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Article by NekuMargatroid

The Lost Word incident of Chapter 2 has been resolved, but it’s not over yet. Marisa Kirisame, the Witch of Scarlet Dreams, has requested one final duel with Reimu Hakurei. She’s not going down without a fight, so prepare your best Friends and take her down before going home!

Of course, perhaps you’ve already taken her down, and you’re looking to farm her rather powerful Story Card: The Witch of Scarlet Dreams. (Not to be confused with The Witch of Scarlet Dreams herself). The main draw of the card is its impressive 1.5 Spirit Power UP upon using a spell card, which is increased to a staggering 2.0 Spirit Power at Max Limit Break. Along with its serviceable Agility and Yang ATK stat sticks, this is a card worth grinding for.

Of course, this card is only obtainable from repeating numerous battles against the dangerous scarlet witch, as the drop rate is extremely low. Not to mention that gaining the ability to grind this fight also requires being able to complete the fight in the first place. This guide will serve to provide an overview of the fight itself for those who wish to complete the stage, as well as discuss some pointers on grinding the stage itself. The difficulty focused on for this guide is Lunatic difficulty only, as the strategies for the highest difficulty will certainly work for any lower ones, as well as Lunatic being the only difficulty where this powerful Story Card is available. 

Please note that this guide will assume units who are Max Limit Broken and have a reasonably high Awakening level - this fight is nearly infeasible to clear on Lunatic difficulty without Friends who have their Last Words unlocked. As nothing is gated behind clearing this fight on Lunatic at the time of writing, it is advised you wait to try and take this fight on if you do not yet have MLB Friends.

Fight Overview

Enemy HP Weak To Resists Barriers Spell Gauge Skills
DEF Enhancer (NO) 66600 None None 4 N/A Raises Yin and Yang DEF of all allies by 3 levels (3T)
Marisa Kirisame (Witch of Scarlet Dreams) 133200 Wood Sun, Moon, Star 7 1 (Above 50% HP): Raises Yin and Yang ATK of self by 5 levels (3T) and applies 2 layers of Burning to all opponents; (Chance when lower than 50% HP): Raises Evasion of self by 5 levels and lowers Yin ATK of all opponents by 5 levels (2T), Raises Yin and CRIT ATK of self by 5 levels (2T)
CRIT RES Enhancer (FI) 66600 Water Wood 4 N/A Raises CRIT DEF and CRIT Evasion of all allies by 3 levels (3T)

Marisa Kirisame is a tough customer. Not only does she pack 133200 HP, 7 Barriers and a weakness to only Wood, resisting Sun, Moon, and Star, alongside an immunity to Freezing and Burning Barriers, she also brings skills to the table. Unlike the boss of Chapter 1, who would fully randomly buff herself, Marisa is fully consistent: Above 50% HP, she will give herself 5 Levels of Yin & Yang DEF Up for 3 Turns, and apply 2 Layers of Burning Barriers for 3 Turns to all of your units. Below 50% HP, she will randomly: do the first skill, give herself 5 Levels of Evasion up for 2 turns & give all of your units 5 Levels of Yin ATK Down for 2 Turns, or give herself 5 Levels of Yin and CRIT ATK Up. Not only will she keep her own power ridiculously high, but will keep your team down with Burn Barriers and offensive debuffs at lower health.

Additionally, she brings 2 fairies with her. Both fairies have 66000 HP, 4 Barriers, and use skills frequently. The DEF Enhancer will give all enemies 3 Levels of Yin & Yang DEF Up for 3 Turns, and the CRIT RES Enhancer will give all enemies 3 Levels of CRIT Evasion and CRIT DEF Up for 3 Turns. Even more upsetting is the fact that the DEF Enhancer lacks any elements, meaning elemental breaks are off the table regarding her. Like a furnace, these fairies will shovel defensive buffs on Marisa until you're barely doing any damage, ending with you out of resources and the witch unleashing plenty of spells.

With all of this said you thus have two primary goals: taking out the fairies as soon as possible, and shifting the offensive to Marisa and taking her down as soon as possible, so as to avoid her spending too much time below 50% HP and performing her deadly ATK Up and DEF Down skills.

Clearing Once

If all you want to do is beat the fight once, there are two primary methods of handling the fight.

