[JP News] 8/28/2023 Live Stream Recap ft. Yuuhei Satellite!

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Welcome to the 33rd Touhou LostWord JP Live Stream! As we reach the end of August, it seems we have been getting a recent pattern every 2 months, with a music circle serving as a special guest, from members of A-One on the 3 Year Anniversary, to Tokyo Active NEETS 2 months ago, and this time, we have Yuuhei Satellite joining in on the live stream! They are a rather prominent circle when it comes to Touhou, and you may have heard their music in various works, such as 2 songs in this very game’s MV Project! More on that later, though.

As usual, it’s time to give a spoiler warning in case you want to experience some of the content below on the Global version, especially when it comes to Friend releases for example. But with that out of the way, it’s time to orbit the stream announcements!

A little preview of what is to come! Including MV Project News, Update Information and more!

MV Project News

Last month announced that Byakuren Hijiri would be next in line for an MV, and if I had to describe it in one word, it would be bliss! This one is titled Holy Again by Touhou LostWord feat. Teresa × Hatsunetsumiko's! In addition, we have a Video Letter from Teresa. Namusan!

(Let's go to the holy river, fly away on the starship far away)

Even if we get separated

(Let's go to the land of vows far away, before to drown in your tears)

We're fated to meet again

Song: Holy Again

Artist: Touhou LostWord feat. Teresa × Hatsunetsumiko's

Original Work: Touhou Project (Team Shanghai Alice)

Original Music: Emotional Skyscraper ~ Cosmic Mind

Lyrics: Keiko Uda, Tim Vegas (Hatsunetsumiko's)

Arrangement: Tim Vegas (Hatsunetsumiko's)

Planning & Music Production: Comp (Butaotome)

Music Video Production: Nanagi

Teresa's Profile! She is a singer and actress from Taiwan and has featured in works such as a Netflix drama and music for other media!

The Concept Art of Remilia Scarlet (and her fingertips!)

2 months ago, when Tokyo Active NEETS were featured, we had a concept art sketch of Yuyuko as they contributed to Yuyuko’s MV “Boundary of Time”, and now this time, we go back to the very beginning of the MV Project, that so happens to feature Yuuhei Satellite! Below is the concept art of Remilia Scarlet as we know her from the MV “The Heat of my Fingertips”!

MV Project Remilia's art from sketches to how we know her!

New Character Reveal

Raseira! Raseira! Our 10th Relic is here! For over a year now, we’ve been wondering what would happen when we reach Moonlit Festival when it comes to Relic Friends, but the time has come…for only 1 of the 2 Eientei residents in the spotlight! Today, we are introduced to a new Relic variant of Kaguya Houraisan! She comes as a Technical Friend (like her L1 self) but she has something new that could be of interest to a lot of us, but more on that a little later.

I'm sure Reisen's time will come eventually though, we just have to be patient!

Deals 33% more damage with effective elements, has 133% Hard Scaling, gains defensive buffs from Burn and Paralyze anomalies and can inflict and break Burn anomalies!

All Voice Actors for our Kaguya of the Moonlit Festival MV:

Voice 1: Ami Mizuno

Voice 2: Yuko Ono

Voice 3: Satomi Akesaka

And now for the new mechanic alluded to earlier! This will make enemies weak to a specific element (e.g. Moon in the image below) for a number of turns, which will be interesting to see how this can work in the future. We'll probably find out more when Kaguya releases on the 31st, but it may be safe to assume that future Relic and Epic Friends will be getting this mechanic!

VS Divergent Spirits

And of course, we have a new VS Divergent Spirits Stage! This time, we will be up against Eirin Yagokoro (L1) and the Story Card will be Moonlit Festival, but where did Reisen go?! Maybe one day, she’ll get her own version of this card that doesn’t have Kaguya to balance things out.

In addition, we have a bit of a roadmap below in terms of the Previous Divergent Spirits stages that will be rerunning in September!

New VS Divergent Spirits Stage: Eirin Yagokoro (L1)

(Rerun) September 7th: Letty Whiterock (L1) + Infinity Garden

(Rerun) September 7th: Patchouli Knowledge (A6) + I'm Alright!

(Rerun) September 15th: Hecatia Lapislazuli (C3) + Beach Sanshoku Geidontei

(Rerun) September 23rd: Sakuya Izayoi (L1) + Silver Gale

Chapter 2 EX Finale

Yes, it looks like we will be getting a conclusion to Chapter 2 EX! From the desert to the tower, what awaits us on September 7th? We will find out soon!

Chapter 2 EX Finale to be released on September 7th!

Fantasy Rebirth

We have some Fantasy Rebirth Nues when it comes to Mirror Stages, Costumes and even 2.0 Upgrades! With Kogasa Tatara, Nue Houjuu and Kyouko Kasodani next to get access to Fantasy Rebirth! But it seems like Byakuren’s blessings have successfully spread across Myouren Temple, as Minamitsu Murasa, Ichirin Kumoi, Nazrin and Shou Toramaru are looking forward to get access to this at the end of September!

