190 Guaranteed Pulls - Kourindou Roulette Renewed!

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Spiiiin the wheel!

Around the first month of LostWord, players were blessed with a special event: the Kourindou Roulette! This extended event provided players with ten days of at least 10 free Prayers a day as long as they logged in during the event's runtime. Well, older players won't have to reminisce about the old days anymore, as the roulette is being renewed from March 25th to April 30th! For those who might be unfamiliar about the campaign, here is how it works.

Every account will gain access to the roulette after completing the Prologue/Tutorial - if you don't see it pop up right away, either return to the title screen via menu --> back to title, or simply close and re-open the app. For each day you log in during the roulette's period, you will randomly be given either 10, 20, 30, or 100 Prayers on a specially marked pseudo-banner. The way the provided Prayers works is exactly the same as pulling on the general Prayer, with the chance to pull any General Pool Friend from the game's launch to the end of February. This translates to every General Friend except for Letty Whiterock, Seiga Kaku, and Sekibanki (sorry you three, you were too slow...).

You must use the Prayers by the end of the day you received them; if you do not, they will vanish. These do not stack, so remember to use them right when you obtain them. They're giving them away for free, so take advantage of them! These free Prayers exist in their own separate banner and thus do not provide any benefit of Exchange Points (similar to the general Prayer option). 

Additionally, you do not need to consecutively log in every day for all your roulette Prayers. If you spent 4 days in a roll spinning the wheel, you are allowed to take a break and not log in once and you wouldn't miss out on day five. Of course, just make sure to do all your ten days before the 37-day runtime expires.

If you do not get a 100 Prayer day on the first nine days, you will be guaranteed 100 Prayers on the tenth and final day. Otherwise, if you get a 100 Prayer day at least once in those first nine days, you are not guaranteed a 100 Prayer on the final day. Like the other nine days, you must use this final Prayer day, 100 or otherwise, by 0:00 UTC the following day or you will lose the Prayers, even if it is your final day.

Because of this, you are ensured a minimum of 190 Prayers with the worst luck: 10 from the first nine days and 100 from the final. Any 20 or 30 pulls you manage to pick up will only further benefit you, though as stated before you do not ensure an extra 100 Prayers if you managed to land on it before day ten. 

Rinnosuke: The Man Behind the Roulette

As for Rinnosuke himself… well, he’s kind of a dork. A half-human half-youkai, he owns the antique shop, Kourindou, on the outskirts of the Forest of Magic. A calm and collected fellow, and a bit of a know-it-all, he has the ability to determine the name and purpose of any object made by a human—though thanks to his lack of a modern education, he can draw some rather strange conclusions, such as judging a Nintendo Gameboy to be a doomsday device. If you let him ramble on too long he can keep you for hours with his explanations. He’s on friendly terms with Marisa Kirisame (who may or may not have pulled some strings to score you some free Prayers), and is the creator of the Mini-Hakkero, the portable furnace that Marisa carries around and enables her to fire off her Master Spark. Like Marisa he’s also a major hoarder, though he’ll never admit it, meaning he rarely sells his wares. He’s even managed to con Marisa out of the Kusanagi no Tsurugi which, for some reason, was just laying about her house. Perhaps that’s why he has so many Seal Cubes on hand for all those Prayers… 

If you want to find out more about Rinnosuke, check out Curiosities of Lotus Asia (also a fantastic way to learn more about Gensokyo), or just wait for him to show up in LostWord!

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