[JP News] 1/29/2024 Live Stream Recap featuring Ranko from Butaotome!

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Welcome everybody, to the first Touhou LostWord Live Stream of 2024, which also features Ranko from Butaotome! With it being a new year comes some new content and features to look forward to, which means...

Spoiler Warning! If you do not want to be spoiled, by all means head out now! However, for those who want to see what was mentioned, prepare to pitch in for new Friends, Fantasy Rebirth, MV Project, future Event Costumes, and more!

Courtesy of Tutorial Yukari, we have a Preview of what to expect, such as MV Project, new Friends, Fantasy Rebirth, VS Divergent Spirits, and a brand new "fated" mechanic!

Up The MV Project Ranks

As a reminder, we have Ranko here as part of the live stream this time around, and she has sung on tracks such as the classic LostWord Chronicle and the more recent theme for LR1 Renko Usami and Shinki, Dream of the Demon World! Butaotome have also took part in the creation of other MV Project music such as Silver Gale, Blue Goodbyes, Night-Splitting Light, Karma Speed and Reminiscence Love.

We also had a reminder of Dream of the Demon World below:

Dream of the Demon World's details, which is the theme of LR1 Renko Usami and Shinki!

The following MVs worked on by Butaotome!

Speaking of Reminiscence Love, we managed to listen to the full version as it was released in the New Year for Japan with a teaser in last live stream. Here is a reminder of that very MV by Touhou LostWord feat. Otsuki Kenji × Butaotome.

Ah, "Money's what we need" and other empty predictions

Let's call out-of-place prayers the soul

No matter if we want this and that, we can only hold so much

How much must we gather to ascend?

This is brand new. It sparkles and shines

That's from the past. Does it look fragile?

Each day, those eyes glisten with greed

Let karma flow

With that aside though, as for who would be next for that MV Project treatment, one would expect Joon, but those expectations were dekappatated by Nitori Kawashiro confirmed to be next in line!

Nitori Kawashiro has found herself to be next in the MV Project queue, and will inevitably get a Relic variant in the future!

To wrap up this section, we go back in time to 2022 when LostWord Chronicle was performed live which was shown in the live stream!

Introduction of a Fated Feature

In comes a new little feature that will be seeing the light of day in the JP version coming January 31st 2024, known as the Fate Value! Your Friends can take advantage of this on stages that will now indicate this change by being able to increase drop rates when using specific Friends with this benefit, and to achieve this, you can also use a new type of item on top of duplicate Friend and their corresponding Paper Dolls, they also have access to Mirrors of Fate.

Note: With these inevitably coming to Global in the future, it is currently unknown if they will be officially known as "Fate" or "Destiny", or another name.

Fate Value is coming to JP on January 31st!

Friends with these Fate Values have access to special drop rate advantages on stages, indicated by a special icon!

How these special drops will be shown when completing stages!

You can increase the values by +5 when using a duplicate Friend, +5 when using its corresponding Paper Doll, and/or +1 when using a Mirror of Fate!

With a higher value comes a higher drop rate. Once your Friend reaches 100 Fate Value, an extra drop is guaranteed (+2).

This also extends to Story Cards too! There will be new limited Story Cards that can only be obtained through this Fate Value, and on top of that, the 2nd and 3rd effects as well as its stats will also be randomized too. However, these can be enhanced the same way as any other Story Cards.

A look into these Story Cards only available through the Fate Bonus. The stats and effects highlighted in red are what can be randomized!

Fate Drops with the special icon!

A few extra little things to do with Mirrors of Fate include how there will be a pack for it as part of its introduction to the game, as well as what looks to be a Login Bonus including them at the start of February 2024!

Free Mirrors of Fate in a future Login Bonus!

With these fatal mirrors come a new campaign where JP players can gain these on top of other goods such as Friend Rituals and Paper Dolls!

As the Mirrors of Fate arrive, so does this pack, also including other goods on top of the Mirrors of Fate!

Destined Goods!

Coming off of the back of those Mirrors of Fate come some other awesome content, updates and additions!

