Live With Phantasma 1st Anniversary Edition Summary

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What is "Live With Phantasma"?

Live With Phantasma is an ongoing live event hosted in the official Touhou LostWord Discord Server where Phantasma and guests from GamePress and the LostWord Discord Moderation team discuss the state of the game, new and upcoming content, and answer questions.

Pomu Rainpuff (Nijisanji EN) x Touhou LostWord

A friendly reminder that Pomu Rainpuff of Nijisanji EN will be doing a live stream of Touhou LostWord on May 12th, 6:00 PM PDT. Check out their channel here!

Pomu Collab Image

Mysterious Sword Master Youmu Konpaku Fumo

Mysterious Sword Master Youmu Konpaku will be turned into a fumo! That's right, from sword master to fumo, that is the life of a Touhou character now-a-days. The fumo is set to release some time in Fall with international purchase being available. Further details have not yet been released.

Youmu Fumo

New Event Costumes

There are new event costumes available for Hata no Kokoro, Benben Tsukumo, Yatsuhashi Tsukumo, Satono Nishida, and Mai Teireida. Along with these costumes are also step-up packs following the usual costume step-up pattern!

Step-Up Costume Event Pack

Localization Stats

During the Dev Letter, some stats regarding text localization were shared, and Caroline came in during the Live Stage to explain a bit more regarding the stats.

Within the last year or so, there were 909,804 words translated, which can be estimated to 9 full novels, and 113 friends being localized! Thank you Caroline's sensei.

Localization Stats

1st Anniversary Special Present

Surprise surprise, Santa Phantasma (Phanta-santa?) is here with a gift for everyone:

  • 4x Paper Dolls
  • 1x Guaranteed Friend Ritual Ticket

Enough Paper Dolls to max out your favourite friend, or to hoard for the next zombie apocalypse where Paper Dolls will be the new currency.

1st Anni Present Image

Deka Fumo Giveaway Reminder

In celebration of the game's 1st Anniversary, Touhou LostWord's Twitter is giving away several Deka Fumos! For scale, one Deka Fumo is 70 centimetres tall, while the average banana is only about 15 centimetres tall, if put upright. That means a singular Deka Fumo is approximately 4.6 bananas. That's pretty bananas.

In order to enter the giveaway, follow the instructions listed on their Tweet!


Note: Shimada’s answers were provided by Phantasma Translator (trademark pending).

“How was your day?”

Caroline: “I’m sleepy and tired.”

Shimada: “Nervous (because of 1st Anniversary).”

Phantasma: “Similar to Caroline, sleepy and tired, been working a lot, more than usual.”

“When will there be a Caroline pack?”

Phantasma: “Caroline, what do you think about that?”

Caroline: “Uhhh… I think it’s a good idea. We can put happy stuff in it!”

Phantasma: “Happy stuff? What would be happy stuff?”

Nekomaki: “Cubes.”

Caroline: “Uhhh… I wanna give out some, you know, happy kawaii stuff, something that has costumes… I might want mine to be something related to Fantasy Rebirth. You have to make your oshi super cute.”

“Any chance if you could share how Elemental EX stages are created?”

Phantasma: “If we wanna start with why they were created, it was mainly due to the lack of challenging content that required full parties, strategy, etc. I thought an easy thing to understand is elements, so I went with that. As for the process of making them, well I make the idea for them, then I get one of our data guys to put all the data together, then myself and Shimada-san play it and make some adjustments based on if it’s too easy, too hard, not fun, etc.”

“What’s your favourite fumo?”

Caroline: “Of course, my waifu, Sakuya.”

Phantasma: “The normal fumo or the deka fumo?”

Caroline: “Ahhhhhhh I would love the deka fumo. I would hold her every night. I would be happy.”

Shimada: “Flandre Scarlet.”

Phantasma: “When Shimada-san was at Reitaisai, she really thought the Flandre deka fumo was super cute.”

Also Phantasma: “I thought Keiki was pretty cool. Suwako was also nice. The hat looked super authentic.”

“Have you had lunch?”

Phantasma: “I had coffee.”

