Presents Have Been Sent For One Million Mochi Clears!

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A Million-tall Mountain of Mochi Mashed

Hi Friends! This post is just a quick PSA that we've reached one million clears of the Mochi event in total, and as such, a lot of rewards have been sent everyone's way: in total, 5 Fortune Dust, 10k Spirit Points, 1 Guaranteed Friend Ritual, 1 Paper Doll, 35 Seal Cubes, 3 of each Gold Kai Skil Book, 5 of each Gold Skill Book, 8 of each Gold Tile, 8 of each Gold Scroll, 5 of each Silver Incense Wood, 3 Unagi Lunches, and 3 Yokan Jellies.

To claim this plethora of prizes, simply log into the game and claim it from your mail! It may appear as only four prizes in the letter, but rest assured all of it's in there. In one very stuffed envelope.

Do note however the 10,000 Spirit Points are in a separate mail.