The primary and easiest approach is to simply aim for a Full Break - DEF buffs and buffs are completely disabled during it, on top of the usual 4x damage bonus, which makes taking Marisa out trivial. You're going to need a mix of Wood or Anomaly (Freeze and Burning will not work, Marisa is immune) attacker(s) who can break at least 7 Barriers total to accomplish this. Medicine Melancholy is available for free and has a good mix of Wood breaks combined with anomaly breaks through Poison, making her one of the best choices for this fight. Other General units with a decent and efficient amount of Wood breaks are Aya Shameimaru and Hatate Himekaidou, while Reisen Udongein Inaba is capable of breaking any Paralyze and Blind Barriers you may be able to apply. Any Friend with these two qualities will help in this fight (Lily White and Iku Nagae even has a Wood break at 0P on basic shots, although the latteris a FES Friend), but remember to keep a healer or tank close to protect any weaker units, especially if they are purely around for breaking.

The alternative approach is utilizing a team of one powerful Solo Last Word and one powerful All Last Word. Many strong FES or SFES Friends are viable for this, some even being able to clear the stage with the proper stat sticks in a single Last Word. Due to Marisa boosting her own DEF so much, she will quickly reach a point where either only super powerful Last Words will damage her, so you need a Solo Last Word with high firepower, such as Flandre Scarlet or Kasen Ibaraki, to take her out. But due to the fairies also wearing down your HP and Barriers, you will also need a powerful All Last Word unit, such as Yuuka Kazami or Reimu Hakurei, in order to take them out and buy time for your Solo nuker to build up Power and take out Marisa in a single shot.


With the amount of powerful Friends added to Global in the past months, there are now several possible ways to reliably farm the scarlet witch. Most notably are limited units such as Scarlet Reimu and Marisa, who can Full Auto the stage without a second thought. There are many possibilities, but this guide will focus the most on three strategies focused on General Friends. Medicine is a rather simple set-up, especially with the free copy given to all players, that can farm by herself at Max Awakening. Additionally, a fully maxed Hong Meiling can solo the stage with the right amount of Spirit Power Story Cards. Last but not least, Tewi Inaba's debuffs can allow for many strong All Last Word nukes to easily complete the stage.

Medicine Melancholy (Simple Strategy): This 3-turn strategy may be confusing at first, but should make sense when fully laid out. This strategy will require Medicine to be at MLB and at least 3 stars of Awakening. The levels of the skills do not matter, as this specific order of moves will guarantee every fairy is inflicted with 4 Poison Barriers before using the Last Word.

Turn 1: Target the DEF Enhancer with Confusion: Into Delirium with a Spirit Power boosting story card such as Midnight Tea at MLB (or Witch of Scarlet Dreams!) while grazing twice. The grazing is important, as Medicine will be unable to survive without blocking a few attacks.

Turn 2: Target the CRIT RES Enhancer while grazing two more times along with boosting once and unleashing Poison Sign: Poison Breath with an Accuracy UP card (that lasts more than 1 turn) to ensure the Wood attacks connect with Marisa. The boost is crucial so that the spell card contains 2 Wood bullet lines, breaking an additional barrier on Marisa.

Turn 3: Activate Full Auto can be activated to unleash all her skills (with Toxic Touch being inflicted on the CRIT RES Enhancer) and finally go for the kill with Return to Happiness. All of the poison from the spells and skills are enough to fully break every enemy. Thanks to the set-up, all of the opponents will immediately Full Break, with Marisa taking even more damage due to her Wood weakness. Medicine's Last Word should have a Yin ATK UP story card to further boost the attack's damage and make sure everyone stays down.

Tewi Inaba (Debuffs): Unlike the previous two general pool Friends, Tewi is incapable of clearing the stage without additional help. However, she herself should provide very generous support while a strong All Last Word attacker, such as Ran Yakumo, handles the rest. The Burn and Freeze anomalies mean little to Marisa due to her immunity to both statuses, but the skills' 3 levels of Evasion DOWN and 3 levels of Yang DEF DOWN (that works with Ancient Duper to drop all foes' Yang DEF by 6 levels total) cancel out the DEF Enhancer's and Marisa's own buffs. This opens the opportunity for a Friend, particularly with a Yang-focused with good self-buffs to step in and put an end to the fight immediately while the enemies are exposed.

