Dev Letter #6 Recap

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Hi Friends! The latest Dev Letter just released, and there's a whole litany of news! This handy dandy rundown will give you a recap of everything they talked about - and if you're the type who prefers to listen to things yourself, you can check it out, embedded above.

New Friends

We’ve got some highly anticipated new Friends coming with the 12/24 maintenance - both the Hifuu Lost Word version of Reimu Hakurei, alongside Sagume Kishin! Additionally, the Hifuu Lost Word version of Youmu Konpaku will join a few days later, on 12/26. Between the three of them, my poor Seal Crystals are probably done for…

'Tis the Season for Bullets

A new event was announced! How do you celebrate the end of the year and the start of the next one in Gensokyo? With Bullets and Spell Cards, of course! Though, what’s this about a Patron Saint of Learning…? Perhaps Gensokyo just doesn’t know about Santa. …Say, do you think Santa would be a youkai by now?

The Great Mochi From Space

Not quite a full event, this new mini sort of event features you and your best Friends going up against…well, a great mochi from space! Whilst it has an utterly daunting health pool, you don’t need to kill it - simply whack on it until the bar crosses over to the other side, and then claim your spoils! Or for the truly bold who wish to attack and dethrone mochi, you can try to take it down, which will also qualify for victory. May want to get your Flandre Scarlet trained up now, if such is your ambition - sure, there's no bonus rewards in it, but when has that ever stopped anyone?

Guaranteed Festival Banner

A new banner was announced - 300 God Crystals for a 10-pull, with at least one Festival friend from those included, up to three times. Perfect for those of you who love to see what the gacha bestows upon you! ...Like me.

New Music Cover & Spotify News

The latest Music Video from the MV project was annoucned - this time, a global-first collab with both RichaadEB and Caleb Hyles! I'll admit, i'm something of a fangirl over the two, so seeing them cover Night-Splitting Light is a joy - and not only are they fantastic to listen to, the video's great too. Give it a watch and a listen!

Additionally, it was announced that six previous entries into the Music Video Project are now available on Spotify! Simply search for "LostWord" and give a listen - even a song that hasn't been added to the global channel yet is there!

Login Campaigns

It's Christmas time, and as such we have not one, not two, but three login bonuses coming - including a Home BGM CD of the previously shown cover of Night-Splitting Light!

New Fantasy Rebrith

Two new Fantasy Rebirths were announced - and with them, new Fantasy Rebirth costumes! I have to say, i'm a particularly big fan of Patchouli's - she's just so gorgeous in that grand magus getup...Who do you plan to rebirth? Remember, the new ability to burn Skill Books for instant training completion is there for you if you have a stockpile and want to rebirth them sooner.

12 Days of Touhou Lost Word

You didn't think they'd leave us with just three login bonuses for Christmas, would you? No, we've got far more coming - including twelve days of free Prayers, ten a day for 120 total, and some spiffy presents daily, including a Divine Doll on New Years Day! Perfect to help you uncap those new Hifuu LostWord units.

Winter Dialogue Share Campaign

A new campaign was announced - post your Home Friend's Winter Dialogue in a new channel made for that purpose on the official LostWord Discord, and if we reach 1000 total users sharing their dialogue, everyone gets a nice stocking stuffer of books, dust, Seal Crystals, and mirrors! ...I sure am glad we don't have to shift through that physically.

Christmas Letters From the Dev Team

The dev team for LostWord shared some nice christmas cards with us. They're so cute - I particulraly love the Reimu and Marisa all cuddled up under a scarf, but the Patchouli's energy is compelling as well. goodness, I wonder who might be that friend at the bottom left...any guesses? It's such an enigma...

New Costumes

As with every new major event, some new costumes based on Tis the Season for Bullets will be added - some really good and cute ones too, I personally can’t wait to pick up Reisen’s, Sagume’s, and Eirin’s! The New Years skins were announced as well, to help ring in 2022 - those are some gorgeous kimonos, I'm jealous.

As a reminder, these costumes are only for the base version of friends - your new Shaman and Gardener will not be able to use them. They're too busy being fashionable in their cyberpunk drip.

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