Live With Phantasma #21 Summary

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What is "Live With Phantasma"?

Live With Phantasma is an ongoing live event hosted in the official Touhou LostWord Discord Server where Phantasma and guests from GamePress and the LostWord Discord Moderation team discuss the state of the game, new and upcoming content, and answer questions.

Story Card Banner

The Story Card Banner makes a return to Touhou LostWord with a brand-new line-up of Story Cards!

The Story Card Banner will feature Story Cards like:

The banner will only feature 4 star and 5 star Story Cards and will last until July 15th, 1:59 UTC.

SC Banner

Star EX Returns

Star EX is back! If you missed your chance at tackling this challenging stage, worry not. Even for those that have cleared Star EX previously, this re-run of the stage comes with a few new changes!

All Fantasy Rebirth Costumes will provide an event point-up bonus! On top of that, Star EX comes with an approximate two times drop rate increase for the Story Card!

You will want to hurry though, as Star EX is only here until July 1st, 1:59 UTC before it flies off once again!

star ex

Hakugyoku Arena Weekly Challenge

Hakugyoku Arena Weekly Challenge is on its way for those truly looking to take their favourite Friends' strengths to new heights!

What are you waiting for? Take on this weekly challenge to obtain Incense Burners to further increase the stats of your Friends! Unless... perhaps are you too scared?

hak arena weekly

General Ritual Pool Update

Are you the type of person to save up their Ritual Tickets for something big? Well, this may be the news you were waiting for! The General Ritual Pool will be updated to include General Friends up to Nazrin and Mononobe no Futo! If you were waiting for just this moment, then you're in luck!

general ritual pool update

Costume Sale

Do you want to buy some of the older costumes for your favourite Friend, but don't have all of the 480 God Crystals required? Well fear not, as older costumes such as Great Library at the Hieda Residence PatchouliDevilish Helper FlandreExquisite Lunar Swordswoman Yorihime, and Rabbit-Eared Soldier Medicine will be going on sale, up to as much as 25% off!

However, you must act quickly! The sale will only last until July 1st, 1:59 UTC!

costume discount

God Crystal Sale

Looking to buy one of those costumes on sale? Or perhaps you're looking to stock up on some God Crystals for a future Friend or costume. Maybe you just need some as someone starting out and want to expand your Dojo and School slots? 

Perhaps you would like to do all of those but wished there was a sale on God Crystals. Well, there is! Until July 15th, 1:59 UTC, God Crystals will be on sale, up to 50% off!

  • 134 God Crystal Pack will be 20% off, going from $4.99 USD to $3.99 USD
  • 304 God Crystal Pack will be 40% off, going from $9.99 USD to $5.99 USD
  • 632 God Crystal Pack will be 50% off, going from $19.99 USD to $9.99 USD

gc discount info

Daily Quest Drop Rate 3x

Doing your daily quests for your books, tiles, and scrolls is cool and all, but what if you now had 3x the drop rate? That's right, until July 1st1:59 UTC, Daily Quests will be receiving a 3x drop rate increase! Be sure to do your daily quests during that time!


Hakurei Reimu, God-Summoning Shaman

"So you're the human who came from a distant world. My name is Reimu Hakurei. I'm a little different from the Reimus you know."

The God-Summoning ShamanReimu Hakurei (F1) and her banner will be arriving soon, until July 15th, 1:59 UTC! Being Touhou LostWord's very first Epic unit, there are some things that you should know about her and her Festival type!

bluemu banner

First and foremost, there will be no pity for Reimu Hakurei (F1). While that may be a detriment to some, please continue reading before making up your mind. While there may be no pity for Reimu, there will be a rate-up for these Story Cards Underworld Party NightYoukai Mountain AnniversaryBunny Break, and Miracle Mallet and a pity for select fivefour, and three star cards, costing 50, 30, and 20 exchange points for each rarity respectively. 