The set-up on the supporting All Last Word nuke will depend on who the Friend is, but always remember to optimize their equipment via stat sticks. This means to put on a good amount of Yin or Yang ATK, but also Yin or Yang DEF for those with Hard scaling or Agility for Slicing scaling. Be careful with Slciing scaling as well, as the goal of this composition is for Tewi to strike first to apply her Yang DEF debuffs. A Friend that can apply Charge so they go second, such as Ran, will ensure this issue will not occur.

Otherwise, make sure the story card equipped to their Last Word compliments the bullets of the attack well, or else Marisa and her fairies will likely be still standing when the assault is over, ready to wipe your tired Friends off the planet.

And don't forget to optimize Tewi's stat sticks as well! Even if she is not the absolute powerhouse for this plan, any Yang ATK stat sticks will contribute toward making her own Last Word stronger, edging the odds slightly more in your favor.

Hong Meiling (Maxed-Out General Strat): This strategy requires Meiling to have everything on herself maxed out and utilize all of her spell cards, but seeing the marital artist single-handedly take down what she once guarded will be worth it. Each turn will be sectioned off to make digesting the strategy more understandable. Every attack will be aimed at Marisa, whittling her health down before releasing the Last Word finisher.

Turn 1: Qi Sign: Earth Sky Dragon Kick with It's Spring! equipped while grazing once. Just like Medicine, Meiling will need to graze each turn to avoid taking too much damage. It's Spring! is a lot less optional compared to other Spirit Power UP cards due to being a Yang DEF stat stick, which will come back to strength Meiling's Hard bullets later.

Turn 2: Rainbow Sign: True Intense Rainbow Fist with A Curious Festival equipped while grazing once. This story card is another stat stick for Yang DEF and even increases the Yin damage of this spell card.

Turn 3: Use Martial Arts and Will of the Gatekeeper, graze once, boost once, and then attack with Rainbow Sign: True Intense Rainbow Fist with It's Spring! equipped. It's important to boost here to utilize your Spirit Power to the fullest, at any excess Spirit Power past 5.0 is wasted. The skill buffs last for 3 turns, so using them now just piles on more damage.

Turn 4: Use Move One, Move All, graze once, boost once, and then attack with Qi Sign: Earth Sky Dragon Kick with Poltergeist Sisters' Concert equipped. Similar to the last turn. Her third skill ensures she's still standing while gaining more Spirit Power, while Poltergeist Sisters' Concert is another Yang DEF stat stick with Accuracy support for the last stand.

Turn 5: Unleash Crimson Earth-Shaking Star Pulse. With all of the preparation, Meiling should be able to finish off all of the opponents in one shot.

Once again, since this strategy requires several MLB'd cards (particurally Where the Wind Priestess Is and A Curious Festival), 5 turns to complete, and a fully maxed Meiling, it is not recommended unless you have no other options, which is uncommon as long as you have strong FES friends for Tewi or other builds.

About Scarlet Reimu and Marisa: Both of these Friends from simpler, Scarlet-related incidents are some of the strongest allies when it comes to farming the scarlet witch. They can single-handedly complete the stage with their raw firepower, but will require a little bit of help from stat stick story cards.

Reimu in particular can both Full Auto the stage in 1 turn at max Awakening or 3-turn the stage without any Awakening. For the full auto, equip some Yang DEF stat sticks in her spell card slots (It's Spring! being a very good option once more) and have apreferred Last Word story card, the current one notably being Congress of Sages due to it's 40% Light Bullet Power UP affecting every bullet. Protection of Cerpinus is a decent alternative due to 40% Wood Power UP.

As for the 3-turn manual strategy, you will need a lot of Spirit Power to complete it, most likely coming from two MLB'd Witch of Scarlet Dreams cards on the two spells used, so this strategy may be locked from you for some time. As for the other spell card story card slots, equip some Yang ATK and DEF stat sticks.

Turn 1: Dream Sign: Experimental Sealing Circle while using grazing twice, using both skills, and boosting twice thanks to the Spirit Power gain.

Turn 2: Spirit Sign: Experimental Fantasy Seal targeting Marisa while boosting and grazing three times.

Turn 3: Full Auto for a Experimental Fantasy Nature finisher.

There's not much to add on for Scarlet Marisa other than her astounding amount of raw power. You're going to want to equip a large amount of Yang ATK stat sticks to be able to take down the opponents all by herself, as well as Agility stat sticks to increase her Slicing damage. With Eating Contest equipped on her Last Word, this old-school witch should have enough strength to show her red-with-envy self who's the boss.

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