Hifuu LostWord - Code B3: Story and Character Introduction

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Around half anniversary, Touhou LostWord Global added a second story mode on top of the currently existing main story; “Hifuu LostWord”, which mainly features the Secret Sealing Club members, Renko Usami and Maribel Hearn, as its main cast members, along with “You”, the main character and first person point of view of Hifuu LostWord (for the sake of this article, I’ll be referring to “You” as “Lossy” to avoid confusion in reading). In the spirit of the official Secret Sealing Club CD stories written by ZUN, it is mysterious, vague, and revolves around complicated subject matter like science, religion and the nature of dreams. This article will give a brief introduction to the B3 story and its original characters.


Lossy awakens in a strange, broken dream world; one that she describes as far more real than any before, as if her physical body was truly transported into the dream. The setting is a broken and distorted version of Gensokyo, even if she isn't aware of that yet.

But before Lossy can get her bearings, she awakens from the dream, back to the real world. The real world for Lossy being her “research lab”: a huge, open room with bookshelves ceiling high, and a single large desk in the middle. 

Shortly after Lossy awakens, two girls wander right into her lab as if by chance, marveling at the place as a perfect hideout in the woods. They exchange pleasantries, and introduce themselves as Renko Usami and Maribel Hearn, University students studying physics. Renko and Maribel decide to tell Lossy their true purpose and why they wandered into her study; they are the sole two members of the Secret Sealing Club, a club which serves to investigate the spiritual and supernatural. After a while, Renko and Maribel go back home as it’s getting dark, and Lossy falls asleep, determined to see them again…

The Hifuu LostWord story isn't difficult to clear on Normal difficulty, nor does it necessarily require reading the main story first, so you can jump in at any time! Here are some character introductions for the main 6 incident resolvers of B3.

Supporting Line

Code: Servant regrets losing her ability to manipulate time; the perfect ability for the perfect maid. Even when powerless, she still holds a desire to protect her new comrades and the Scarlet she was used to long ago. Thankful for her remaining existence, her enhancements take the powers of who she used to know and utilizes it for her own means.

Code: Oracle used to be able to cause miracles and restore the health of others. It was an extraordinary power, one befitting someone that defines themselves as a “living god”. Without it, can she truly live up to the expectations that others used to put on her? Recalling the power of other gods she knew, Oracle seems confident in taking a new step with this miraculous technology.

Front Line

Code: Soldier faces a very tense dilemma: fighting against former allied youkai rabbits as she fights for her own master and princess. Along with potentially having to fight other rabbits she knew, she has lost her powerful eyes which cause insanity in those who look at them. Being forced to take on these challenging conditions, she takes up her new weapon and prosthetic eyes, hoping to resolve the conflict and see a new future.

Code: Gardener formerly held great power within her swords; the power to cut anything. Now, they have turned into merely average weapons. Her phantom half, while still present, is now unable to move and assist her human half in combat. Cutting through everything used to make combat trifling, but without that privilege, she must find a new strength in her enhanced cyber-blades. She strives to take the first step to return to the swordmaster she used to be.

Command Line

Code: Shaman appears to be one of the friends most driven to win the Lunar War. Standing out as the leader of the group of the Lunar War Combatants, she is the one making most of the plans for the group. Being more serious than some of her comrades, she lost the ability to manipulate spirit power and her yin-yang orbs, and now relies on technology to carry out her duties as a shrine maiden. With firearms named after past allies and a new Yin Yang Orb Drive, Shaman is prepared to show her comrades the path to victory.

Code: Enchanter serves as the second-in-command, following in Shaman’s footsteps. Her old mentality of bullet battles being all about power doesn't work when her Mini-Hakkero don’t function when used by herself anymore. To compensate, she decided to combine the Mini-Hakkero with a gigantic launcher, naturally having many replacements when the need for heavy firepower is needed. Fitting for an Enchanter, her new outfit is suited with magical golems to replace her previous magician garb.

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