Firstly, Prayer rates will be more favourable to 5★ Story Cards and Friends now, with 4★ Cards or 3★ Cards' rates being lowered. With the lower rarity cards not being that desirable these days, this is a net positive for the player-base!

There will also be a Free Prayer held every day until February 28th to commemorate the above, and this includes both L1 and A-Series Friends. Should you find yourself getting any duplicates, this could be good way to test out this new feature!

Remember Reimu's Great Exorcism? And Remember Raseira, Raseira? Well, Moonlit Festival, the MV that serves as both L80 Kaguya and L80 Reisen's themes will be the latest addition to that mini game!

We've had the Daily EXP Quest going on for a long time in JP, but it looks like it is sticking around for even longer, as it's lasting until February 14th!

This month's worth of Quality of Life updates are coming in, and it makes it so that the loading screen with the Buddy System which took about 3-5 seconds to load will now take about 1 second instead when it comes to picking a helper! This was a bit of a pain if somebody wanted to quickly clear a stage, but thankfully this is being remedied! In addition, there will also be an icon improvement in the Story Cards List.

Prayers may be answered more now! With Mirrors of Fate come the following drop rate adjustments:

Friends: 5% → 7.5%
5★ Cards: 10% → 15%
4★ Cards: 40% → 35%
3★ Cards: 45% → 42.5%

The rate of Friends not part of said Rate-Up Prayer will be increasing.

Free Prayers for L1 and A-Series Friends to celebrate the Mirrors of Fate!

Long Live The Daily EXP Quest!

More Quality of Life improvements, from Buddy System loading times, to Story Card list improvements.

Moonlit Festival is next to join in on the Reimu's Great Exorcism minigame!

Hmm, seems like we are missing something. Could it be another visit to the beach of eternal summer? Of course! Enter Chapter 4 Act 3 EX 4! Coming after the surprise release of Chapter 4 Act 5, we return to the islands of 8 with the Swimsuit Scarlet Sisters!

But who will be pitching in to join them on their quest in the Islands of 8? Let's head over to meet her!

Chapter 4 Act 3 EX 4 is heading our way!

Heading to Sea a New Epic Friend

A certain Beach Umbrella Castaway introduction had some foreshadowing of this very moment happening, and many months later, the bat wielder and the pitcher are united! Enter Sekibanki (Dullahan on the Beach) who is heading our way as the newest Epic Friend! She is a Speed-Class Friend with an Agility Stat that is sure to leave heads rolling!

However, speaking of baseball, Sekibanki's VS Divergent Spirits opponent is a fitting, yet surprising one!

This Epic variant of Sekibanki has a 55% damage boost against resisted elements, 188% Slice Scaling on her Last Word, Rank II Agility, and benefits from Burn and Freeze anomalies by using it to increase her Accuracy, Agility and Evasion!

This new Sekibanki's Voice Actors:

Voice 1: Aika Wakuno

Voice 2: Chisako Ike

Voice 3: Mai Kanno

Like with the recent C3 Youmu and C3 Yuyuko, we have a Trial Quest for this new Sekibanki!

Of course, when there is a new Epic Friend, there is a new VS Divergent Spirits Stage! And what a fitting opponent in the form of Kogasa Tatara (C3)! Meanwhile, we have both the traditional Story Card up for grabs, and another one restricted to special drop rates as per the aforementioned Fate Value System!

Fantasy Rebirth

Now for the Fantasy Rebirth news! As of now, we are getting ever closer to all L1 Friends gaining access to these Mirrors of Rebirth stages, with the next ones being Seija Kijin, Shinmyoumaru Sukuna, Iku Nagae and Tenshi Hinanawi (All L1)! And it would appear that the rest of the Touhou 11 cast are next up, being Utsuho Reiuji, Rin Kaenbyou, Kisume, Yamame Kurodani and Parsee Mizuhashi (All L1)!

