Dev Letter #3 Recap

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NextNinja had an exciting stream on 9/21! In case you didn’t watch it or would prefer a summary, here’s a recap of all the news. If you want to watch the stream for yourself, you can check it out by clicking here.

New BGM CD - Disillusion

Another song for the Touhou LostWord music video project has dropped: this time, Disillusion, featuring Youmu Konpaku! You can give it a listen above, and if you want to hear it again and again, good news: The BGM CD for it is being added as a login bonus for everyone. 

Community Event

An event involving community participation was announced! All you have to do is take a screenshot of your homescreen with your favorite Friend set, and then either post it on Twitter (making sure to @touhouLW_Global) or in a special channel on the official Discord, including a few words about why they’re your favorite. If 1000 people total do this between Discord and Twitter, all players will get 15 Seal Crystals! 

For the record, my favorite Friend currently in the game is Youmu Konpaku - she’s cool, funny, I dig her swords, and how she’s kind of a tomboy!

Main Story Update

Eagerly awaiting the continuation of Chapter 3? Me too, we sure were left on a dramatic cliffhanger. Come October, players will be going back to the Hakugyouku Arena in Chapter 3: Act 2. For owners of Okina Matara, the Story Card that drops in this chapter is by far her best Story Card, so don’t miss out!

Additionally, the health of all enemies in the Prologue will be significantly reduced - making it easier for our new friends to get situated in Gensokyo.

New Event

The next event has been announced: Dine & Dream Nemunoki! It seems this time around the featured character is Nemuno Sakata - there’s some sort of challenge going out to all the chefs of Gensokyo!? This culinary showdown will run from 9/24 to 10/12. Additionally, if you’re the type who likes your food Extra-spicy, you can expect things to be fired up when Extra starts on 10/1!


Not sure who Nemuno is, or perhaps you’re looking for a rundown about the event? Don’t worry, we’ll have guides coming up soon for the event as well as the cast. Remember, this event will be tougher than events before (and after) it, so bring your best Friends to the plate!

New Friend!

The Mysterious Sword Master, Youmu Konpaku, will be added to the game soon with a Ultra Festival which will last from 9/25 to 10/12. We’ll have more details up about her soon!

Quality of Life Improvements

Are you wondering what your Friends are saying in battle? Good news, subtitles have been added to the Journal, so you’ll be able to find out exactly what they’re talking about! Additionally, the Custom Home feature will be added: this will let you set up to six different pairs of Friends alongside BGM CDs to grace your homescreen. These pairs can be rotated manually on the homescreen, and will automatically rotate every time you go back to the homescreen - you can either set the order, or enable an option to make the order random.

You’ll also be able to zoom in or zoom out on the Friend on the Home Screen. The layout of the Home Screen has also slightly changed.

Upcoming Campaigns

That's not all. We’ll also be getting a few extra campaigns: First, a Fantasy Rebirth Login Bonus, which will include a ton of free Mirrors to help you Fantasy Rebirth Reimu Hakurei and Marisa Kirisame! There's also a login bonus (dubbed part 1, meaning there'll another one coming?!) for the upcoming Ultra Festival banner - including a Divine Doll on the first day! Make sure not to miss either, you have from 9/25 until 10/27 to get those sweet bonuses just for logging in. Additionally, the EXP gained from having Friends in School will be tripled from 10/1 to 10/12.

There will also be a Yukari and Kasen rerun banner at some point.

Commemoration Present

Lastly, there will be 15 Seal Crystals and 4500 Coins sent out to everyone as a present for the stream, so check your mail for those!