Live With Phantasma #26 Summary

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What is "Live With Phantasma"?

Live With Phantasma is an ongoing live event hosted in the official Touhou LostWord Discord Server where Phantasma and guests from GamePress and the LostWord Discord Moderation team discuss the state of the game, new and upcoming content, and answer questions.

Leveling Units Has Never Been Easier!

Looking to level up your newly acquired, fresh from the prayer Friends? Or perhaps, you need an excuse to level up some units that are shelved for who knows how long because you can't find a use for them? Whatever the case may be, this is your big chance to level up your units after maintenance!

First of all, the Super EXP Quest is back! For those not familiar with this event, it is a stage that you can easily clear in order to gain an enormous amount of Friend EXP, up to approximately 10x Friend EXP as clearing the final event quest at Lunatic difficulty. Additionally, you will also be able to farm Superior Incense Burners and other items in this event stage.

The Daily Quest will also have a +2 daily attempts, which means that instead of the usual 3/3 attempts that we are used to, we will get 5/5 attempts!

If the Super EXP Quest is not enough for you, the School will also feature a 3x School EXP event, which means that you will have an even easier time leveling your Friends!

All of these events will be live for an entire week starting from March 17th after maintenance until March 24th, 3:59 UTC.

2.5 Million Downloads Special Ritual

Introducing, the 2.5 Million Downloads Special Ritual where this will be the first time that we will get a guaranteed Ultra Festival character for free just by logging in for 20 days! That may sound too good to be true but it is indeed true. This login bonus will run for 20 days, between March 17th after maintenance until April 7th 2:59 UTC.

For the first 10 days that you login to the game, you will be receiving a total of 10x 2.5 Million Downloads Festival Guaranteed Ritual which can be used to summon a guaranteed Limited Friend under the corresponding ritual banner that will appear.

Now, if you login on all twenty days of the login bonus’s duration, you’ll receive a total of 10x 2.5 Million Downloads Ultra Festival Guaranteed Ritual! You can use these rituals on its corresponding ritual banner in order to receive 1 guaranteed Ultra Festival Friend.

Here's the list of Ultra Festival Friends that will be available:

  • Marisa Kirisame (Z1)
  • Yuyuko Saigyouji (R2)
  • Youmu Konpaku (R8)
  • Reimu Hakurei (B3)
  • Marisa Kirisame (B3)
  • Sakuya Izayoi (B3)
  • Youmu Konpaku (B3)
  • Reisen Udongein Inaba (B3)
  • Sanae Kochiya (B3)

Hina's Cheering Saga Rerun

Hina's Cheering Saga will also have its 2nd rerun after this maintenance! You can refer to the event guide below to get information about the event.

Kanako Yasaka, Blue Goodbyes

Kanako Yasaka (Blue Goodbyes) is armed and ready! The Relic Prayer, Beyond the Sky, will feature a special x2 Fortune Dust gain whenever you use God Crystals to do a Prayer. This means that you get 20 Fortune Dust when you roll using God Crystals.

There is also a featured One Time God Crystal Step-UP Prayer as an addendum to her banner. Refer to the details below for more information:

[STEP 1] 10x Prayers with God Crystals x300
- 20x Fortune Dust
- 1x Guaranteed Friend
- Rate Up Friends Drop Rate 120% UP

[STEP 2] 10x Prayers with God Crystals x600
- 20x Fortune Dust
- 1x Guaranteed Friend
- Rate Up Friends Drop Rate 140% UP

[STEP 3] 10x Prayers with God Crystals x600
- 20x Fortune Dust
- 1x Guaranteed Friend
- Rate Up Friends Drop Rate 160% UP

[STEP 4] 10x Prayers with God Crystals x600
- 20x Fortune Dust
- 1x Guaranteed Friend
- Rate Up Friends Drop Rate 180% UP

[STEP 5] 10x Prayers with God Crystals x600
- 20x Fortune Dust
- 1x Guaranteed Friend
- Rate Up Friends Drop Rate 200% UP

You can exchange for L80 Kanako Yasaka (Blue Goodbyes) for 350 Exchange Points. This prayer will be live at March 17 after maintenance until March 24 3:59 UTC.

Ruins of Memory: Blue Goodbyes

L80 Kanako Yasaka's own Ruins of Memory chapter will also be available after the maintenance! In this chapter, you will be able to get one copy Blue Goodbyes story card after clearing it as a task reward.

Hecatia Lapislazuli, Gate Administrator

Hecatia Lapislazuli (Gate Administrator) is now here to smash and enter the game! The Ultra Festival Prayer, Gate Administrator, will feature a special x2 Fortune Dust gain whenever you use God Crystals to do a Prayer. This means that you get 20 Fortune Dust when you roll using God Crystals.

You can exchange for B3 Hecatia Lapislazuli (Gate Administrator) for 250 Exchange Points. This prayer will be live at March 17 after maintenance until March 24 3:59 UTC.

VS Divergent Spirits: Sanae Kochiya (A10)

VS Divergent Spirits: Sanae Kochiya (A10) will also be available after maintenance! This stage features the new5 story card "Lunatic Red Eyes" with its effects shown below. Stay tuned for the Gamepress article for this stage to learn more about the stage details!

Miscellaneous Stuff

These are the special packs that have been announced in the livestage! First up, we have the Nitori Bargain Pack! If you want to spend on the game but not as much and still get a huge deal, this pack is a great opportunity to consider! Do note that this bargain is only available at March 17 after maintenance until March 19 23:59 UTC which is 3 days in total.

