Dev Letter #20 Recap

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A brand new dev letter has arrived! There’s also a retweet campaign for event-limited story cards, such as Photogenic Girls, Magic Trio, and Bloody Order.


E1 Sakuya Izayoi gets a rerun while L80 Satori Komeiji was released last maintenance.

The Maid’s Chocolate Hell event is underway! Be sure to do the event and redeem a free Relic disk from the Rare points shop.

The Komeiji sisters got their Fantasy Rebirths during January, while Nitori and Daiyousei both got a 2.0 enhancement to their kits!

Fantasy Rebirth

The first three Ultra Festival characters, Z1 Marisa KirisameR8 Youmu Konpaku, and R2 Yuyuko Saigyouji all get their Anima modes on February 10. L1 Letty Whiterock and L1 Mamizou Futatsuiwa also get their Fantasy Rebirth on Februrary 24.


To aid with the fight, there’s a new banner and some packs for some Friends which specialize in Wood Element bullets to make the fight easier.

There are tasks to raise up both L1 Raiko Horikawa and L1 Takane Yamashiro. Be sure to do that, if you have the chance to do so

Finally, there’s a manga event coming around the corner on February 10.

Chapter 4 Act 2

Chapter 4 Act 2 will be released on February 10! Here are some images to get players hyped up for it.

Doremy, Keine, Okuu, Orin, Eiki, Komachi, Kutaka, and even Kasen’s arm?

Some brand new story cards will be farmable in Chapter 4 Act 2. Be sure to farm them when possible!

Countdown campaign

An update to the main story! By progressing through the story,, you can get a copy of the 5⭐ Story Card My Fair Little Lady as well as a Divine Paper Doll.

A Discord event will begin on February 10! Be sure to join the server to participate in the fun!


L80 Youmu Konpaku will be released on February 3! Outputting a major amount of damage with the ability to support the team to boot, Youmu can do a lot of things!

Be sure to do the Ruins of Memory stage as well to not only understand the lore and obtain the 5⭐ Story Card Disillusion tied to the stage, but to also get some burners for superior enhancement!

To celebrate L80 Youmu’s release, there’s a pack to buy three costumes at once, as well as a giveaway! Be sure to follow the official Twitter account and join the Discord server for more info


Starter packs

A ritual that not only guarantees L1 Festival character, but also another ritual that can unlock an A-type Festival friend.


Valentine's Day login bonus

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