[JP News] 9/28 Stream Recap

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Welcome to another recap of the JP Stream on 09/29/2022 (or 29/09/2022, for the rest of the world). Those who have missed the live broadcast or don't understand Japanese can read this article to stay informed on the latest state of the JP version of the game. Credits to Cryo#5632 for letting us use their screenshots!

Music Video

A Music Video has been announced for one of the Goddesses of the Moriya Shrine, Suwako Moriya!

Event Reruns!

Two events will be rerun on October! Event 18 (Grassroots Youkai Network Scramble Z) and Event 19 (Eat Up! Three Hostesses of the Pot)

Saki, Youmu, and Miko all get some new clothes. At the same time, some old limited costumes are rerunning.

Fantasy Rebirth

Benben Tsukumo, Yatsuhashi Tsukumo, Yuugi Hoshiguma, Suika Ibuki, and Raiko Horikawa will get their own Rebirth during October!

L1 Hina, Minoriko, and Shizuha get their Fantasy Rebirth up after September 30.

Doremy and Sagume get some cool costumes to boot. If you have a spare ring lying around, it may be a nifty idea to use it on either one!

Some Fantasy Rebirth 2.0 buffs! Yuyuko and Mokou get their Last Word strengthened. Byakuren, Reisen, and Sakuya get their spell cards buffed. Patchouli and Eirin get their skills buffed. Finally, Eirin gets a passive buff.

Developer Manifesto

The developers were kind enough to give us a brief overview of what they have planned for the future! Let's tackle each point one by one with the Developer Manifesto recently released in GLB!

First we have the Vs. Divergent Spirit. As a way to help newer players gain access to stronger Story Cards and materials as well as providing established accounts with a challenge, you can adjust the difficulty to your liking with possible better rewards!

Overdamage is a revision of the Gauge mechanic. With its introduction in the future, more teams will be able to reuse Spell Cards for more buffs and the like in the future. 

Finally, we have a minigame teased with Reimu's Great Exorcism! While there's not many details right now, keep an eye out for it.

Fantasy Rebirth Skip! Instantly clear a Fantasy Rebirth stage so long as you have cleared the Lunatic node of the character of interest with 3 stars. 12 SP will be the base rate.

Vs. S2 Satori

Vs. S2 Satori has been announced! On September 30th, there will be another stage to do for a new Story Card. The enemies will be weak to Metal and Wood so be sure to prepare characters that have those elements. Speaking of Satori...

Character Reveals

S2 Satori has been announced! On September 30th, she will come out. As an Ultra Festival friend, she functions as a Heal character who also can provide attack ups through boosts and grazes! That's not it for September 30 though as coming alongside her would be...

Her sister, Koishi KomeijiAs another Epic rarity character, this time she belongs to the Tech class. With the ability to both inflict a large amount of anomalies and break them, she may shape up to be one of the best barrier breakers this game has to offer.

Finally, there's a Relic character coming out on October 7th! This time, it would be L80 Sakuya Izayoi. Functioning as a debuff character, she can do her own fair share of shenanigans.


Finally, some miscellaneous stuff like Merchandise and the like will be posted here!

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