Nekomaki: “That’s not lunch.”

Shimada: “Had a creampuff.”

Phantasma: “Just as a note, Shimada-san bought creampuffs for everyone at the office for 1st Anniversary.”

Caroline: “I had tantanmen! Tan. Tan. Men!”

Shimada’s question to everyone: “What is everybody’s favourite story?”

Discord Chat: “E9, Fairy Event, Bm3, Chapter 3, … everything!”

Caroline: “The Detective [event] because Among Us!”

Caroline’s question to everyone: “Favourite costumes?”

Discord Chat: “(Literally too many to list)”

Phantasma: “Everyone kinda giving their own answer here, huh.”

Caroline: “Everyone has their own oshi.”

“Regarding the half Spirit Point campaign, what if it’s an odd number?”

Phantasma: “I think I told our data guy to put it to the lower number (rounded down).”

“Caroline, is it hard for you to localize text? How long does it take you to do all of a character’s lines?”

Caroline: “So, I’m not the one that translates. So, um, in the last stream, we did talk about that there are two full members, plus me, for the localization team. I’m the one that actually does schedule sorting, getting stuff ready for the translators, final checks, etc. Normally, to translate one character, I guess it’s about six hours-ish? Kind of.”

“Caroline and Shimada, what is your favourite event up until now in Touhou LostWord?”

Shimada: “The cheerleading one, Cheerleading Saga.”

Caroline: “I love everything! You know, ‘cuz when you translate and check all the stories, it kind of feels like your child.”

“Funniest line you’ve seen while translating?”

Caroline: “So, ‘kaiten’ in Japanese can mean to rotate, or to open a store. Different kanji, has two meanings. So in Japanese, we can go through it smoothly, but in English, we were like, ‘oh no.’ So, we shifted from umbrellas to clubs, not social clubs but like, club clubs and tried to go with the same flow with the Japanese.”

Phantasma: “Pun skill issue.”










ああ、なるほど! 開店と回転ってことですね!?



んー? もしかして何か違ったのかー??



WELCOME! A very warm welcome to Old Desire!

Take out your clubs, everyone!

What's going on?!

Don't you know? This is a social club!

Must be some new way of entertaining customers...

(Uh... I think you've got the wrong "club.")

Oh, I get it! It's a pun!

I was starting to have second thoughts about this social club place!

Hm? Did I get something wrong?

Oh my, what's all this commotion?

Welcome to Old Desire!

“Favourite Last Word animation?”

Shimada: “E1 Flan!” 

Caroline: “IN Reisen’s!”

Phantasma: “I’m gonna cop out and go with E1 Flan, because it’s like super cool.”

Nekomaki: “Calling a friend?”

Hakurai: “I like Yuyuko’s Last Word. It’s one of the first ones I’ve seen, and you hear the theme and it’s super sick. It’s left a strong impression on me, as it’s one of the first ones I’ve seen.”

Nekomaki: “Chibi Junko’s Last Word is nice.”

Minzhire: “I have four. Dreaming Necronomicon, B3 Youmu, Chibi Junko, and MSM’s Last Word.”

“How long does it take for Phantasma and Caroline to do a Dev Letter? Do they do it in one go?”

Phantasma: “I would say it’s done in one go. Sometimes I make mistakes, but the mistakes I make are usually at the intro, at the very beginning, like messing up my words. Sometimes we do the opening scene twice. Caroline never messes up, though.”

Caroline: “Nah, I mess up. I just have my happy vibes.”

We interrupt this regularly scheduled broadcast to answer a very important question.

“Caroline has a cat? Can we have a picture?”

Luna Chan

Luna also went “meow” on the Live Stage.

“Who is your favourite Ultra Festival character?”

Phantasma: “Ah… Shimada-san is just gonna say Flan…”

Shimada: “Junko!”

Hakurai: “Big fan of Oracle.”

Discord Chat: “I feel like Sanae will kill me in my sleep.”

Hakurai: “That’s because you didn’t roll for her.”

Caroline: “Bye-bye! Sayonara~ (Rest in peace Discord Chat-san)”

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