When it comes to costumes, Tewi Inaba and Sumireko Usami now have their costumes revealed! Tewi has a few visual similarities to a Y5 version of herself whereas Sumireko has the traditional white colored theme we are all familiar with! Meanwhile, Toyosatomimi no Miko and Hata no Kokoro are going to be next in line for costume reveals next month! Let’s hope they will look awesome!

And of course, Fantasy Rebirth 2.0 news is here! With 2.0 newcomers Momiji Inubashiri and Nemuno Sakata joining in, ones coming back for more include Marisa Kirisame, Patchouli Knowledge, Cirno, Alice Margatroid and Reisen Udongein Inaba!

Ohayou! 3 nue Fantasy Rebirths surprise us all in the form of Kogasa, Kyouko and Nue!

The Myouren Temple will soon be complete, as Murasa, Ichirin, Nazrin and Shou will get their Fantasy Rebirths next month!

Sumireko and Tewi's New Costumes!

Meanwhile, Miko and Kokoro will get costumes next month!

And below has the Fantasy Rebirth 2.0 Enhancements to look forward to:

Spell Card Enhancements: Patchouli, Alice

Last Word Enhancements: Momiji, Nemuno

Skill Enhancements: Reisen, Cirno, Alice

Passive Enhancements: Marisa, Reisen, Cirno, Alice


So the most recent event we have is another music-themed event, this time, Byakuren Hijiri and Joon Yorigami take the stage! Let’s remind ourselves of this event currently going on right now:

As usual, we have some future event reruns that we will be clawing our way through next month! First up is Princess Joon the Chivalrous Phantom Thief featuring costumes for Joon, Yachie, Yamame and Hecatia, whereas next up is Myouren Detectives: The Phantom Sniper, with costumes for Nazrin, Shou and Nue!

Reruns for Princess Joon the Chivalrous Phantom Thief and Myouren Detectives: The Phantom Sniper!

And yes, we are clawing our way through because the next new event will include new costumes for three felines of flame, formula and fortune, Rin Kaenbyou, Chen, and Mike Goutokuji! Purr-pare for their arrivals soon!

Meowzers, it's Rin, Chen and Mike's new costumes!

Miscellaneous News

From Hakugyoku Arena to Manga in September, we have more other stuff to go over! Speaking of Arena, there is a new campaign for Weekly Arena where you can get rewards like a Ring of Fate and incense burners.

Gensokyo Tales of Fantasy new Volume!

Rewards available from clearing Weekly Arena, such as a Ring of Fate.

Reimu's Great Exorcism Songs available!

Marcia from Yuuhei Satellite had a go at this minigame, and she got a "C" Ranking!

Slight Battle Screen adjustment, with the x2 button appearing there, as well as AUTO + FULL AUTO Button changes.

Merch and Misc.

And to wrap things up, this live stream went over Anime Expo, which happened roughly 2 months ago, and we had a bit of a slideshow of all the highlights, mainly the Touhou LostWord/NextNinja-related ones. Caroline and Michael were even there in person to deliver some happy news! If you want a reminder of what was announced on that day, you can click here.

Aside from that, we also have our usual merch as well as a Touhou LostWord x Smile Base Cafe collab. We also get a bit of a sneak peek in the cafe too, as well as some cafe goods and food and drinks on the menu!

In addition, Marcia of Yuuhei Satellite is also a VTuber who is signed to Stardust Virtual Studio (SVS) who has her own YouTube channel, Twitter and SVS profile!

Can you spot Caroline and Michael?

Touhou Cosplays!

The Fumo Family!

Touhou LostWord x Smile Base Cafe collab!

Inside the Cafe!

Keyrings, Clear Files and Can Badges

There is also a Cafe menu of food and drinks inspired by some Friends from the beach! Has Ramen, Fruit Punch, Rice, Seafood, Pink Parfait, Orange Juice, Lemonade, Jelly and Blue Soda!

More goods available at the cafe! These can be received at random.

Posters of Mystia, Parsee, Kisume, Wriggle, Eternity, Yamame and Kyouko!

Lawson Goods Vol. 5! Includes a Reimu + Marisa Tapestry.

Big Tapestries for some of the game's Epic Friends. Available via Lawson, or with HMV & Books!

Twitter / X Giveaway! You can enter by following the JP Account and retweeting their post about the giveaway in question.

Next Live Stream

And that’s a wrap for everything to go over on this live stream! We don’t have a specific date for the next one, but one thing that's for certain is that this is a monthly process and it is expected to be at the end of the month again, like usual!

Until Live Stream number 34, thank you for continuing to support Touhou LostWord. For the time being though, let’s party and have a Moonlit Festival. Raseira! Raseira!

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