Live With Phantasma #13 Summary

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What is "Live With Phantasma"?

Live With Phantasma is an ongoing live event hosted in the official Touhou LostWord Discord Server where Phantasma and guests from GamePress and the LostWord Discord Moderation team discuss the state of the game, new and upcoming content, and answer questions.

300 Seal Crystal Banner

It was announced that there will be a limited banner featuring General, Festival, and Ultra Festival units!

A unique banner costing 300 Seal Crystals and no coins, you will receive in return:

  • One guaranteed Friend from this list of Friends.
  • 600 God Crystals after the Prayer.

The banner starts on the 7th of April and ends on the 14th, at 1:59 UTC.

For more information on this banner, please check out our Should You Pull? article.


Community Appreciation Login Bonus

Are you someone who enjoys music? Do you also enjoy Touhou LostWord music? Phantasma has your back! 

Music discs for all these characters will be arriving in your mailbox starting from the 8th of April, until the 28th! Be sure to log in to collect these amazing tracks.


Community Appreciation Daily Quests

Continuing the Community Appreciation theme, there will be a limited Daily Quest featuring rate ups for items such as:

  • X Books
  • Medicines (for Story Cards)
  • Gold Materials (tiles, scrolls, etc.)
  • Silver Wood (low drop rate)

This special limited Daily Quest only lasts until the 28th of April (23:59 UTC), so act quickly and take advantage of it!

daily quest

Scarlet Devil Tower 110F

Who is the architect for this tower? There's no way that this is structurally sound.

Scarlet Devil Tower is making a return with more floors! The Tower will be available up to floor 110, until the 14th of April1:59 UTC.


Moon EX Returns

Missed the previous run of Moon EX? No problem, Moon EX is making a return, just for you! That's right, specifically you! (Not really)

However, just like you, Moon EX changes over time. This time around, one of the bnuuy's will drop a bomb item, and another will drop a barrier item. Other than these changes, Moon EX will stay the same.

Moon EX will be here until the 21st of April1:59 UTC.

moon ex

Moon EX Banner

Along with Moon EX, there will be a corresponding banner.

This time around, this ascending banner will feature Friends to help you through Moon EX, such as:

Momoji? Presents?

Since Okuu is on paid time off, Momoji will be taking over and delivering presents to everyone from the 7th to the 14th of April. Just like last time, these presents will expire, so be sure to log in and claim your presents!


Hakugyokurou Spring Festival of Swords 6x EX Daily

The Hakugyokurou Spring Festival of Swords event will also be receiving the 6x daily EX stage treatment, along with a Story Card drop rate up! 


Daily Quest +3 times & Friend EXP 2x

Moooooooooooooooore materials, and Friend EXP! Players will be able to challenge the Daily Quests an extra 3 times, while receiving more EXP for their Friends until the 14th of April23:59 UTC

daily friend exp

Lunar War Soldier & Oracle Re-Run


Did you perhaps miss out on Lunar War Reisen and Sanae? No worries, they're back! Available until the 21st of April1:59 UTC, these powerful Friends are here to help you through some of the most challenging content.

PC Background

Mobile Background

Byakuren Hijiri (Fantastic) Incoming!


Byakuren Hijiri's Festival is here! She will be arriving with a descending Step-Up banner for those interested, until the 17th of April7:59 UTC.

Check out her introduction video here!

PC Background

Mobile Background

Emote Page

Other Information & Summary Image

Some other things of note:

  • Water EX Information
  • Forever Prayer will return on the 15th of April with an updated character pool, including all Festival characters until the end of Feburary, excluding characters such as Reimu & Marisa (Scarlet), Reisen (Eternal), etc.
  • The bullet quality of life update announced in a previous Live With Phantasma will be pushed back to May due to translations.

Maintenance Summary Image

Live Stage Questions

Here are some questions that some of the listeners had for Phantasma & guests! Tune in to the next Live With Phantasma in the official Touhou LostWord Discord Server to possibly have your question featured here. Please note that questions pertaining to future content regarding the story, characters, etc., will not be answered.


Momiji Bot, Hakurai, Shadorai, renacabeza26, VritaReiReis, Nekomaki, Minzhire, Neku, Phantasma, Shimada

Note: Shimada-san’s answers will mainly be under Phantasma & Hakurai for translation reasons. I do not speak nor understand Japanese. The TL tag will be put after each answer if it is a translation from Shimada-san.

Q: “Shimada-san, could you give an introduction, please?”
A (Phantasma, TL): She is the main planner for Touhou LostWord. Thank you very much, everybody.

Q: “Shimada-san, could you tell us something interesting about Phantasma?”
A (Phantasma): I don’t wanna answer that myself…
A (Hakurai, TL): She said something like Phantasma is an interesting person and has various interesting ideas.

Q: “Is the language barrier a huge issue with development or is it minor?”
A (Phantasma, TL): She [Shimada] doesn’t feel that way, especially where our team 100% uses Japanese, so she doesn’t necessarily feel a barrier there. Then there’s also me, who lives on Discord and is able to provide information to the team without much issue.

Q: “What is Shimada-san’s favourite Touhou character?”
A (Shimada): フランドルスカーレット!
A (Phantasma, TL): Flandre Scarlet. Shimada-san is a Flan fan.

Q: “島田さん、ボーカロイドをご存知ですか? もしそうなら、それらのどの曲やカバーがあなたのお気に入りですか?”
(TL, roughly): “Shimada-san, do you know what Vocaloid is? If so, which song/cover is your favourite?”
A (Hakurai, TL): Shimada-san does know about Vocaloids.
A (Phantasma, TL): As for her favourite song/cover, she’ll give us a link in the summary channel.
A (Shimada): 

Q: “Shimada-san, could you beat Phantasma in a fight?”
A (Phantasma, TL): Shimada-san says no.

Q: “Favourite anime?”
A (Phantasma, TL): Shimada-san likes the Monogatari Series. She also says Odd Taxi is interesting.

Q: “Will there be a re-run of the Alterisa event?”
A (Phantasma & Shimada): Our thoughts are that if people want to see it again, we can put it in again as a re-run. Do people want to see it again?
A (Neku): I think it was a pretty good event, I don’t know what everyone else thinks, though.
A (Nekomaki): It’d be pretty good for new players because I think we’re gonna get a lot of new players for the first anniversary and stuff.
A (Phantasma): We’ll see about putting it in for May. That’s a good point regarding new players, we’ll see if we can put it in for May. Shimada-san is putting it in the schedule for us right now. Best friend, Shimada-san.

Best Friends!

Q: “Would it be possible for enemy Spell Cards to be equipped with Story Cards?”
A (Phantasma): Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm… I mean, I don’t necessarily see why you would do that because you could just put the effects into the Spell Card itself.

Q: “For the first anniversary, will there be a ‘stats dump’ of sorts, e.g. most used friend, etc.?”
A (Phantasma): I’m gonna do my best to get something like that going.

Q: “When can we see Caroline again?”
A (Phantasma): You’ll see her for the next Dev Letter. As for Live Stage, we’ll see as she’s been quite busy.

Q: “Are any of the NextNinja staff French?”
A (Phantasma): Nope, but I’ve studied French for like 10 years, but I can’t speak it because I haven’t used it in probably 6 or 7 years.

Q: “If the fairy event ever gets a re-run, will Clownpiece also be included with it?”
A (Phantasma): So the fairy event is getting a re-run in the middle of April, and Clownpiece will be included as a login bonus so it’s fair to those who didn’t get it last year.

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