Dev Letter #8 Recap

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Hi Friends! It's been less than a month, but Phantasma and Caroline are back for yet another Dev Letter presentation! This time, a lot of the information was shown regarding the future of Touhou LostWord's updates in the next coming months...and I do mean a lot. As usual, there was so much that including every bit of information here would be downright exhausting, for both you and myself. If you want to check out anything we missed, please watch the Dev Letter above; they put a lot of hard work into these.

This recap will go over the main points revealed for the coming February 18th update, along with some extras that will come in the near future.

New Friend

Only a singular one this time, yes, but a very important one at that. Watatsuki no Yorihime (Peace Temple of Modesty and Devotionwill be making her grand debut in Touhou LostWord on her own Ultra Festival Prayer starting February 18th and ending February 28th! Clearly she's from an alternative world, as expected from an Ultra Festival friend. She does look a bit similar to her normal self, but with an extra collection of gun-blades, as any proper princess should. What world is she from, though...? Well, I'm glad you asked!

Hifuu LostWord EX Begins!

Coinciding with the release of the Ultra Festival moon princess is the beginning of Hifuu LostWord's Extra Story! For those who are familiar with Hifuu Lostword from way back in November, we can finally continue the story that ended on a tight cliffhanger! Well in reality, both this and Main Story Chapter 3 are being held on cliffhangers, the most natural state for any suspenseful tale. 

The appearances of many characters (both new and...old?) and settings were revealed in the presentation, but to both keep this article concise and prevent spoilers for those who do not desire them, check out the Dev Letter itself for more details. Or wait to play it yourself when it releases February 18th!

New Game Mode: Elemental EX Battle!

Were the 100 floors of Scarlet Devil Tower too trivial for you? Fear not, a new series of challenging content is beginning to be released, starting with the Moon EX Battle Stage on February 18th! It appears that this content will favor the element outlined in the battle's title, so for this case any Moon Friends will greatly come in handy. Eirin Yagokoro, Reisen Udongein Inaba, Watatsuki no Yorihime...just to name a few. As the image states, this content is still in development, so expect more updates and information in the coming future!

In addition to the battle's increased drop rate for golden materials and EXP, its rare Story Card drop, Anniversary at the SDM, was shown off! A very strong debuffing card with even stronger stat sticks, I suppose there is a reason why this is behind a difficult boss battle...

Additionally, a Moon-focused Festival Prayer will be featured during this Event's runtime! Iku Nagae, Watatsuki no Yorihime, Sagume Kishin, and Eirin Yagokoro will be featured to assist players in their attempts to clear the fight!

The Step 5 God Crystal Step UP of this prayer guarantees a featured Friend, unlike other Step UPs!

Last but not least, three special campaigns will be featured for this battle alone, including Twitter submissions, casual Discord submissions, and a guide-creation competition that will be featured on this site as well as an $100 gift card! Expect more information on that last one soon.

Kosuzu Motoori Case Files Event Rerun: Lite Ver.

The third event of LostWord Global, The Kosozu Motoori Case Files, will be getting a rerun from February 18th to February 28th! While a rerun, with everything else currently happening in the game, perhaps it is a good time for a new event break. For those unfamiliar, this event involves the magicians of Gensokyo (except for Byakuren, she was too busy...) coming together to solve a case for the Hieda no Akyuu and Hieda residence! Everyone got to try on some detective clothing, and Marisa Kirisame's costume even comes for free!

This event will be a Lite version, similar to The Little Sister Contest's rerun. The event will run for a shorter period of time, but it will require less points to obtain the rewards!

Standard Prayer and Ritual Update

Another addition to the February 18th update will be more additions to the Standard Friend and Story Card Prayer pools! While only 2 tengu are joining the Friend Pool, they will still help you in a pinch whenever you need it. Some of the Story Cards being added to the general pool, such as Dropping Keystones, isn't that bad either!

Quality of Life Updates

There will be many Quality of Life changes to Touhou LostWord after February 18th maintenance, and the two images below summarize the important aspects rather well. So here is just a quick list of what will be changed on the UI and in other places:

  • Mass Unlock for Friends and Story Cards, allowing for several of each to be locked/unlocked without doing it one at a time.
  • Prayer Details can be more easily accessed on a Prayer's image.
  • Several Story Card UI improvements, including strengthening your Story Cards with new items and Mass Limit Breaking.
  • Universe Classification System: Read more about the world each Friend originates from!
  • The ability to hop straight to Hifuu LostWord from the home screen.

Many worlds have been discovered throughout LostWord's runtime...try to read up on all of them!

Daily 10 Prayers and Presents

As a bonus gift, players will be given a free 10 prayer pull daily for the next 10 days after February 18th maintenance, along with daily presents! You can see what will be given out below, including an appealing Congress of Sages Story Card! Don't miss out!

More Distant Future of LostWord

Those are the main items that will be released immediately after the February 18th maintenance, but there are still plenty of other goodies to look forward to!

Future Fantasy Rebirth

Along with Hong Meiling and Sakuya Izayoi's Fantasy Rebirths coming February 18th, the next two entries in the Fantasy Rebirth collection have been revealed: Sunny Milk and Lily White! Expect to collect their mirrors starting March 24th!

Haru desu yo! Campaign

That translates to "It's Spring!" in case you didn't know. With only less than a month away from Spring, a new campaign was announced to begin March 1st! What will it involve? We'll have to wait and see.

Upcoming Yuyuko Saigyoiji MV

We've already had a fair collection of Music Video Projects for LostWord, including many songs that you can still get for logging in right now! A future one for Yuyuko Saigyouji has been announced to come in the very near future...and she looks happy about it!

Main Story Chapter 3 Finale Coming Soon!

The finale of Main Story Chapter 3 has been announced! However, we are uncertain of the release date and can only hope future information will be provided later. Given how huge Act 3 was, I don't blame them for being a bit exhaused.

With Sporadically Margaret, Silver Gale, and The Moon and Izayoi, there's 9 music video home BGMs you can get now just from logging in!

A remix of the Touhou LostWord main theme by Frozen Starfall has been announced for March!


February Campaign and Login Bonus Overview

Just like last Dev Letter, here is an image outlining the campaigns and login bonuses throughout late February and early March. As expected, the Fantasy Rebirth will include mirrors for the shown Friends and some Fortune Dust, the event rerun will feature the event Story Cards and some nice Spirit Points, and Code Bm3 will provide some other good items. The Comeback & Starter Login Bonus has also seen a revamp, which is shown below!

What are you excited to see from the February 18th Update?



What are you most excited about from Dev Letter #8?

New Yorihime!
Hifuu EX Story
EX Moon Boss
Free Prayers and Presents!
Incoming QoL
Ritual Update
Meiling/Sakuya Rebirth
Double Errand Drops
Motoori Case Files Rerun
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