[JP News] 6/28 Stream Recap

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Spoiler warning! This will go over the content that was just recently announced for the Japanese version of Touhou Lostword. To be more precise, it will go through content for their 2nd Anniversary, Fantasy Rebirths, Quality of Life changes, merch, MV, and the most recent character to be released on the Japanese server.

New MV Project!

The next part of the Touhou LostWord MV Project, Be the change, is out now on LostWord JP's Youtube! This track features the Chinese Girl herself, Hong Meiling, and was made in collaboration with Yuka Otsubo and DIGITAL WING.

Song: Be the change

Artist: Touhou LostWord feat. Yuka Otsubo × DiGiTAL WiNG

Original Work: Touhou Project (Team Shanghai Alice)

Original Song: Shanghai Alice of Meiji 17

Lyrics: Sorane

Arrangement: Tsukasa

Planning & Music Production: Comp (Butaotome)

Music Video Production: Nanagi, Miyacha

Cafe Merchandise!

From 07/08 up until 07/28, there will be a collaboration between Touhou LostWord and Smile Base Cafe in Ikebukuro, Tokyo! The same collab will also be held in Shinsaibashi, Osaka during 07/16 to 07/30! This collab allows you to purchase Touhou LostWord merchandise and if you buy food, you can also get some nifty items! Check their Twitter out for more info!

Fantasy Rebirth Additions

The bibliophile duo, Kosuzu and Akyuu, reveal themselves in a new outfit from their Fantasy Rebirth! The Prismriver Sisters, Lunasa, Lyrica, and Merlin, also have a Rebirth scheduled after 06/30. Satori, Koishi, Rumia, Koakuma and Mamizou will all get a Fantasy Rebirth at the end of July. Another thing to look out for would be the strong buffs that are coming their way towards Sunny Milk, Reisen, Seiran, Ringo, Luna Child, and Star Sapphire with their Rebirth 2.0!

There comes an introduction of a new item called the Nameless Mirrors! These items can be used as a universal item for Fantasy Rebirth. Be sure to use these items to strengthen your characters even further!

QoL Updates

For this update, new UI updates will be received. First off, the Fantasy Rebirth UI will be completely changed which details what items are required to enhance your Friends, which also shows how many you currently have. Next up, the Mail UI will now have two tabs, "Received" and "Not Received" to differentiate the mail you have claimed and unclaimed. Lastly, we have the Fantasy Rebirth Stage UI, which will now receive a sorting option.

Another important point, L1 Yukari and L1 Kasen will both be moved to the Standard Prayer pool after maintenance.

Be warned that a huge spoiler will be presented from this point forward!

New Character Reveal!

A new character has been revealed! To be exact, it is a new type of character called the Relic characters, who are based around the Music Video Projects that Touhou LostWord has produced! The first of the bunch would be L80 Remilia, from the MV, ‘The Heat of My Fingertips.’ Her details can be seen below!

The Heat of My Fingertips, Remilia Scarlet (L80)


Yang ATK
Yang DEF

Friend Info

  • Regardless of attack, she'll buff people up pretty hard. I.E. She's an attack type who can support both types hard.
  • Inflicts Burn anomalies and can also break it.
  • Has Burn self-inflict to augment her power.
  • Passive gives 0.35P per turn.
  • Damage against enemies who resist and who she's effective against 30% UP

Spell Card and Last Word Effects

Single Target Spell Card


  • +2 CRIT ATK UP (3T)
  • +2 ACC UP (3T)


  • Gives 1.35P to self

All Target Spell Card


  • -2 CRIT EVA DOWN to all enemies (3T)
  • +2 Burn anomalies to all enemies (3T)
  • +1 Burn anomaly to target enemy (3T)

All Target Last Word


  • Party-wide +2 YIN ATK UP (3T)
  • Party-wide +2 YANG ATK UP (3T)
  • -2 CRIT DEF to all enemies (3T)


  • Restores 2 of own barriers

As a new type of Friend, these characters not only take up a new type of Doll (unofficially known as Relic Paper Doll), but also cost up to 350 Exchange Points to exchange.

L1 Remilia VS Boss Fight!

Touhou Lostword JP will also have new content which is a fight against L1’s very own Remilia Scarlet! The fight will drop a new story card which is bound to be powerful. When this fight comes around to Global, be on the lookout for a guide written here!

New Event

A new event was also announced to come during the livestream! It will feature new costumes for L1 Aya Shameimaru, L1 Hatate Himekaidou, and L1 Momiji Inubashiri.


Here are the other updates mentioned in the livestream:

  • Overall Adjustment in the character's voice
  • Account Deletion Function
  • Integration of Google Accounts
  • Improvement on display order in the story on Story Card screen
  • UI Improvement regarding the switching details for each gauge on detail screen for enemies with multiple gauges
  • iOS support for Version 11.0 and later
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