Player Appreciation Event - Now Live!

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Hi Friends! The team over at NextNinja has some awesome events for all players - new, current, and those who haven’t played in some time. No matter which camp you fall into, this Player Appreciation event has something for you! Read on to find out more details about all the exciting goodies that they’re giving out.

Additionally, as a part of this event, new tasks have been added to help new players out, but all players get access to them. Click here for a guide to those tasks!

Returning & New Player Login Rewards

For all new players, as well as those who have not logged on in the past 14 days (from the start of this login campaign), there’s some fantastic rewards up for grabs just for logging in, as listed below.

Reward Quantity
Day 1 Guaranteed Friend Ritual x1
Day 2 Seal Crystals x50
Day 3 Paper Doll x1
Day 4 Fortune Dust x20
Day 5 Seal Crystal x50
Day 6 Guaranteed Friend Ritual x1
Day 7 Paper Doll x1

Daily Mail Present

For all players, presents will be given out once per day from 9/14 to 9/20 to your mail. They’re being kept a surprise, but I’ve been told there’s some pretty nice goodies in there. 

Bonus Rewards Campaigns

That’s not all! Some campaigns will be run as well, for bonus School XP, Main Story drops, and even getting to challenge available daily quests 2 more times per day each (which means you get 5 of each on sunday!). Additionally, the School EXP and Main Quest Drop Rate Boosts will be 3x instead of the usual 2x. 

The events will run until the following dates:

3x School EXP: Until 10/1/21 1:59 UTC

3x Main Quest Drop Rate: Until 9/24/21 1:59 UTC

+2 Daily Quest Attempts: Until 9/24/21 1:59 UTC