Guaranteed Friend Ritual Updating Soon!

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Hi Friends! Do you already have all the units in the Guaranteed Friend Ritual pool? Perhaps you have your eyes set on one outside of it. Good news in either instance: the pool is about to be expanded! It will now include all general (that is, Festival and Ultra Festival are excluded) characters released until the end of August. It doesn’t matter if you use tickets you earned before or after this update - once the pool is expanded, all Friend Rituals will use the new pool. A full list of the characters to be added is included below.

Please note that if you want one of these characters, do not use a Guaranteed Friend Ritual until maintenance on 9/14 is over. They will not be added until then. Inversely, if you want a character who’s currently in the Friend Ritual pool, you’re best off using your tickets before maintenance, as they will have lower odds once the pool is expanded.