Next, we have the 2.5 Million Downloads Special Discount Packs which is available on March 17 maintenance until March 24 3:59 UTC. Right below, you will see the details for each pack:

Relic Paper Disk Pack S Kanako (L80) $24.99 USD (Available for purchase one time!) 50% off!
1800x God Crystals
1x Relic Paper Disk

Gate Administrator Pack S $19.99 USD (Available for purchase one time!) 75% off!
3000x God Crystals
1x Divine Paper Doll
30x Chrysanthemum Tiles (3)
40x Orchid Tiles (3)
20x Serpent Scrolls (3)
40x Earth Scrolls (3)
40x Tiger Scrolls (3)
20x Books of Support (3)

Coming Soon: Imperishable Wisdom and Lunacy Festival Banner

The Imperishable Wisdom and Lunacy festival banner featuring A8 Eirin Yagokoro and A8 Reisen Udongein Inaba will be live at March 20 0:00 UTC until March 27 23:59 UTC. As an addendum, this banner features a Step UP banner as well as x2 Fortune Dust gain.

Q&A Session

Will the Divergent Spirits’ exclusive units be added to the Ema and eventually to the gen pool?
No plans to do that, but Phantasma mentioned that they’ll see if they can add in an exchange mechanism with the Divergent Spirits' ritual prayer so players can accumulate points and exchange for Friends that they want.
This has never done this with ritual prayers, so discussions are being made with the team to see if this is possible without backend adjustments. Look forward to updates in the future!

Will we get Divine Paper Dolls in events as the JP server does?
A: Hopefully, by the start of April, Touhou Lost Word Global will get Divine Paper Dolls in event milestones. However, this will only apply to new events and not rerun events. If it ends up being done, it will be announced in the next Dev Letter.

Is there any consideration of making challenge content cards have more versatile effects?
A: Phantasma has been consistently bringing it up this past year and recently, there has been a bit of movement on this end so he hopes to see something coming. Do note that he does not have a concrete say regarding this matter and that we can only hope for the best.

Not sure if this has been spoken about before but will we ever be able to use other people's "Friends" as support in stages?
A: It is something that Phantasma would love to do but nothing concrete is in place at the moment.

Regarding recent bugs that have popped up in-game
A: These bugs have been fixed in a recent binary update in the JP server so as long as Global gets a hold of this update, it will be fixed, likely in early April.

Will Larva, Wriggle, Chimata, Momoyo, Megumu, and Mike be added to the exchange ema and the standard player?
A: If the JP server adds something in, Global will follow suit. Some of the mentioned units are FES units and therefore, won’t be added.

Can we get any more hints on this potential “voice acting” thing you mentioned last time, is it coming soon-ish or still in the planning stages?
A: Phantasma: “Ah the voice acting thing? Okay, that’s on the back burner now so once there's more information, watch it out.”

When will you continue developing a new Hifuu Chapter?
A: This depends on the person in charge of writing the story. Phantasma does not know what the progress on this is at the moment.

Do you guys have any plan on releasing the Story Cards obtained by Prayer which are still missing in Global?
A: Story cards like this will be added slowly over time but it is not a high priority. Caroline keeps track of all of this.

Can you make Elemental EXs (Moon, Fire, Water, Star) in the Special Tab be packaged together the way it is done for Rebirth Stages & Memory of Ruins?
A: The team cannot easily do this as there are issues in the back-end that prevents them from doing so. It is currently tough to make this request.

Will some Divergent Spirits be nerfed in Global?
A: No. Balance adjustments will need to be done on the JP side.

When will Mike be added to the general pool? She has been out for over 5 months.
Phantasma will get to the team to check on this because he was sitting there thinking, maybe they haven’t gotten to it yet so he is gonna tell them to do it.

Are there any plans to tweak any pre-existing Story Cards to make them slightly more viable (like via effects)?
Currently no. Phantasma would personally love to do it though.

Will we be getting a Headpat option on Friends? Especially with ones that have Animas added.
Phantasma: “That’d be cool. That’d be cool though, right? I feel like that will be a worthwhile update.” The team has to create a new dialogue for it and maybe… the backend won’t be that hard to do? Who knows.

JP gets a lot of Epic Paper Dolls compared to the Global server. Could these be made available to the Global server?
The team is being careful with the Epic Paper Dolls because they have to make sure that there are not too many in circulation but… we shall SEE!

The SP in the Elemental EX shop for Fire EX was replaced with coins. Was there a specific reason for this?
Phantasma thinks that it is just a mistake. 100% a mistake.

Since setting up special rules increases the Spirit Level of the Divergent Spirits stage, does setting more rules increase the reward drop rate?
Phantasma: “Based on the level, the drop rate increases. So based on the overall level. I do believe so yes, I made that a long time ago but I don’t know if they changed it because I didn’t get to see the final shape of it. But the way it was set up was to increase by level.”

Will there be a way to skip levels for Divergent Spirits?
Phantasma: “No comment. It was brought up a while back.”

Is there any way you can add an element search option on friends to make it easier to find certain types?
This is something that is being worked on, it is just taking quite a bit of time to get in. Hopefully, it gets in eventually.

Are there any plans for more mini-games for Kourindou?
No idea when they’ll come out.

What is the scheduled duration of VS Divergent Spirits stages?
  Phantasma requested to the team that if the stage consists of a completely new story card, for it to be 2 weeks but if it has an old (aka existing) story card, it will be 1 week long.

Are there any plans to have the Scarlet Devil Tower open without new floors being added?
No plans for it. The Scarlet Devil Tower will only be open when there are new floors. It is generally open for 2 weeks per month.

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