Kitchen! Apron! Training?! Pre-event is Now Live!

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Hi Friends! LostWord's latest pre-event is upon us, and it's time for Kitchen! Apron! Training?! What on earth could Reimu be training for in a kitchen, with an apron on no less?! Well, we'll find out in the next event, but in the mean time you can chop up these tasks and fry em' till they're done for some tasty rewards - including a new free costume for Reimu Hakurei! You will have until 10/12 at 1:59 UTC to complete these missions, although I'd recommend doing it much sooner than that, for the sake of getting the costume in time for the next event (and thus reaping that low calorie, low fat, high reward costume bonus).

Just like the previous pre-events, you will need to complete all of the "Clear X Stage" missions in order to unlock the costume, which unlock daily for all players. The tasks are mostly the same as last two times, so you can refer to this pre-event guide if you need a refresher of how pre-events work. 

A Word Of Warning: The next event is very difficult to farm, and is a sizable step up in general from the last four events in terms of difficulty. The next event will go to more reasonable levels after this, but you're going to want to bring your best farmers to this next one, and perhaps make sure they have good stat sticks as well.

Good friends to bring include Suika Ibuki, Yuyuko Saigyouji, Hong Meiling (recently buffed!), Watatsuki no Toyohime, Ran Yakumo, Youmu Konpaku (with the Mysterious Sword Master Story Card), Okina Matara, and Marisa Kirisame (Witch of Scarlet Dreams). 

Reimu, that outfit's kind of half-baked. I mean, wearing both your hair ribbon and another hair covering on top of it? That's just a double decker hat sandwich!