian Wants Books Hopes for Book Returns “Wish for a better SDM guard” New Year’s Bullets!
Sakuya Izayoi (Household Safety Maid Servant Wishes for Security Hopes for No Explosions (Preparing the Mistress’s gifts) New Year’s Bullets!
Lily White (Spring is the Season of Growth!) Spring Herald Wishes for Spring “I’ll tell you all about spring!” “I’ll make this year all spring!” New Year’s Gift or Bullets? 1
Luna Child Moonlight Fairy Targets Gift “Being quiet got me a gift!” “Miss Reimu got angry at me…” New Year’s Gift or Bullets? 1
Sunny Milk Sunlight Fairy Peeks at Gifts “Disappeared and got a gift!” “I got caught by Miss Reimu…” New Year’s Gift or Bullets? 1
Star Sapphire Starlight Fairy Requests Gifts “Blended in and got a gift!” “I got scolded by Miss Reimu…” New Year’s Gift or Bullets? 1
Clownpiece (The Goddess of Hell’s Favorite) Hell Fairy Pleads for Gifts “It’s lunatic year!” “A New Year’s card from master” New Year’s Gift or Bullets? 1
Daiyousei (Thousand-Year Candy of Longevity) New Year’s Greeting Big Fairy (Will I get a New Year’s gift?) “A gift for Cirno!” New Year’s Gift or Bullets? 2
Cirno (Fairy Floss Fairy) Ice Fairy Here to Steal Gifts “Gimme all your gifts!” “I got a gift from Dai!” New Year’s Gift or Bullets? 2
Joon Yorigami Pestilence God Demands Gifts “Your gifts are all mine!” “I’m gonna spend it all at once!” New Year’s Gift or Bullets? 2
Shion Yorigami Misfortune God Begs for Food Wants a New Year’s Feast “I also want to eat zouni!” New Year’s Gift or Bullets? 2

Extra New Year's Celebrations

Character Normal Hard Lunatic Stage
Kosuzu Motoori (Bullet battle better than boon) (Battle of bullets to decide fate) “Shirked responsibility for battle” Bullet Battle Resolutions!
Fujiwara no Mokou (Immortal’s New Year’s goal) (This year…focus on health) “First dream is of phoenixes” Bullet Battle Resolutions!
Hieda no Akyuu Free-Flowing Maiden of Miare (I’ll remember a lot this year) (Wrote too much, arm hurts!) Bullet Battle Resolutions!
Marisa Kirisame (Get-Rich-Quick Magician) Greeting-is-Power Magician (I’ll study power this year too) (Lack of control, the school is…) Bullet Battle Resolutions!
Keine Kamishirasawa Busy-Teaching Half Beast (Teach more engaging classes) (My dream about fire was true?) Bullet Battle Resolutions!
Byakuren Hijiri New Year’s Sutra-Reading Monk “Let’s all meditate!” (Calmed, time for a fresh start) Bullet Battle Fireworks!
Kanako Yasaka God Who Prepared Gifts “A gift for hard-working Sanae” “A gift for Suwako…” Bullet Battle Fireworks!
Sanae Kochiya (Victory Wind Priestess Busybody Miracle Worker ”I got a gift from Lady Kanako" “I got a gift from Lady Suwako” Bullet Battle Fireworks!
Suwako Moriya The Height-of-Formality God “I have a gift for you too!” “A gift for Kanako, too…” Bullet Battle Fireworks!
Mamizou Futatsuiwa Gift of Leaves Tanuki (My legs are numb, can’t move) “Deception, tanuki change!” Bullet Battle Fireworks!
Yuyuko Saigyouji Ghost Wants Mochi Made Eating All Kinds of Mochi Calling For Mochi Variety Bullet Battle Exercise!
Youmu Konpaku (Misfortune-Warding Gardener) Gardener Wishes for Great Year “There’s still mochi left!” “Keep pounding!” Bullet Battle Exercise!
Merlin Prismriver Wind Player Here to Perform “Seaweed-wrapped and baked” “I’ve had enough mochi!” Bullet Battle Exercise!
Lunasa Prismriver String Player Gets Offer “Kinako mochi is the best!” “I can’t eat any more…!” Bullet Battle Exercise!
Lyrica Prismriver Keyboard Player Eats Mochi “Soybean mochi is good!” “I’ve eaten enough this year…” Bullet Battle Exercise!
Seiran Wishes for Good Market Fortune “There’s seconds left!” “Crush and flatten!” Bullet Battle Exercise!
Ringo Full of Orders for the New Year (Ate too much, can’t move) Gonna Have Dreams of Mochi Bullet Battle Exercise!

Bonus Notes (Miscellaneous Text, Unique Items, and Most Appearances)

Normal Event P: Points given to those who have been declared good. Eirin is handing them out as the Gift-Giving Phantasm. 
Rare Event P: Presents inspired by the Gift-Giving Phantasm tale. What wonderful surprises could they contain?

4* Story Card: Pure White Holy Night
5* Story Card: Patron Saint of Learning
Music CDs: Over Ambivalence (Sagume Kishin), Galaxy in a Pot (Eirin Yagokoro), Help me, ERINNNNNN!! (Kaguya Houraisan), Monpe Guardian (Fujiwara no Mokou), HORAKHTY (Home BGM)

Many characters were seen throughout this event, either receiving gifts or celebrating the New Year, or both! Out of these, the girl who appeared in stages the most was Byakuren Hijiri, primarily thanks to One Who Tolerates All 1 into her immediate rematch in One Who Tolerates All 2. Her visit to Moriya Shrine in Bullet Battle Fireworks! totals to 3 battle appearances, higher than anyone else who joined in the festivities. 

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