We were also promised another couple of costumes, being for Seiga Kaku and Yoshika Miyako, and they have arrived! Yoshika appears to have a similar-ish theme to Futo and Tojiko who came before, with a new shaku and brush, it looks like? Meanwhile, Seiga has decided to opt for the elegant hermit-themed costume! But hailing from the Animal Realm will see both Saki Kurokoma and Yachie Kicchou follow up with costumes of their own next month!

Unfortunately, no Fantasy Rebirth 2.0 News this month, but hopefully we get some next month instead!

It's the turn of Seija, Shinmuoumaru, Iku and Tenshi for their Mirrors of Rebirth!

Meanwhile, even more Hifuu: Code Bm3 cast members are planning their turn for Mirrors of Rebirth! Including Reisen Udongein Inaba (B5), Junko (B2), Seiran (B3), Ringo (B3) and Reisen (B3)!

More Divine Spirit Mausoleum Rebirth costumes come, this time for Seiga Kaku and Yoshika Miyako!

As for next month, Saki Kurokoma and Yachie Kicchou will be coming out of their shells and breaking a leg for those Mirrors!

LostWord's Bizarre Events

As we have maid it to January, it's a tradition that it comes with a new event with maid costumes and the Scarlet Devil Mansion, and this time, we have new costumes for Ibaraki-Douji's Arm, Rumia, Cirno and Daiyousei! Let's remind ourselves of the trailer for that event below:

Speaking of traditions, Touhou LostWord JP like their events pertaining to cheerleader-themed costumes and games in a stadium, and this is demonstrated by rerunning events such as Anti-Misfortune Grand Prix and The Secret God Games!

The Anti-Misfortune Grand Prix and The Secret God Games reruns are returning before a new event!

So what about this new event to look forward to?

Road-rolling in with 3 new costumes! Yuugi Hoshiguma goes full cheerleader with her Parsee plushie, Nue Houjuu identifies herself as another cheerleader, and Ichirin Kumoi as usual, is thought it was Unzan, but it was I...nevermind! Both Ichirin and Unzan are looking surprisingly cool for an event like this, but it's very welcome!

Cheerleaders Yuugi and Nue, as well as Ichirin and Unzan who 'stand' strong with their awesome look here!

Merch and More

With the important content related to Touhou LostWord JP itself pretty much covered now, we as usual have to go over the awesome merch and more news about LostWord Live 2024!

The following merch includes TSUTAYA goods, Seven Print Paper Stands, Reimu Stand Panels (God Summoning Shaman), a Picture Book, and some Tour dates for Butaotome!

More information about LostWord Live: Will be held in the Kawasaki City's Club CITTA Venue and features the following Circles: A-One, Kishida Kyoudan & The Akeboshi Rockets, ShinRa-Bansho, Sekken'ya, Tokyo Active NEETs and Butaotome!

Printed Paper Stands for Ran Yakumo, Chen, Keine Kamishirasawa, Kaguya Houraisan and Fujiwara no Mokou!

TSUTAYA merch, including polyester figures of our favourite characters, mini towels with Story Card art, large towels, magazine illustrations for your room (F3 size), flags of Story Card art, acrylic blocks with Story Card art, and maze keychains!

Tsutaya buyers will also be able to get their own benefit stickers of F1 Reimu, Z1 Marisa, E9 Remilia, E1 Flandre and E1 Sakuya!

Reimu Stand Panels will be available, with an approximate 150cm height of F1 Reimu Hakurei!

A Picture Book, including arranges of Touhou themes!

Butaotome have their Tour dates for 2024 above, ranging from February to April of this year!

And one more thing! There will be a Repost Campaign, where the Touhou LostWord JP Twitter account has to be followed, and the post about the Repost Campaign has to be reposted.

Outro and Next Live Stream

And that's the first Touhou LostWord JP Live Stream of 2024! I wonder how the Fate Value Feature will be once we get to grips with how it all will work, but it should be fun regardless! Anyways, as for next time, we know it will be starting on February 27th 2024 at 19:00 JST, and then we get to hear Nitori's MV, as well as much more!

The date for the 2nd 2024 live stream!

Hopefully you all enjoyed the live stream and/or this recap, and until next time, thank you as always for supporting Touhou LostWord!

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