On top of this, there will be a new Ritual Ticket: the 1st Anniversary Ritual Ticket. During the banner duration, you will receive the opportunity to get up to 130 of the 1st Anniversary Ritual Tickets, meaning you will get a free 130 Prayers on this banner. There are two ways to obtain these 1st Anniversary Ritual Tickets: the 7-day Login Bonus and 10 quests that will each give 10 1st Anniversary Ritual Tickets. These quests are:

  • Raise a Unit to level 70
  • Limit break a Unit once
  • Upgrade a Unit once
  • Awaken a Unit once
  • Refill the Food in School once
  • Enhance a Unit once
  • Enhance a Story Card once
  • Complete 1 Errand
  • Finish training in the Dojo once
  • Superior Enhance a Friend’s HP once

130 free pulls

7 day login bonus

1st Anniversary Ritual Tickets can be used to pull for Reimu Hakurei (F1) and other Friends, with the full list being here, however, will not reward the user with exchange points for the Story Cards. The 1st Anniversary Ritual Ticket will expire after the banner ends, so please use them up before that time!

With the banner brings store packs!

Epic Paper Doll Pack ($99.99 USD, can be purchased up to 10 times)

  • 5,000 God Crystals
  • 1 Epic Paper Doll
  • 40 Orchid Tile (3)
  • 30 Plum Tile (3)
  • 18 Book of Attack (3)
  • 40 Dragon Scroll (3)
  • 40 Phoenix Scroll (3)
  • 18 Tiger Scroll (3)

Epic Rank UP Pack ($39.99 USD, can be purchased up to 2 times)

  • 1,332 God Crystals
  • 80 Orchid Tile (3)
  • 60 Plum Tile (3)
  • 35 Book of Attack (3)
  • 80 Dragon Scroll (3)
  • 80 Phoenix Scroll (3)
  • 35 Tiger Scroll (3)

MAX Skill Pack, Reimu (F1) version ($19.99 USD, can be purchased up to 1 time)

  • 632 God Crystals
  • 784 Book of Attack (3)
  • 784 Book of Defense (3)
  • 784 Book of Support (3)

These packs will be available to purchase until July 15th, 1:59 UTC.

shaman pack

shaman skill pack

Misc. Information From The Live Stage

Some other minor information provided from the Live Stage:

  • Conflux Stages will be making a comeback, this time with 6 difficulties called "Threat Levels", ranging from C to EX.
  • 20 Seal Crystals will be provided each day from the day of the Live Stage onwards for 3 days, for up to 60 Seal Crystals. The mail will expire after 24 hours so claim them quickly.
  • 25 Seal Crystals will be provided after maintenance for reaching the Pomu Retweet Campaign on Twitter.
  • The on-going 3x Drop Rate & EXP event will be extended until July 8th.


“Will we get more ways to acquire Divine Paper Dolls consistently?”
Phantasma: “Well right now there’s already the monthly login bonus, Fortune Dust, Scarlet Devil Tower, and there’s also random ones we give out, so no plans to increase that.”

“Will we ever get the Seiran-Ringo costume relay pack?”
Phantasma: “Uh… no idea, not on my mind. Usually, the people that get relay packs are for events.”

“What was the clear rate for Remilia EX?”
Phantasma: “Low.”

“Are there any plans to have a Paper Doll-like item for Story Cards?”
Phantasma: “No idea, too major of a thing to talk about here.
Nekomaki: “Paper Stick?”

“Shimada-san is super tired right now and is wondering if you guys have any advice on how to wake up.”
Chat: “Coffee, sour foods, walk up and down stairs, pickled jalapenos, ….”

“Will there be re-runs for Epic Festivals?”
Phantasma: “That’ll require discussion with the entire project team, as I don’t know their plans for Epic Festivals.”

“Amazon delivers food?”
Caroline: “Yeah?”
Nekomaki: “Yeah?”
Neku: “Yeah.”

“Have you had lunch yet, Phantasma?”
Phantasma: “It’s not even lunch yet!”

“Will the app icon be updated to show Epic Reimu?”
Phantasma: “Yes. Absolutely.”
Shimada: “Ah…..”

“What banner was the most pulled throughout the entire game?”
Phantasma: “We were actually looking at that the other day. I believe what I saw was Flan (E1) was the most pulled.”

“If LostWord is to ever have a collab, what series would you want to see collab with LostWord?”
Phantasma: “Eh…… I don’t think I can answer this as [this sort of thing is always taken out of context], but Discord Staff and GamePress, feel free to answer.”
Nekomaki: “Re:Zero.”
Remka: “Battle Cats.”
Phantasma: “Oh my god, that game’s been out forever.”
Kilgamayan: literally cannot understand what he’s saying, sorry Kilga

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