[JP News] 5/29/2023 Live Stream Recap

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Another Month, another Touhou LostWord JP Live Stream to enjoy! This time, we were met with some more news including the MV Project, Fantasy Rebirth, VS Divergent Spirits, and of course, a new Friend!

Of course, we have to give our Spoiler Warning here! With JP News comes new surprises along the way, and if you want to go in blind for an eventual Global announcement of a specific piece of news, feel free to stop reading now. For those who wish to delve into the news, let’s waste no more time and go into all the details, with a link to the Live Stream below as well!

MV Project News

For those who missed it last month, we have our reminder of Patchouli Knowledge’s MV that came out last month called “(TT) Precious Words” by IOSYS x Haruko Momoi!

Tei-tei-te-tei tei-te-tei-te-tei

Tei-tei-te-tei tei-te-tei-tei

Tei-tei-te-tei tei-te-tei-te-tei

Tei-tei-te-tei tei-te-tei-tei


But enough of that, we have some news about the MV Project! Are you watching, Junko fans? Good, because she will be getting her own MV in the future! More details to be announced in a future live stream.

Junko confirmed for a future MV!

And as mentioned in the last JP Live Stream, a lot of the MVs will be available on the DAM Karaoke App, from The Heat of my Fingertips to TataeLost!

New Character Reveal

It’s a miracle! After her first appearance in the Interlude section of the main story, our yellow haired variant of Sanae Kochiya (The Overlapping of a Human and God) is finally with us! She faithfully arrives as an Epic Friend with the Support Class, and of course, we will be seeing more of that Rank II action we previously saw from a certain pair of Scarlet Sisters! Here is some information pertaining to Sanae below:

Our New Epic Support unit in the form of our Main Story's yellow haired variant of Sanae Kochiya!

VS Divergent Spirits

Coming into the same alongside our new shrine maiden above is a new Divergent Spirits Stage: VS Hecatia Lapislazuli (B3)! The card in question has Aya on it, but soon we will get more info for it. JP also has a few Divergent Spirits stages and respective farmable Story Cards scheduled in June 2023 too:

New VS Divergent Spirits Stage: Hecatia (B3)

(Rerun) June 8th: Remilia Scarlet (E9) EX + Cleaning

(Rerun) June 15th: Sanae Kochiya (A10) + Lunatic Red Eyes

(NEW) June 23rd: Shiki Eiki, Yamaxanadu (L1) + Disillusion!


Wait, Relic Youmu before Relic Kanako? That sounds familiar…

We also get our respective Prayers accompanying these stages, such as:

L1 Hecatia + B3 Sagume on June 8th

L1 Keiki + E1 Meiling on June 15th

L1 Nue + E1 Koakuma on June 23rd

Fantasy Rebirth

Now it’s time for Fantasy Rebirth news! From mirror stages, to costumes, to previews of next month, to enhancements, look no further than below! Wriggle Nightbug, Mystia Lorelei, Keine Kamishirasawa, Joon Yorigami and Shion Yorigami are getting their mirror stages and rebirth soon, with the friends following up next month being Okina Matara, Mai Teireida, Satono Nishida and Aunn Komano! (Hidden Star in Four Rebirths?)

For the costumes though, we have (drum roll please…) Nemuno Sakata and Raiko Horikawa enjoying their new costumes, with Nemuno having her own fumo? Raiko gifted new and pristine drumsticks? Good thing the DDC cast will be sure to get more love next month as both Benben and Yatsuhashi Tsukumo are next in line for Rebirth Costumes!

And of course, with Fantasy Rebirth 2.0 Enhancements, Yukari is finally getting some of her own! Also joining her for more buffs are Sakuya Izayoi, Kosuzu Motoori, Hieda no Akyuu, Benben Tsukumo and Yatsuhashi Tskumo (All L1)!

Mystia, Wriggle, Joon, Shion and Keine all next up for Rebirth!

Next month, the doors will open for Okina, Mai, Satono and Aunn!

Raiko and Nemuno's Rebirth Costumes

Both Benben and Yatsuhashi Tsukumo will be getting their costumes next month!

For a better idea on who is getting what kind of Fantasy Rebirth 2.0 enhancements, here is what to expect from them below:

Shot Enhancements: Yukari

Spell Card Enhancements: Sakuya, Yukari, Benben, Yatsuhashi

Last Word Enhancements: Sakuya, Yukari

Skill Enhancements: Sakuya, Kosuzu, Akyuu

Passive Enhancements: Sakuya


Before we jump right into the stuff that will come in June, let’s remind ourselves of the current ongoing event, featuring our three beloved Matriarchs, Saki Kurokoma, Yachie Kicchou, and the new Yuuma Toutetsu, all rocking some awesome outfits!

And now with present JP event matters out of the way, let’s look at what we know of in the future, such as event reruns! These haven’t seen the light of day in the Global version, but maybe one day, who knows.

We have a Fast Food Themed event being reran, featuring Nitori, Kutaka and Takane, as well as our Prismriver-Themed event featuring all 3 Prismriver Sisters and Raiko!

But wait, there’s more! After those 2 events will come a brand new event, as well as 4 brand new costumes, for Remilia, Utsuho, Marisa and Shion!
Wait, Rinnosuke? What are you doing here? Why do you have a new costume? I thought you weren't playable!
Correction: We have 5 new costumes, but against all odds, a certain tool connoisseur decided to surprise us all with a new costume that doesn’t look like one we can buy. How unfortunate.

New costumes for Remilia, Utsuho, Marisa and Shion!

You never cease to amaze us, Rinnosuke.

Miscellaneous News

We also have a few other things to go over, such as the Free Ultra Festival Friend Prayer on JP that costs 600 God Crystals and some new campaigns in JP, such as 3x EXP stages and Friend Power-Up (with tasks and rewards)!

For a reminder of JP’s current Everyone Wins Campaign, if you logged in every day, you should have made the required days logged in by now. Goods there are looking to be given out by late June. We have a slight Quality of Life improvement regarding what Paper Dolls to use when Limit Breaking a Friend. Last but not least though, we have our monthly Gensokyo Tales of Fantasy announcement!

One-Time Guaranteed Ultra Festival Prayer, which costs 600 God Crystals.

New JP Campaigns: Quests, Rewards, EXP.

Everyone Wins Campaign: Rewards to be given out to those who are entered by late June.

A tiny new Quality of Life improvement for easier specification of Limit Breaking Materials.


Another tradition for these live streams is to showcase some awesome merch related to Touhou LostWord! We have some images below:

Acrylic Art for both Luxury Frames and Tabletops! Includes in-game Story Cards such as Bonds of Blood, The Mansion’s Two Beauties, A Perfect Day For Errands, and more!

LostWord themed goods relating to Smartphones, iPhones and cases! Would be very fitting to play this very game with these devices!

Pre-Order acceptance periods for these goods (May 29th-June 11th 2023)

Next Live Stream

To close off this recap, we actually have a date for the 31st Touhou LostWord JP live stream! This one will take place next month: June 27th 19:00 JST (or 10:00 UTC), and it will feature Tokyo Active NEETS! Their music has been used for multiple Friends’ themes in the game, and they even worked on the MV “Boundary of Time”, so mark your calendars for next month, because I’m sure it will be interesting to see what it has in store for all of us!

Tokyo Active NEETS hype for next month!

And that’s it for this recap everyone! Hope you enjoyed this live stream and/or recap, and until next time, hopefully you continue to enjoy Touhou LostWord!

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