New in LostWord: What is Conflux of Worlds?

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Conflux of Worlds Prayers

A first in LostWord, both between the Japanese and Global servers, is the Conflux of Worlds special Prayer! Along with the introduction of a brand new Friend, alternative versions of them from other worlds will join the pool of Friends that can appear along with the general pool and featured Friend.

Unlike the featured Friend of the prayer, these additional friends are unable to be collected with Exchange Points and have a much lower chance of appearing than other Friends. However, their power is high to make up for their rarity, especially for the Friends in the first Conflux of Worlds.

Along with Youmu Konpaku from the world of Perfect Cherry Blossoms, the Half-Perfect Gardener of Spring Festival Prayer will include the possibility to find the half-human half-phantom’s Lunar War Gardener and Mysterious Sword Master self. To not get lost in a sea of Myons, you can read up on each special version of Youmu using the links below.

Main Story Chapter 3 Act 3 is out!

Ever since October 20th, the main story of LostWord Global is finally about to continue! Sure, we have had many otherworldly adventures through the mysterious world of B3 and met a wide array of friends since then, but the current main scenario has been rather suspenseful. It will be nice to go through this nice, long chunk of new story content.

Of course, a new section of the main story also means the introduction of a new strong story card. The 5* one will give a strong buff to Light bullets and No-Element bullets, and the 4* card is even a serviceable 1.00 Spirit Power boost. Increased drop rates for this Act will help in any farming for the card, especially if the Main Story Clear Campaigns return for Act 3.

100 Floors Open in Scarlet Devil Tower!

A grand total of 100 floors are now climbable within the difficult content that is the Scarlet Devil Tower! A great amount of rewards can be found braving the tower’s depths, most notably the 4 Divine Paper Dolls (found on every 25 floors), 3 Paper Dolls, and 90 Seal Crystals! Every 10 floors rewards players with even more interesting story content, which is a reward in its own right.

For players who already have a head-start on floor 90, keep going for that next Divine Paper Doll! For everyone else, consider taking a look at the Scarlet Devil Tower floor and general guides.

Hifuu and Main Story x3 Drop Rate

Just when the tripled drop rates for each Main Story Chapter thanks to the Main Story Clear Campaign was about to end, all stages of the Main Story have a x3 drop rate once more! Even Hifuu LostWord gets some love of increased drop rate this round. This is the perfect opportunity to collect more of the powerful Witch of Scarlet Dreams, Mysterious Sword Master, or The Secret God of the Sky story cards, either for more copies or if you missed your chance to nab these cards the first time.

Silver Gale BGM

Joining the ranks of other Music Video BGMs to collect in-game such as Sporadically Margaret, Silver Gale is available as a home BGM beginning after maintenance until March 31st! Don’t miss the chance to get both Alice and Mokou’s beautiful pieces of music to use on your home screen. They will be happy to greet you with their themes whenever you return to the home screen. Or use it with another of your favorite Friends. That’s fine too.

Other Ongoing Events

The Main Story Clear Campaign tasks for Main Story Chapter 2 Act and Chapter 3 Acts 1 and 2 will continue to be available until February 18th. The most important rewards are completing each Act on Normal difficulty, awarding players with a single Guaranteed Friend Ritual, so remember to collect these rewards until it is too late!

Additionally, the Comeback & Starter Login Bonus is still ongoing. Even if it is too late to collect all 10 daily rewards, newcomers and returning players who haven’t played for over 14 days can get their hands on a good amount of Guaranteed Friend Rituals, Seal Crystals, and a Paper Doll!

And of course, the February Login Bonus is still going on. Special rewards, including Seal Crystals and a Divine Paper Doll, are included throughout the month, so remember to keep logging in daily! We’re almost halfway through the month, and halfway toward a Divine Paper Doll. The Main Chapter 3 Act 3 Login Bonus is also still running, providing a very large amount of Coins and Spirit Power to take advantage of.

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