3x Daily Presents: April 7th to 14th!

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Article by NekuMargatroid

April 7th's Morning Present! Even if all x80 scrolls do not seem to be listed, trust me, they are there.

Hi Friends! We've got a small but very special event currently ongoing: the return of 3x Daily Presents! This event first occurred in LostWord Global exactly a month ago, in which presents were sent to players' mail three times a day, with some rather good gifts! (More information on the previous eventcan be found in the article linked below for those who are curious.) Instead of Utsuho Reiuji delivering our presents, the white wolf tengu Momoji Inubashiri has taken her place. 

For those who are confused on how this will work: presents are sent into the players' Mail on the main menu screen at 3 set times each day: 15:00, 20:00, and 2:00 (of the next day) UTC. You do not need to worry about collecting these presents right as they appear, as you have 24 hours after they spawn to collect them! You might not see them in your mail despite a notification going off at first. To solve this, simply restart the app or return to the title screen with the Menu to refresh the page so your gifts appear

The table below highlights each gift given at each speciifc time. It's up to you which gift seems like the best if you cannot collect them all, but the 5000 Spirit PointsStory Cards, and even high amount of materials of all rarities are always great to have!

Full Table of Early April Mail Presents
Date Morning Present (15:00 UTC) Afternoon Present (20:00 UTC) Evening Present (2:00 UTC)
April 7th-8th Every Scroll (2) x80 Spirit P x5000 4* Story Card Midnight Tea x5
April 8th-9th Every Medicine (2) x40 Coins x15000 Every Tile (3) x80
April 9th-10th Every X Book (2) x30 Every Tile (1) x80 Guaranteed Friend Ritual x1
April 10th-11th Every Book (2) x30 Every Scroll (1) x160 Every Superior Wood x10
April 11th-12th Every Tile (2) x40 3* Story Card Valued Tools of the Trade x5 Seal Crystal x10
April 13th-14th Every X Book (3) x15 Wagashi x15 Every Scroll (3) x40
April 14th-15th Every Tile (2) x40 Every Medicine (1) x160 5* Story Card Overwhelming Firepower x1
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